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By: Collin C.
Universal Protection Service
Full time. Was expected to do supervisors job for officers pay, or it didn't get done. Told this post does not have a lead, yet knew the last lead personally.Company threw me under the bus by not admitting to the client I was following their orders. HR is non existent. Took 19 days and 15 phone calls and emails to get work they received IRS paperwork. By that time ot was too late. They will promise you raises and promotions and never produce them. This company is SHOCKINGLY mismanaged.I waited for over a year for required equipment for my post (OC/cuffs) and was not allowed to carry my own and never recieved any. When the client had me removed I was forbidden to produce evidence that would clear me of fault. I am a submarine veteran, nuclear weapons security officer, an ex ops supervisor, a level 4 PPO qualled. I'm not some bs guard. I have truly never felt as insulted as the time I worked for this company. There are many MANY stories such as mine.You have been warned.
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By: Chakka S.
Effective Guard Professionals
I can't wait for this company to come to Dallas! I have used them before in another state and they are very, knowledgeable, experienced, courteous, and reasonably priced. They provided Security Service and kept me happy and Safe at my wedding!
By: bsausse
Tactical Operations Group
Very professional, always alert, polite and helpful to my customers - I am very pleased with their services and have recommended them to every other business owner I know!
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By: Deshantra H.
PPS IX Security Services LLC
A new company thats changing the face of contract security. Great company that actually cares about the officers.
By: S/ O.
Yale Enforcement Svs
Good places to work, decent pay rates, and good people to work with. I'd recommend Yale Enforcement to anyone.
By: julie.old
Thomas Protective
Dependable and Great Customer Service

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