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By: Keith B.
Mac's Quick Lube & Repair
I've been sending my cars to Mac's quick lube for over a decade.The owners name is Jim and he is very pleasant.A real old school dude who runs a great business.Big enough to handle most problems you run into, but small enough to be just right.I've been pleased with the service i have received.
By: The T.
Hair Mart
I visited Hair Mart in Danbury, Ct. and it was a very unpleasant experience. First the Owner's niece that manages the store is very rude and believe that black woman need them because we do not love the natural beauty God put on our head call "hair". So I explained to her I am a natural beauty, love it and the reason I was in her family's hair store is for a month of protective hair style "braids" she proceeded to constantly repeated "NO RETURN AND NO EXCHANGE EVEN IF THE PACKAGE IS CLOSE" I will be spending my hard working money somewhere I am respected and the customer has value. So NO THANK YOU" to HAIR MART. I can find products else where.
By: M I.
Food Bag
Tall bearded employee, has a bad attitude and for the second time he had the nerve to yell at me in front of other customers, the first time he had the nerve to tell me in front of other customers and in front of my child and said "Look at her wasting her money on gambling and in front of her daughter"..., who do hell does this employee think he is. I responded and told he's nobody to tell me what to do with my money. His job is to offer great customer service and mind his damn business. I told another employee which I believe is the actual supervisor but said "NOTHING", so in front of the other customers they made it look like I was a crazy woman just making problems. Too bad this store does not have a direct number to speak with the actual supervisor. This employee, a tall man thought he could take advantage of a woman who is short and with a child and thought I could not stand up for myself and also a coward because as I was explaining to the other employee what he did to me on the first incident I was there, he had the nerve to deny it.
By: Kerry M.
Dawn's Pizzazz-Artistic Group & Day Spa
A lovely salon & spa. Very caring toward their clients. Met Jackie and had a wonderful Coconut & Chai mineral pedicure. So lovely and relaxing!
By: Fran C.
Mario's Auto Service
Mario is awesome. He checked everything until he found the issue and fixed it. Will definitely go back.
user avatar
By: Danielle D.
C & C Unisex Hair Design
Go See Valerie She is really good . I have been her customer for the past 6 years . She is the only one who know how to do my hair the way that I like .
By: Rj P.
Samantha Hair Salon
HORRIBLE! they do not know what they are doing. my scalp is bleeding. I went in with already bleached hair to almost white. all that was needed to be done was my roots. to match. somehow I ended up with blue yellow and green and its not even completely saturated. my hair is patchy, fried and not even one color. they charged me 65 for this mess on my head and sat and argued with me about it for a half hour. never again.
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By: Ksyusha C.
Unisex Beauty Salon
The worst manicure I've ever had. I needed just to color my nails but even that she couldn't do! She paint my nails even worst than I do myself when I am hangovering!!!! Girls don't speak English at all! When I said that the job was horrible they showed me attitude. All workers!!! Never ever go there! Not even sure someone has a license to do they job!!!! Plus it's rip off. They charged 22 dollars just to paint my nails with gel (without manicure)
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By: Emily C.
Mario's Auto Service
Terrible. Took my car for an oil change and "Mario" didn't tighten the filter all the way. Could have fried my enguine if it was for my dad. He's also money hungry and over charges. Rude also. Take your car somewhere else.
By: Lynn S.
New Wave Reflections
I have been going to New Wave Reflections for over 5 years. Maria, the owner always cuts my hair, and has always done a wonderful job.. She's knowledgeable, talented and is just so warm and friendly it's a pleasure going. Prices are excellent too.
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