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By: slimpickins
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
While debating where to order pizza from we dug through our pizza coupons and checked out prices of the big brands online. We came across coupons we had for Pizzano's and saw that they had some unique selections, such as chicken ranch, YUM! Nothing sounded good from the big branch guys and their prices were'nt that great, so we decided to give Pizzano's a try, and we are glad we did! We were pleasantly surprised by the soft fluffy texture of their pizza and bread sticks. It also had a great garlic flavor, which we added. The price was also lower for two large pizzas, bread sticks, and a 2 litre of soda than their competitors. Try it, I think you'll like it, and who does'nt want to support a local business?
By: off2bed
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
The first time I had pizza from this pizza place it was HORRIBLE, but it was also their grand opening and it was ridiculously cheap. After several months, I tried it again and it was great. It is not the absolute best pizza in the world, but it is very good pizza and great for the price! They do cut it a lot of times, but I like the smaller pieces, it is very filling and well worth the price. Better than Pizza Hut and Domino's but as good as Papa Johns, very different pizza, so maybe even better.
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By: Daniel L.
Giovanni's Pizza
after a long, rough and tiring first day at Disney, Giovanni's was the perfect place to relax and eat awesome and delicious pizza. I love how they put garlic on the crust. The guy behind the counter was very friendly and helpful even though they were closing soon, and their desserts were delicious! They even had cheerwine, and if you like cherry soda, it's the cherriest! So if your looking for great pizza near Orlando, then Giovanni's is the place for you!
By: divineoutdoor
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
This is the best tasting Pizza in the Davenport /Four Corners area,seriously! Not only is it the best,it's the best value. It's the same price point as frozen pizza and much healthier as the dough is made daily on site and the fresh vegetable toppings are also cut daily on site. For the life of me,I don't know why anyone would ever buy pizza from any other place in the area once they've tasted Pizzano's.
By: Latrecia B.
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
My mom came from Texas and my family and I drove down from Ohio for our first trip to Florida. Tonight we decided to hang out and order pizza. I'm so glad we did! After living in New York I didn't think any pizza could compare but this pizza completly passed our expectations! It was REALLY good and the pizza came pretty quick! Thanks!!!!! We will return!
By: Chris K.
MIA Pizza
Love Mia pizza. They have bruschetta that is awesome. We plan our Florida vacations around how close we are to them. I have a child that does not like pizza but she loves Mia's. I can not say enough good things about this place.
By: wwanderer
Papa John's Pizza
I was visiting from out of town. We order papa johns at home, but this was the best pizza we ever had from a papa johns. Not only that the customer service was phenomenal!!! Thanks for adding to our vacation
By: jenadaex
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
Great pizza for the price. If you're looking for edible pizza for under 10$ your money is best spent here. Wednesdays are even better if you pick up your order.
By: Tammy B.
Pizzano's Pizza & Grinders
Always great customer service and about 45 minutes for delivery. Food is delicious. Never been in the restaurant so can't rate atmosphere.
By: jaysamsonpage
Mannino Pizzaria
Never experienced long delays and they are worth it!!! GREAT Pizza just like Jersey and New York!!!! we order atleast once a week here!!

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