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By: donaldd508
Daly City Tire & Auto
I have been servicing my cars at the Daly City Tire Center since 2002. Richard and Bill are the most professional, helpful, and trustworthy mechanics i know. They always do solid professional work for a very competitive price. Most importantly, they really stand behind their warranty. I just picked up my wife's car from the shop today. Several relatives were skeptical about auto shops warranties, preparing me for heavy arguments, and time/money wasted in confrontational disputes. This is the way to get things done in auto-shops, right? WRONG! As soon as i described the issue to Bill, he simply said "we'll fix it for you, no problem". And they did, at no additional cost, no questions asked. At this auto-shop you will see a great team of friendly, professional, customer-oriented people, who are willing to help, and pay attention to details - they would even give you a free ride to the nearest BART station. Excellent service!
By: kaleyy632
Tassi Inc.
I have been taking my car's to Tassi's for about 7 yrs now and let me tell you that they have been nothing but courteous to me, alway 's fair in price, and helpful in teaching me what signs to look for in my car in case of an emergency, so the place doesn't look like the dealer would but that's the charm of tassi's, Bruce has been in business for along time so he must be doing something right (think about it), the staff is great! and sure i had to take my car back once or twice after picking it up but lets be realistic about the situation. So you take the car back and have them look at again what's the big deal? every time i had to do that they were always willing to look at it right away, and that's in seven years and two different car's! so maybe your not maintaining the car like you should?? anyway, i highly recommend you take your car's to tassi's there fair in price and always nice.
By: Alexi I.
Tassi Inc.
6 months ago I purchased a 1985 Westfalia and I'm sad to admit she received no love over her 25 year life. I went to Bruce (Tassi) where I shared my plan of installing a Subaru EJ22 engine along with some other customizations. Long story short, Bruce admitted his crew had never placed a Subaru engine into a Westfalia chassis but they'd give it a go if I was willing to work with them. Yes, I was nervous (especially considering the reviews on this site) but Bruce was honest not to mention he assigned a young, smart and ambitious mechanic (Mario) to the task. Cutting to the chase: I spoke with Mario almost daily, and considering my extremely limited mechanical knowledge our discussions were more for my benefit than offering any value to his project.
By: brendaa589
Tassi Inc.
"All repairs to our home have been completed per subject claim numbers. I have sent a personal check to DRS for payment in full for the water extraction and drying. I have also endorsed the two checks that AAA sent to ESN for both claims and signed the completion certificates as of Wednesday, 15 August. Both DRS and ESN did excellent repair work and we’re very satisfied with the results. Thanks to you for your quick and timely response that made it possible to restore our home back to normal expeditiously. It is the reason why AAA is our insurance of choice for over 34 years. Our gratitude to you and your team for a job well done….as they say in Guam, “Si Yuus Maase”."
By: Ronnie E.
Tassi Inc.
Being around the shop at Tassi's is like being inside the mind of the VW itself. These guys KNOW how to procure, build and/or fix everything a VW owner needs and they don't waste time doing the stupid stuff you can do yourself. That's why they give such a great deal! Plus they are super kind. Being a lover of vintage VW classics is not always easy; it takes character and patience to maintain these vehicles because you can't always buy new parts. These guys do everything they can to make sure you are happy with your vehicle. For those who complain about Tassi's you might want to think about it before you run-off and buy a junkier and expect them to fix it in a day.
By: bradleyy603
Daly City Tire & Auto
What a great change from the previous owners. These guys are quick and good. I had two from tires changed and mentioned that the previous owners changed the rear tires and didn't change the valve stems, causing an annoying slow leak. When I picked up my car 30 minutes later they had not only changed the front tires but also changed the stems and balanced the rear tires. Nice touch! I've been back for another car's tires and will continue to use them for all my tire needs. I would highly recommend them.
By: Enrique E.
Tassi Inc.
Bruce is not a burn artist. He will never overcharge a customer, and if you're having money issues, he will go out of his way to work with you. The biggest problem I see at Tassi's is scheduling. If they could only keep track of their commitments better, the dissatisfied customers would drop by at least 80%. And, they do know Volkswagens, so I would trust them with any V W. Keep in mind, Bruce can't help the way he is...he's a surfer~
By: Austind D.
Tassi Inc.
"okay, tassi's is the best for parts!!! cheap as can be, better than internet with wholesale. their staff is friendly with the owner being the janitor(he's in charge of mopping) but bruce(owner) is always running around like a chicken with his head cut off.they did a bunch of service for me that I was satisfied with in regards to price, its more than you can ask for or your car can ask an expert to do"
By: yray612
Daly City Tire & Auto
This place has the best prices around for tires. Richard the owner is very knowledgeable about what's best for your car. Their customer service is first class. They treat you with much respect and try their best to get you on your way. I would recommend this place to everyone. You want good quality work and service this is the spot.
By: jenniferr778
Tassi Inc.
Fantastic shop! On a huge road trip and currently held up... "pit stop"with our bus. Came for a couple of small things and in addition to my parts being on hand I received a heap of help for my install! Great guys super friendly and helpful. Been to a lot of shops in the country and this is a good one! cheers!
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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