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By: M P.
Noorhasean, Dorette
Dr. Noorhasan and her staff are great! Words cannot begin to explain how we feel about them but I will do my best....My wofe and I went to Dr. Noorhasan two years ago for consultation on our options as a lesbian married couple to conceive. From the start she was very informative about our options. B/c of the travel distance from our home, we made the mistake of going elsewhere. Two miscarriages later with a heartless RE and no answers, we went back to Dr. Noorhasan. Best decision we made!Again, she welcomed us as if 2 years never passed and sat down with us and went over our options. She told us that we needed test done to find out why the miscarriages. We were thrilled we were finally getting answers, and answers we surly got. My tubes were blocked so IVF was our best option. Through sympathy of our losses and our upcoming journey, Dr. Noorhasan and her lead nurse, Stephanie, made sure we knew we were in good hands. I LOVED going to their office every single time I went. I had a trust relationship with them (which means a lot b/c Im not one to trust right away) and its all because of how they approach you like an individual and not just another cookie cutter patient. I personally loved the fact that they do not tell you much about details but give you the essential information as youre going through the infertility treatment. IVF is intense but with how they comfort you and answer any of your questions, you don't feel overwhelmed. In fact, Stephanie spent countless times "talking me off the ledge" after we got the great news that we became pregnant on our first FET! I was blessed to have her by our side during times of panic that comes naturally with uncertainty.I knew we did good by our choice when Dr. Noorhasan teared up when she showed us our first sono of our baby. She was genuinely excited for us. ALL the staff in Dallas were excited for us and I mean all of them. My wife and I couldn't wait to walk through those doors every time we went.Truly Greatful
By: natashalb
Krimson & Klover Boutique
I am so excited to write this review! Krimson & Klover is a true GEM in the Dallas Uptown area! From start to finish my experience was so awesome, I cannot wait to go back! When I pulled up I got so excited, Krimson & Klover is this adorable little Victorian house with a bright pink door and mannequins on the porch wearing super cute clothes! I knew I would find the perfect outfit for a date night with the hubby! When I walked in I was greeted by Lindsey (the shop owner) and Ferb, this tiny, sweet, lovable little puppy who is a great mascot for Krimson & Klover. Lindsey is super friendly and immediately started asking what I was in for and what I was looking for. I need something hot for a surprise date night with the hubby!!As I started looking around, grabbing so many cute dresses, shirts and jumpsuits within my comfort zone, Lindsey was doing the same with things I may have never tried on. When I got to the dressing room I had about 15 things to decide from! Lindsey sat back there and let me come out and do a fashion show for her, it was so much fun! It was also nice because I didn’t have my best friend shopping with me to say “yes” and “no” but Lindsey was so nice in helping. Needless to say, I not only found a super sexy jumpsuit to wear on my date night, I left with 3 other items I cannot wait to wear! Lindsey did a great job of helping me find things that looked great on me! And she is super sweet! I cannot wait to go back and experience it all again! This time I may go after work because she has wine to help with your decision shopping! If I could give Krimson & Klover 10 stars I would! Anyone who has had a bad experience here needs to give them another try because anything less than 5 stars just isn’t near my experience. Great job Lindsey!!
By: Nell F.
Andrew B Burke DO
I am a Nurse that manages a Medicaid patient that has several issues due to chronic conditions post Brain Injury. Due to his primary insurance being Medicaid,we have had several Doctor changes over the years.We are so grateful to now have Dr.Burke and all of his Staff.When you have been around where the Medicaid Health System takes you,you can tell from the experience who is good and who isn't. If you can't see how great the entire office and services are you haven't had enough experiences yet.Before Doctor Burke's office ,there were times when it took us 2-3 weeks to get an office do a refill.Not having his meds put him in physical danger.We never wait for refills with Dr's Burke 's office.Not in the best area of town,but the office is always clean.one of the basics for good health.not always seen in some of the Md offices we have had to be in.Dr Burke is and should be proud of his Staff.From Professional,clean appearance to Professional performance the Staff has always been knowledgeable,kind and caring.No question is ever "stupid",and they always listen.We have had good follow-thru with all of his Medical problems from freq chronic problems to Surgery requiring consults from Specialists.When a patient "enjoys" going to his Dr's office.nothing more needs to be said.Except a Special Thank-you for keeping someone Healthy.What we all need to remember is that it's not only the patient that is experiencing more and more problems with our Health Care system,think of the Doctor's frustrations with all the cut backs and how it effects them.We are Blessed to still have Dr. Burke and his office caring for us.We realize that we are getting the best quality care possible.More should take a minute to notice!
