By: Jay S.
The Rustic
Tonight we decided to bring an out of town guest to the Rustic for dinner. There were 5 in our party so they first sat us at an oversized booth. These oversized booths are very uncomfortable for large parties since inevitably someone needs to use the restroom forcing half of the party to be inconvenienced. Whoever created these horseshoe booths is probably crazy. We were then moved to a large table close to a big metal door. This seating arrangement was better except that the table was sticky and there was a severe cold draft blowing in from somewhere. The restaurant was not very busy yet it took over 20 minutes to get someone to take a drink order. We asked for the table to be wiped down but it was so sticky we had to ask them to wipe it again. We finally ordered and received our food but because we had no silverware, we had to wait a few additional minutes. By the time we were able to eat, our entrees were cold - not warm- COLD. The cold food was tasty but I'm sure it would have tasted better Hot or at least warm. Waiting forever to get our drink order and then being served cold food are reason enough to avoid this place. Eat elsewhere and come for the music unless the music is as mediocre as the service. I will never know.
By: Pam P.
One Nostalgia Place Tavern
Mike Perkins has been the Karaoke DJ at the One Nostalgia for over a year. He has a following of loyal singers and those who come in and hang out just to sing along!; Up-beat crowd on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for Karaoke...Neighbors from every direction will walk over to the One Nostalgia after work and hang out for Trivia on Wednesday nights, and on Karaoke nights! GREAT-TIME! Loyal people/customers; if you come in as a stranger, you will leave as a friend and will be recognized the next time you come in! Chase, Ashley, Chris, & Amiti are the nicest bar staff in Dallas! The Owner and the Management staff are hands on! Come to the One Nostalgia, get to know us!'A One Nostalgia Fan!'
By: andylowell
City Tavern
I like to go this place every Friday with my coworkers, I love the music, the staff is great and the beer is cheap. The food is good, nothing out of this world. I recommend this place if you are not picky about food and want to have a great relaxing time with friends.
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By: Big G.
Happiest Hour
My gosh, went during the NFL championship and had to practically beg our server, Alex for service. Expect far more given the location and proximity to AA center
By: beerisgood
Bryan Street Tavern
This place has a cool, casual vibe to it. It is a true neighborhood bar with fun bartenders. I am going to be one of their firdt regulars.
By: carlyne
City Tavern
Recently increased menu but the food is still just okay. Basically a bar with tables....very dark inside.

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