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By: Alan S.
Dallas County Recovery
Yes these folks have a job to do and a dangerous one at that. The drivers have heard it all many times before and prob don't want to hear the begging, crying and eventually our opinion of how sorry they are for not cutting us a break. I've put myself in their shoes and realize it's a crappy job and no matter which way it goes someone is gonna be pisssed. I'm sure they would rather it be us than their boss. They must make good money to put up with all the drama.As for the money charged, it seems to be the same at every company $50 + $10 day, seems excessive but these companies are in it to make money unfortunately it comes by kicking a guy while he is down... but that's just how things are these days .. another tax
By: shirley.elliott.10
I love this location because it is close to entertainment, restaurants, public transportation. The store is well maintained and I have no problems finding quality vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. Where can you go and buy tilapia and get two free or pork and get one free. I'm from Atlanta and never saw any sales like this. They need to open up stores in Atlanta. If you want something to snack on they have the best wings by far. Standing in line is very much worth the wait especially when you are saving money. Love, Love, Love this store.
By: Karon A.
Tom Thumb Pharmacy
This Tom Thumb is too small and has no room to expand. Management and staff are poorly trained although getting better since I moved here 12 years ago. Shelves are badly stocked, when shelves are straightened at night, one or two varieties are put across the front so that you have to move them and look behind to find what you need.Employees used to ask if you needed help but that only lasted about 6 months and now no one looks at you again. Poor training.
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By: Elizabeth P.
Hunt's Food Store
Nothing fancy and not a large selection. But the produce, fresh meat, etc. are good. For basics, this place works. Good and close by. The store is clean and neat, better than some "upscale" grocery stores. The employees are polite and helpful. I like shopping here. :-)
By: Ron M.
Compass Coaching
"Phil is compassionate and very effective in his coaching abilities. Working with him I found it easy to speak with him due to his listening and ability to develop a great repiore. He coached me on my quest to further my education and reach my goals." Sharon Bossick
By: Phil Y.
Compass Coaching
Compass Coaching is an excellent way to partner with someone that will help you in becoming a much stronger person. Working with your strengths is Phil's strength. You feel completely comfortable. His level of respect for the person he works with is wonderful.
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By: Michele s. S.
Aldi Corporate Headquarters
I am so very disappointed that Aldis will NOT being back there moisturizers and facial cleaners. This was the very first items that DID NOT irritate or cause my skin to break out. Please reconsider your decision please.
By: Roni H.
Cantu's Express Market
I actually have to say, I was shocked at how fast they came out. I am glad that this company exists. They are uniformed and very professional. I will be calling you guy's again. Thank you so much
By: Ashley S.
Cantu's Express Market
I have had nothing but great experiences with Cantu's. They are very professional and friendly. I would recommend them anytime, and will most definitely be using their service again.
By: Gary H.
Josie's Grocery
I had been always looking for places to go to, an unusual place other than those usual grocery stores around the area, I am happy I found out about this place.

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