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By: Betsy V.
Friendly Thrift Center
Friendly Thrift Center is an awesome organization and assists many! The staff is always friendly and compassionate. Very caring to those in need, friendly smiles, and have resources when needed to share.
By: Jeanne H.
Bertroche, J Michael, MD
This man is horrible! He purposely overbooks his patients and sees walk-ins when he is already with a patient. His front office staff also told us that he doesn't return calls, which I found to be true when I went a week waiting for him to return three calls. DO NOT GO TO THIS MAN!!
By: Lisa W.
Vera French Community Mental Health Center
I quit going there when I had the RN for my psychiatrist. All she did was ask me how the medication was working & that's about it. She could care less about how my life was going. I couldn't stand her squeaky voice, reminded me of Fran Drescher from the tv show The Nanny. That's when I stopped going there. The other nurse was bitchy everytime you would talk to her on the phone & had a question regarding your medication. Thank God my regular physician handles my xanax now & I don't have to deal with these rude phoney people who work there!!!!!!
By: Jessica S.
Psychology Health Group
I concur with the other review. The office staff lacks compassion and common sense. When I cancelled an appointment for my sick child the office staff was rude and suggested I bring my vomiting child in for the appointment because rescheduling would take quite a while.
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By: Stephanie M.
Vera French Community Mental Health Center
First of all, if you are thinking about going to Vera French, JUST DON'T!!! My experience with my therapist, a very nice older gentleman, was very pleasant and seemed promising. I have been burned in the past and have had a hard time opening up to people because of trust issues. He was different right off the bat. I felt comfortable and felt that I could actually trust him, what a great feeling! I was sure this was going to be the answer to my problems! Then I met my Psychiatrist, they were very cold to me. They were a larger person, and every time I went in for a review they would comment on how skinny I am. ( I weigh 135 at 5'6", I am normal!) It felt as though they were looking down at me which was very uncomfortable, not to mention unprofessional! I felt they looked at me as a drug-seeker because I was on Xanax for 7 years, and they had cut it back to 1/4 of the dose I was on previously. So of course at my next review I asked them to up my dose a little because it was not helping me at all, and they ended up taking me off of my Xanax and putting me on a low dose of Clonazepam, which I had already told them that I had tried that in the past and it did not work for me! And as if that wasn't enough, here is another experience which definitely helped me realize that the staff there are totally unprofessional and I would never be able to interact with anyone there let alone go back ever again. So anyways there was a person who was practicing being a counselor with me. They were using me for practice. They ended up turning on me a couple weeks after they got a job as a counselor at Vera French. They tormented and harassed me and my family, and tried their hardest to spread rumors and destroy our family. Before they began the harassment, they would tell me and my boyfriend about how the counselors would talk about there clients to one another, making jokes and fun of them. Right after this person became a counselor we were still on good terms for a couple of weeks. During this time they would tell us about their clients, their names, and also very traumatic experiences! It made me feel very uncomfortable and I started to rethink my trust in people. I completely trusted them and Vera French destroyed that in me. I trust no one now. I have not been able to get the help that I need because of these experiences. I had to go off all of my meds ( anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, sleeping pills, bipolar medications) after the refills ran out. I had withdrawals for days until I ended up in the ER. Now I have a small prescription to last me until I go to a family doctor and get refills. I wish there was a more professional Facility in this area where I could get the help I need and the medications I know work for me without being looked down upon, or treated as if I am a lunatic drug addict because I'm going through these withdrawals they created. I feel used, abused, and kicked under the rug. My mental health state is now worse than it has ever been. I'm not sure if I can ever go anywhere and trust anyone again. I am typing this review to warn others that this could potentially happen to them if they go there and let them abuse your trust like they did mine. I'd give them -5 stars if I could rate less than +1 star...
By: Dylan P.
Psychology Health Group
If you want an office where the staff have no compassion or common sense and the therapists are entirely unethical, this is the place for you.
By: Lisa W.
Vera French Community Mental Health Center
Terrible. I took my son there & he never got help from his dr. The dr. & the nurses don't really want to hear your problems they're only there to give out medication. No wonder they're so many mentally ill people running around throwing fits, yelling & screaming & people wonder why they're not getting the help they need. Whatever happened to REAL Psychiatrists who would listen to your problems & take their time with you instead of giving you only 15 minutes of their time & rushing you out the door? You feel like a number not a patient. That's what my son told me anyway. They need to get more Psychiatrists back here in the Quad Cities to take the time to listen more, properly diagnose their patients & find the right kind of medication or solution, so they can treat them without playing guessing games! Not everyone is on state aid at these mental health facilities. Some pay out of their pocket or have other insurance from their work place & yet they're getting the same treatment as a poor person. I'm about ready to take my son & get out of the Quad Cities where there's some Real Psychiatrists.
By: Newva9 ..
Vera French Community Mental Health Center
Horrible experience with a pseudo-psychologist; I sought this place out against my better judgment and because it was the only place I could afford and I guess the old saying rings true, "you get what you pay for." I was hurting with deep depression and needed more counseling then twice a month and was told that's just the way it is, also I was asked to leave within 15 minutes of my session because this lackluster "professional" couldn't handle my jaded, apathetic, miserable outlook on things, what a joke this place is! I'm laughing on the inside as I type this, thinking of their mission statement: "Vera French will enhance the mental health of all in our community by providing quality, accessible and comprehensive care. Vera French offers a wide variety of programs services to meet the needs of those requiring community mental health services." This facility and staff needs to be reprimanded and the quality of care brought up to the standards of their mission statement because they are far below meeting such an objective. I'd give them no star, but apparently I must.
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By: maryarmstrong37
Edgerton Women's Health Center
I love the fact that I was over 35, but was still treated like I mattered and not like I was a chore to deal with.
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