By: franknegron
Oceanside Software Corporation
Before opening our Restaurant / Bar I had to decide on which POS system to use. I've used several POS systems in the past including Micros and Aloha, and spent nearly a month researching and going through all the sales pitches from various companies. In the end I chose Oceanside. In fact, it wasn't even a hard decision. For those of you looking to open a retail business or even upgrade an existing one, understand one primary thing. A POS System is one of the most expensive items that you'll need to get. That said, also understand that most POS systems out there aren't worth the paper that's printed out of them. Paying $20,000 to $50,000 for a POS system would break the bank for most small businesses. Most POS companies like to make think you need to spend that much to get an efficient system. I knew better, and ignored 95% of the fables they were spewing. We chose Oceanside for five main reasons:1) The system rocks. It's stable and it does what we want it to do. Period.2) You don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy it.3) It uses the highest PCI Compliance (Many other POS companies don't)4) It's updated & upgraded automatically (Guess what the others charge for that)5) The CEO of the company is also the Designer! Who else can claim that?OK, that's my review. And, if you think this is all fluff, then come to our establishment, and I'll tell you the same thing in person.Cordially,Frank NegronOwner / ManagerThe Blitz Sports Bra & Grill3315 N. President George Bush TurnpikeGarland, TX 75040 214-501-8300
By: marlowes
Oceanside Software Corporation
When we started looking for a software company my goal was to find a business that would be a partner. I have meet so many companies that are only intrested in the one sale. I wanted a company that will grow and change with me. I wanted a long term commitment. I found it with Oceanside. When I pass my restaurant to my son, I know he will have a team behind him that understands the our past and will work with him on his future.
By: davidsmith123
Copper Mobile, Inc.
Copper Mobile Team, just wanted to thank everyone for an excellent visit. I really enjoyed my stay working on our enterprise mobile solution, and enjoyed getting to know everyone better on a more personal level. Y'all are a great bunch of professionals and people and I forsee great things for Copper Mobile. As always, my team and I thank you for your continue hard work, work ethic and commitment to excellence.
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By: Genie I.
This is the best computer repair business you can get for your money. I've called around and been to other places, but the gentleman who runs this business is very pleasant to deal with and I trust him with my computer. At other places, I've been quoted at double the price he charges for computer repairs. Service is affordable, prompt, and reliable.
By: Mike L.
LapTek PC & Laptop Repair
I've been using Laptek for several years. They have successfully solved several problems on multiple machines for me speedily and at a reasonable price. They could probably do with another tech, but I know in that business it is hard to keep good ones.
By: Brandon K.
BIS Enterprises LLC
Great Company! BIS provides IT, GIS and Website services from my business! I really enjoy working with this fun group!
By: Fnu L.
I recently purchased my IPhone 6 with and I was very satisfied the way I was treated! Great Customer Service!!
By: Maaz U.
Awesome Technologies Inc
No task is too big, or too small. The talented team at Awesome Technologies Inc are a pleasure to work with.
By: Belal B.
Laptop Care and PC Repair LLC
Perfect and Professional Computer Repair shop in Plano they have best prices ever A+++

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