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By: gladysa.
Dalworth Restoration
I have two dogs, who are not always gentle on my rug so I have my area rug cleaned professionally every year before the holiday season. I am very pleased with the Oriental rug cleaning Dalworth does for me. I am a repeat customer because they always do such a great job and the service is always outstanding. They come to pick up the rug for free and a week later I get it back looking just about brand new!! The odors are gone and it smells and looks lovely. They put it down and make sure I am happy with the way they position my rug and they are always very professional and courteous. The price is fair and I am happy to recommend them to others.
By: Jaysun B.
Waterboys Restoration
I was visiting my girlfriend in Dallas for the weekend when the basement of her house got flooded. Seeing her panic, I called Water Boys Restoration and enlisted their help. These guys couldn't have been more professional! I was really impressed by how thorough they were in addition to being punctual and very nice to interact with. I had a fantastic experience with them!
By: Andrew C.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
What a spectacular team! I was horrified by all the fire damage in my home after a candle turned over when I was outside. While I definitely will not leave another candle unattended, if something else happens, I know which company to call for fire damage. Thanks Servpro of Northwest Dallas.
By: Alexavier B.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
You are fortunate that there is such a company as Servpro of Northwest Dallas that is qualified to clean all of the mold damage in your home. They will address the problem quickly and effortlessly with all the skill and mastery of true professionalism and expertise.
By: Keith A.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
A pipe burst in my home,It was a nightmare, but once Servpro arrived, they were able to assess the situation quickly, answer all of my questions, and give me an estimate. Everyone was very nice and they left my house looking like it used to. Highly recommend!
By: Chaise J.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
I was convinced our bathroom floor needed to be replaced in our vacation home after we found it totally saturated from a water leak while we had been gone, but your company was able to clean everything up and restore our bathroom back to the way it was.
By: Ricky S.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
Servpro of Northwest Dallas are true professionals in every way! Starting with the assessment and explaining the extent of my flood damage, everything went better than I had hoped. Best of all, my home looks better than ever. AMAZING!!
By: Brian H.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
The large hail damaged our roof and siding, and we wound up with a leak because of it as well. Your team came and assessed all the damages, helped us get the insurance coverage we needed, and repaired all the damages.
By: Adrian C.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
The fire at my dry cleaning business caused so much damage, I thought it was finished. But your company came in, repaired all the damages, and restored a lot more than I thought possible. I am forever thankful.
By: Vanessa W.
Servpro Of Northwest Dallas
Servpro of Northwest Dallas always responded quickly to my questions and kept me updated on a timeline of how long things were taking to get the job done right, safely, and quickly! Terrific work Servpro!
Tips & Advices
Signs of hidden water damage include:
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Foul odor
  • Texture changes
  • Discoloration
  • Clearwater is clean water with no solids. It includes water generated by air conditioning units and water that goes down the drain while the faucet heats.
  • Greywater refers to all other form of waste water except for toilet water. It possibly contains hair, soap particles, cooking byproducts and flakes of skin. Areas that have been damaged by grey water are at a mild risk of contamination.
  • Blackwater is water that has come into contact with urine or fecal matter. Toilet water is considered blackwater. Blackwater can contain pathogens and is usually considered a biohazard.
Water damage restoration is a process where water-damaged areas are dried, sanitized, and rebuilt.
Home insurance sometimes covers water damage from storm-related accidents. However, most plans do not cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or floods. For the latter, homeowners should purchase flood insurance.
Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of water damage.
  • Clean and maintain gutters so rainwater flows properly. Direct downspouts away from the house.
  • Repair any roof damage.
  • Use drain snakes to clean clogs. Chemical cleaners erode pipes.
  • Do not place outdoor plants with invasive roots near pipes, septic tanks, sprinkler systems, or drainage fields.
  • Make note of the water bill. A sudden, random spike in charges could indicate a leak.

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