By: Idelle L.
Andrew B Burke DO
I've been a patient of Dr. Burke's for nearly 6 years. Not only has he taken great care of me, but my entire family, too. I'm not alone....his office is filled with families that he has taken care of for many years.( I talk to people while I'm there.) He is a wonderful Doctor and he has a great staff. He diagnosed two conditions of mine other Doctors missed. My life would really have been shortened had it not been for Dr. Burke. The last time I got sick, I called the office and they got me in that day....and where else does that happen? He has taken excellent care of my mother and my mother-in-law, both in their 80's and on Medicare. In fact, he sent them out for tests to wonderful facilities and Specialists. Dr. Burke told me that he only sends his patients to other Doctors that he would send his own family to, but then, that's what Dr. Burke does; he oversees and follows your care, sends you out to a specialist or another facility for exams or tests that you need. I think that's a great thing....keeps many people from taking too many medications and not truly finding out what's wrong. Frankly, I recommend Dr. Burke to everyone who is looking for a wonderful, caring Doctor. He's been in practice for 28 years, his office is filled with awards for quality patient care; he even got a letter from the Governor thanking him for 25 years of taking care Texans. Thanks to all of his staff too, they are friendly, caring, funny and really good at what they do...even cleaning the building every night....I've been there at closing. So that's my review....about my Doctor...Dr. Andrew B. Burke, and you'll thank yourself for making him your Doctor too.
By: Erik M.
DT is basically awesome. I was travelling across the country from San Diego to Virginia and broke down in Dallas on the left side of the largest highway in rush hour traffic. I was in a bad spot and he knew it. It was a friday evening and he rushed over with a guy who had a flatbed trailer (Omar). Omar was such a cool dude as well and gave me a tow back to DT's house for a decent price. Once we got to DT's he immediately started working on my car and let me just hang around his house with some friends of his to pass the time. After an hour or two, DT had my car fixed and I was on the road again. Such a generous guy. He even stayed with me to test drive the car around for 30 minutes to make sure it wouldn't cut out again. He showed me how to get back to the highway and sent me on my way. A few days later I made it back to Virginia with no problems. DT is awesome, I honestly can not say enough about how genuine and helpful he is. He even called me the following morning while I was still on the road to make sure I didn't break down again, and then he called me again to make sure I made it back to Virginia. If I am ever in Dallas again I will most definitely stop in to say thanks again. If you are broke down and are reading these reviews, call DT and he will come help you. Tell him Erik with the BMW persuaded you to call him. By the way, the problem with my car was a clogged fuel line.
By: erudite
Lakewood Automotive
I have the worst luck with car repairs and dreaded it when we broke down on the hwy Thanksgiving evening at 11pm. I knew it was serious and sure enough, we were facing a major overhaul and value repairs. Still, the kind people at Lakewood offered to work with us financially; to store the car at no charge until we could afford to pay them. They were so understanding and helpful.To my surprise, Lakewood called to say the damage wasn't nearly as bad and said it would only cost about half their original estimate. Thanks to their honesty, integrity and diligent work, we're able to have a Christmas this year. I'm so very grateful to the wonderful people at Lakewood Auto for all their efforts! *Update July 2012 - We've used Lakewood twice more and again have been very pleased. I'm on their email list as it's a good reminder about routine mntc + takes advantage of deals like $29 for AC svc which is a bargain! Note: There's criticism from ppl who think they've been cheated after getting a $150-200 price, then the actual repairs are way more. That initial price is for *computer diagnostics only* and ALL shops do this. If you get the car fixed, the diagnosis is included. But if not or you take it elsewhere, repair shops must charge for researching the car's engine trouble... how else could they afford those expensive automotive computers?
By: Steve C.
