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By: dfwdean
Lakewood Smokehouse
Ordered a sampler platter of KC Burnt Ends, sliced Moist Brisket, and sliced Turkey: the Burnt Ends were not burnt nor ends, which was very disappointing. But the sliced brisket (moist is what I ordered) was delicious, and the turkey was, well, turkey, but moist and not dry.The house sauce helped the turkey a lot.Yeast rolls are amazing! As was the service.
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By: Micka T.
Catfish Floyd's
Poor establishment poor customer services I was in the drive thru line for almost 30 and that was just to take my order... I will never come back...!
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By: Mitch M.
Happiest Hour
The Crappiest Hour has food that is merely okay...not horrible, but not good. The problem tonight was servers who are not focused on the guest. Steffan is slow. Slow in service and slow in attentiveness. Took a good 20 minutes for him to get around to taking our food order. And it wasn't that busy. After the food runner brought our entrees, we desperately needed refills. No Steffan, no manager on the floor. A waitress nearby was rearranging napkins on a table. When I got her attention and asked if she could please find Steffan, she acted inconvenienced and went back to rearranging napkins. Ten minutes later, Steffan shows up asking what he can do...oblivious to the empty glasses on the table. At this point, I asked him to guess what the problem was. It took him two tries. When I asked him to bring the check, he proceeded to take a food order from a huge table. It took another 10 minutes to get the check. We asked for a to-go container, another ten minutes. He never apologized for his slow service or lack of attention. A lot of the employees at this restaurant seemed more focused on socializing with each other, hugging, and giving shoulder rubs. The guests are merely an afterthought. Having managed restaurants myself, I recognize this as the result of poor hiring standards and management that is disengaged. I don't recommend the Crappiest Hour and I will not return.
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By: Jay T.
Smokey'S Paradise
Very nice and helpful. Knowledgeable about vaping and other products. I lived close and moved to Arlington but I still hope there to show my support
By: David W.
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Meat cutter was clueless. Meat was cut too thick and full of fat. Beans were cold and hard and not cooked enough. Salad was in a tiny cup. $13.50!!! Really?! What a joke. I could not eat it. Took it back and left. Oh btw, the manager laughed when I was taken back by the price. My second bad experience there. Will NOT go back to this Dickeys on Frankford/DNT. Food was cold.
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By: Elizabeth P.
This is a lovely, new, clean facility with courteous employees. However, the majority of items have no pricing information. And, my experience was that even the cost of a single 20 oz. soda is at least $0.50+ higher than at any other convenience store in the area. And, pricing was similar on every item with a marked price. It is unlikely I will return as there are other, more cost-effective options nearby.
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By: dfwdean
Back Home Barbecue
Ordered the three meat plate (comes with two sides): the turkey was Smokey and moist; the brisket slices were moist, melt in your mouth deliciousness and good smoke flavor; the ribs were bone-dry and tough; the collard greens were amazing, and cucumber-tomato salad was refreshing. The sweet tea is too dang sweet fore but tempering it with unsweet took care of it LOLNice place overall.
By: brittneyp
Puff N Stuff
POOR QUALITY PRODUCTS AND POOR QUALITY OF SERVICE.What a terrible mistake I made going here! Absolutely zero customer service! I bought two pipes that after tax cost $41.11 and ended up getting charged $49.28. The kid that rang me up verbally told me he was going to charge me $41 and asked if I wanted a receipt, I told him yes and all he gave me was a credit card slip that had my total (which I made the mistake of putting it into my wallet without looking at, and later found out from an employee he was supposed to give me an itemized receipt too, hmmm I wonder why he didn't?). After looking at my bank account the next day and realizing I had been over charged I called immediately. The girl that answered the phone was was rude and clueless about what to do and told me to call Chris at the Dallas location ( I had made my purchase at The Colony location.) I told her that I was on my way to work and would call him tomorrow and her response was "No sweat off my back, if you wait you might not get your money back". She really didn't seem to care that it was their fault and not mine that I had been over charged. So I called Chris and he was nice but had no idea what was going on and said he would call them then give me a call back. Well, I never got a call back so I called him back the next day and he said "they should have refunded it" I told him it hadn't been and he said he would have to call them again. After he called them he called me back and tells me that I have to go back into the store for them to do a refund.I went into the store the next day and although the girl that helped me was very polite she had no idea how to do a refund because she had never been trained on it, apparently they DONT do refunds. Well it's not like I was returning anything I just wanted the money that I had been over charged. I waited for 45 minutes for the girl to try to figure out how to do a refund. She suggested several times that I take an in store credit but honestly I didn't want to spend any more money at a business that has caused me such irritation. After about 45 minutes she gives up and tells me that they will call me and do it over the phone. That was about a week ago and I still haven't heard from them.I finally called my bank today and they refunded the $8.17 in 5 minutes. And to top it all off, the two pieces that I bought suck. One was a bubbler and the downstem isn't even long enough to reach the water unless you fill it up so much that it over flows and the hand pipe that I bought had loose shards of glass in it.Moral of the story, don't waste your time or money here. POOR QUALITY PRODUCTS AND POOR QUALITY OF SERVICE.
By: ruthh983
Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - West End
Me and couple of buddies were in Dallas for business and found the Inwood BBQ shack and fell in love. Had the rib dinner one night and had to go back for the Pig Out Platter for lunch the next day. No nonsense, great BBQ.
By: hail121
Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - West End
So glad you are still in business! I have such fond childhood memories of my mother and I going to garage sales early on Sat. mornings and getting lunch at Smokey's. Chopped, extra sauce and relish with fries. New Orleans tries hard on their barbq., but it is just not Tex. style. Thanks for the great food and memories.
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