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By: Jeff H.
Dr. Crist Stevenson, PHD
I was a patient of Dr. Stevenson for approximately 3 months. (Mainly I am writing to counter the previous irrelevant review here. I sympathize with the issue that person brings up, but by their own admission they were not a patient so cannot have an informed opinion on his practice or overall ethics. It is an over-reach to draw such a negative conclusion).I found him intelligent and easy enough to talk to. I feel he gave good advice, which was mine to take or not. Mostly around meditation, pill management, cognitive behavior desensitization, stress and sleep improvements, I did sometimes feel like he was too busy or distracted, each week didn't build on the previous except for simple goal setting. I was pleased when he admitted his goal as a therapist was to help me no longer need him, not be dependent on going to him more. He was not a Freudian type, his interest was in healthy coping for the present and future, not dwelling on the past, but obviously some of that is required to determine how one got to the place they are in. Thank you for your time reading this review.

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