Dr. Deno B Barroga, MD
I have a rare, no-cause, no-cure foot disease and Dr. Barroga took me on as a patient. Even though my disease is super-rare, he researched and helps me with the pain from this disease. It is progressive, but I've been going every month to Dr. Barroga and he has helped me with every issue and helps me live a somewhat 'normal' life. He takes steps to ensure he knows about this disease and because it is so rare, it's very difficult to find a pain management Dr. who will help me with this. And, the staff has helped me very much, as well. He cares about his patients, and the building of trust is key with a rare condition. Very important to be responsible and pro-active so Dr. Barroga can best treat my condition - I have a back issue, too, and he helps with that. A great Dr. who cares, who listens, and who works with you as trust is established to form a solid Dr. - patient relationship. I highly recommend Dr. Barroga for chronic pain, acute pain, and other pain from injury or long-term disease or injury. Staff keeps A+ records and Dr. Barroga will try to satisfy any request as long as you also work with his requests for x-ray, MRI, etc. I am lucky to have such a terrific Dr. for my chronic pain and I recommend him highly. You will be very happy with staff and the professional care provided by Dr. Barroga. A+
By: l.widden
Sunny CA to HOT TX ... I've(48) just moved to the DFW area from CA in Feb. 2013 the weather here COLD - VERY COLD at the time and I wasn't used to it being from CA. My job is about a 1 hour and 20 minutes to and from home and I decided to get a smaller 2006 car something used -$40.00 to fill up on gas.. (My 2012 SUV cost over $150 a week on gas). I heard how hot it gets in TEXAS and lets say DFW weather made a believer out of me. The used car needed some repairs ASAP and not knowing a good Auto Shop/Mechanic Service time was running out. A coworker told me about DT MOBILE MECHANIC SERVICES and that they will come to your job or home for repairs. BINGO that's all I needed to here so I call DT MOBILE MECHANIC SERVICE from work and 45 minutes later DT Owner showed up fixed my car A/C-checked the Battery-Radiator-Holes-added a Quart of Oil (on the house) within hour and half. I have to admit that Black on Business have given me the blues in the passed and yes, I was kind of nervous calling. But I must say this DT MOBILE MECHANIC made a believer out of me and I will call upon his services again. Also, DT told me about a few good places to go for some great SOUL FOOD something I've been trying to find for the last month or so. Great people in DFW- so for so good for now. .. Thank you DT MOBILE .. Mr. L. Widden
By: tessa456
My car stopped in Los Colinas, I had no one I knew down here so I tried to find a mobile mechanic and called several of them, but none of them showed up. So finally I called DT Mobile Mechanic Service.I was very apprehensive about calling DT because of the negative reviews I saw on this site. He came out and gave my car a complete diagnostic. he told me there was a wire disconnected from transmission and showed me several bent parts. he towed me into his place, and then took me to the transmission place to get my parts. He explained everything to me and I waited at his place, while he worked on my car. I asked him about the negative review and he explained to me that the person didn't want to take care of the real problem and wanted him to do a patch job and he refused to do the job and offered to return the service fee money. The customer told him to keep that bs and left angrily. My car is working perfectly and I would readily reccommend DT to anyone. Getting the real problem fixed is better than contionusly wasting money on patchwork and not taking care of the actual problem.
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By: Pearlie P.
Automotive Freddie
When my daughter took her Kids there for a alternator and got her car back the a/c or remote to her doors no longer worked! Auto Zone did a diagnostic on the vehicle and do did Freddie automotive. Both businesses told her it was a good car!! She got her car back after Freddie supposedly solved the alternator problem and the car stopped before she could get it home. The car has been towed back to Freddies automotive four different times and each time it's returned he tells her it's something else!! Now he says, the engine is shot!! I personally picked the car up for my daughter and there was no knocking or any of the things at the time of purchase or auto zone diagnostic!!! She saved and sacrificed to save her money for this car and this mechanic has totally destroyed her car. She is bawling her eyes out but it does not solve the problem that she don't have a car now to get to her chemo and other much needed doctor appointments. Do not take your car to this mechanic shop!! I have now spoke to others who says this business totally destroyed their vehicle!!!
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