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By: Tabitha H.
Cash Plus Pawn
Stay away!!!! Do not go to this place. Just a friendly warning to those who want to buy something. I encourage you not to consider this pawn shop. I called and I talked to a guy that works there about purchasing a ring. The guy tells me to head on over that he has plenty to choose from. First mistake, when I get there he says they don't have the type of ring that I'm searching for and he acts like his co-workers moved everything around and he couldn't find anything. Second mistake is when I found a ring I kind of liked he talked me into buying it by bringing the price all the way down. We all know they price their items so high that when you purchase it and they bring the price down it looks like your getting a deal and your not. So I buy the ring for $216 dollars. I take it home and show my husband and he hates it. So I take it back the next day with my receipt and they told me they don't give refunds or exchanges on jewelry. There wasn't a sign posted anywhere saying that. They had signs posted saying that they didn't give refunds for audio and dvds and electronics, but not jewelry. So I guess the guy felt bad for getting over on me and told me that he would buy the ring back for half the price. He only gave me $100 back. He said he would talk to his boss and have him call to maybe work something out but I still haven't received that call. If you can, go to another pawn shop. It's plenty in the area. These people will lie to you and deceive you. I have never been to a pawn shop like this. They just care about making money and not the customers satisfaction. They are very dishonest
By: Tiffany S.
Student Loan Relief
Well, it's darn near impossible to get ahold of them...ever..even to sign up or to give them money but I can't argue with the results. I tried to do it myself and it was a disaster. And Fedloans (btw they have nothing to do with the federal government--real name is something like the Philidelphia Higher Education Administration Associate aka PHEAA) weren't any help at all aside from confusing me even more which is probably their goal. But with that being said Student Loan Relief saved me. They got my company approved for PSLF when I was told by Fedloans that it was impossible. So now I have just a couple more years left to pay on my loans until they are forgiven.PS - And of course my balance has skyrocketed during my time in the program since I went from making a payment of $1,100 a month to a payment of $38 a month, a fact lost on most my friends that signed up with SLR with me but this doesn't matter since they are being forgiven. And forgiveness was always our goal not principal reduction
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By: Steve E.
Private Asset Loans
This company exercised dependability and professionalism, from the time I first called them, until the time my loan was approved! They were able to give me more money than I expected to get for my loan. I traded in a ring that was passed down to me as part of my inheritance. Private Asset Loans was able to supply me with a quick and feasible customer service, which was great considering I was in a hurry. They were fair and reasonable with me, and I feel confident that I can pay the money back. Very transparent company to do business with.
By: xxsarah1984xx
Valu plus Pawn
Went in and the customer services sucked. They didn't even bother to greet me, which i think was very rude. I was intrested in seeing a ring, but apparently every was to busy to even bother to aknowledge that i was there. Finally after waiting around for someone to offer me any sort of assistance or say that they'de be right with me, i finally just left. Personally i feel that was very rude. i've walked into many other pawnshops and theres has been people at the door just waiting to greet you and/or help you.
By: isac123
Estrella's Flower Shop
Very Good service!!!!First i had to say that their flowers designs are beautiful and when i place my order they offer me an special and send me a picture of my order before sending the flowers to my wife that was wonderful i got the picture and they send it on time i saved about $10 Dollars in the delivery and with fresh flowers my wife call me she was very happy and me too! Thanks Estrella flower shop you service was excellent.
By: Gayle R.
Carnival Auto Credit
I give them over 10 stars. I went in with idea of just looking at cars and 4 hrs later i drove off the lot so happy . Everyone was so nice always smiling and asking me if i needed a soda or water or a snack . The owner came over and shook my hand and asked how they were treating me . I highly recommend them and ill be going back for second car nexr year for my husband . Gayle Rudd
By: cberman1973
Cash America Pawn
I have done business with this location many times over the last 15 years. The people there are always friendly, and they are very good about making a difficult situation as easy to take as is possible. I've also made several purchases at this location, and have not ever been disappointed.
By: orlyma13
Estrella's Flower Shop
I call estrella'S flower shop to send flowers to my daughter birthday and the flowers was very fresh,very low price and fast service.I highly recommend you Estrella'S Flower Shop.Thank you.
By: joserzsanches
Estrella's Flower Shop
I love to send flowers today i tried Estrella Flower Shop,excellent service just a little hard for the communications i would like to speak spanish but they are very attentive people!!!.
By: sarahm671
Traditions Judaica Shop
Good gift shop - BEAUTIFUL items. However, they are a synagogue gift shop, and a little pricey. Overall, worth the visit though - and there are some good finds here!

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