By: Neal W.
River Oaks Condominiums
Over 7 years ago, the former manager (before Worth Ross Co. came in) took advantage of an unsuspecting board of directors. The place was in bad shape financially. Then a new management company came in (Worth Ross Co.) and with an all new board they turned the place around. I’ve lived here the entire time. The new board accomplished a lot. They fixed the visitor parking deck and stairwells, new siding on all buildings, new rooves, smart landscaping, resolved plumbing issues (still maintained with new repairs when they arise), repainted hallways and new hallway hard floors with new lighting. A new pool deck was built. They continue to improve the complex and look out for the community's best interests as well as the owner's. The laundry rooms were re-floored and the machines were replaced. Windows and glass doors were replaced and people were given a special offer to get it done. I mention the windows and doors because they help block noise which I don't feel is a problem (its quiet as a mouse here, the old people need to turn down their hearing aids or something, picking up static I guess). All in all, River Oaks is a fine place to live in a great location and will be sufficient for many decades to come thanks to strong leaders. I live and own here and will not be leaving anytime soon. Like anywhere else, the people are mostly nice and all the dogs I see are on leashes. I love the trees which are well maintained. I can't understand the negative reviews, this place has only become more pleasant to live at.
By: Lance S.
Prestonwood Green Condominiums
In my opinion as a resident here at PGC for about 5 years the management company is fantastic. The property manager is excellent in priortizing known issues to fix those that are most likely to impact residents in a negligent manner. As with all HOA's there is a finite amount of money to deal with issues on a property such as this. The only way to speed things up is to raise dues for every home owner and no one I have spoken with wants this to occur. The foundations have been addressed every year since I've been here as have other safety issues. Yes the parking lot needs to be fixed however more important things are using those finances right now as mentioned before not only foundation repairs but also stair repairs and many other issues. Again, in my opinion the property management company and the property manager are doing what's best for the community as whole. Unfortunately there are always those that have their own agenda and will find fault where there is none. Lance F. Scott.
By: pittmas
Colony Square Condominiums
Would get 5 stars except location can be sketchy. These are 100 privately owned condominiums. All have the same floorplan; 2 bedrooms upstairs with walk in closets. Very nicely kept property with an active HOA. No crime inside this gated community which is intimate and friendly. There is a courtesy police room in the management office. Lovely pool, nicely landscaped. Great location, but again neighborhood outside the gates is not so great. Super value, condos sell in high $50K's to mid $60K's based on updating.
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By: Jorge F.
I was in a financial pinch and I've always been skeptical about borrowing money from a "loan shark" but this place was different. The 2 ladies running the show were very professional and they thoroughly explained the entire loan process. The manager, Mayra, was very knowledgeable and professional and to my surprise I got my 1st loan interest free. I'll definitely keep this Cashmax in my phone book for future financial bailouts.
By: Frank S.
Kim Roulias Realty
Kim represented us in the sale of our house, and she sold our house when three other agents could not. Our home expired with three other agents in four years. She sold it in two weeks for full asking price. She then helped us find our beautiful new home in Mesquite. I would highly recommend Kim Roulias for all of your real estate needs. Frank Salazar, Homer Avenue, Dallas, TX
By: louisinla
Get There First Realty
Even though I live out of state, Get There First has been the best property management company I have used in Dallas. They made the transition very easy, and were able to get reliable tenants quickly. I receive my rental income on the 3rd of every month without delay. They keep in constant communication with me when necessary and I am very happy I hired Get There First.
By: elizabeth2000
I was needing cash for an emergency while speaking to a co-worker she told me about CashMax where they approved me over the phone , they even asked if i needed an appointment for that day. I walked out with the cash i needed and my co-worker got 50.00 dollars cash on the spot for referring me! I loved the customer service! By far the best experience ! :)
By: stevecrealtor
Get There First Realty
Throughout the many years of being in real estate, I have had the opportunity to work with what feels like every agent, board and property management company under the sun. After working with Get There First, I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and organization. They are without question, one of the best I have worked with!
By: Bob R.
Kim Roulias Realty
The ultimate professional After having my house on the market for over 6 months, I placed it in Kim's hands. In 10 days it was sold and closed at 15% above what I expected. She handled all of the details and worked very aggressively to market the home to the right set of buyers. We could not have asked for more. Robert & Zee
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By: Ana G.
Cantera Creek at Lake Highlands
My neighbors smoke weed and it smells horrible all day in my apartment.. I have reported it 4 times to management but they dont seem to care.. I have kids and it is very frustrating for us to have to put up with this smell all day.. Im done and at this point i dont mind breaking our contract with them.. Im tired of it..

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