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By: Rob H.
Sure Scapes
Sure Scapes llc is out of business, but Dustin Moore was GREATI was interviewing multiple companies to install sod in my front yard. Not only was Dustin Moore professional but polite when he called back with suggestions on what would be the best way to install sod with two full grown trees and shade. They trimmed the trees to let more sunlight in and even said, "if more needs to be trimmed, let us know and we'll come back at no extra cost." When they laid the sod down, I was impressed on how efficient they worked together to get it down. Not only did they get it down quickly but EVERYONE worked and it was professionally laid out. After they completed, they trimmed and mowed my side yard without me asking them to as a courtesy. They even cleaned up after themselves to remove all the excess dirt/soil and any other debris. I was very impressed on the quality of work they did and the education they provided for me on maintaining the lawn. I would recommend this company.
By: Doyne M.
Avatars Landscaping
Hired Avatar's Landscaping to re-sod our lawn, trim out trees, and provide lawn mowing service. They had to fix a sprinkler head to get better coverage and they cut out a piece of my metal lanscape edging and left it unrepaired. When the trimmed my trees, they damaged my landscape edging in the back and never repaired it. They were scheduled to come every two weeks to mow but sometimes would not show up when scheduled. At the end of the year, I asked them to return the next week to mow and to perform fall clean up. They never returned and also never returned the next Spring. When I called them, they said they were trying to become a professional full service lawn care company and would not be servicing my lawn anymore as mowing every two weeks did not provide the income they required. I informed them that if they wished to be a more professional service, they should have at least informed their clients that they would not be able to continue service.
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By: Javicho E.
Avatars Landscaping
We hired avatars landscaping after receiving a recommendation from our neighbor who had used them on her 3 previous homes,after much research and interviews of other big companies, we chose avatars landscaping and we could not be happier with the decision and our end result. Erick and his team was fantastic thought the whole production process and actually went above and beyond what Erick has promised us in his very creative masterplan and detailed contract. A fist class outfit that I would have no hesitation referring to family and friends
By: Gerald P.
Avatars Landscaping
Avatars Landscaping did a super job, Eric and his crew knows what they are doing when it comes to landscaping. Avatars was even helpful in the selection and installation of shrubs to complement the work being done. Avatars also came back for the initial cutting and fertilizing of my lawn as promised. I look forward to using their services again in the Spring and would recommend them to my friends and neighbors. Gerald P., Richardson 11/9/15
By: jamie.hollandrussell
Good Earth Inc.
I bought a groupon for tree trimming, I added on an add'l hour of trimming (at an additional yet reasonable charge) and they trimmed up my front trees beautifully, cut down a tree in the back, trimmed branches in the back that were up 20 ft. that we just couldn't get to. They were very prompt and I was VERY happy with the result.
By: Judy G.
Avatars Landscaping
I have had a lot of "Clean up" work such as Tree trimming, removal, stump grinding..soil tilling...hard bark mulch..debris removal. I am very satisfied with the work Eric and his helpers have done. Friendly customer service and consistent hard work are their strong points. They did a great job!J.G.
By: Jerome B.
Avatars Landscaping
Eric and his team did an excellent job, they came on time, and most important for different landscaping projects, they are very reasonable with their prices as well. In fact, I will go back to them if I need any landscaping service for now on.
By: Vickie H.
Texas Express Landscaping
Since the first day that I call for a quote they have been really friendly, always on time and the best thing is the quality that they provide. I highly encourage to call them for any landscaping service.
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By: Andy P.
Texas Express Landscaping
Texas express landscaping is the best landscaping people that I have work with, time and money is the first thing that I see, they have really good prices and the times that the job is the best.
By: James M.
Grand Prairie Lawn Service
Awesome. We asked for an estimate online, they automatically sent us a free estimate. Lawn was serviced two days later and it looks amazing. These guys are great! A+
Tips & Advices
Irrigation system advantages:
  • Lowers water bill and maintenance time with scheduled watering
  • Evenly distributes water
Irrigation system disadvantages:
  • Professionally installed systems cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a quarter-acre lot.
  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
Why get artificial grass?
  • Cuts down on lawn maintenance
  • It's environmentally friendly since there‚Äôs no need to water.
  • Artificial grasses may be more attractive than real grass in drought-stricken areas.
Why stick to the real deal?
  • Artificial grass has a high upfront cost - $15 to $20 per square foot.
  • It can be difficult to install.
  • Inexpensive options might look unnatural.
  • It gets hot in the sun.
First, determine which pests you're dealing with. Mounds or tunnels indicate moles or voles. Apply castor oil to your lawn; they'll find another digging spot. Determine which bugs you have by pouring a bucket of soapy water onto the lawn. The bugs will surface so you can identify them. Milky spore and nematodes keep grubs and other bugs at bay. Insecticidal soap also works. The best way to prevent pests is with good yard maintenance. Certain bugs prefer overwatered lawns or yards with thatches. Regular mowing, watering, and dethatching discourage pests from moving in.
Fertilizer isn't always necessary, but it can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen so it doesn't encourage weeds to grow. Keep in mind that overfertilizing can spur weed growth. However, under-fertilizing can result in weak grass, which gives weeds more space to take root.

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