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By: traci.holland.5
Plato's Closet
RUDE, RUDE, RUDE describes the old lady that works the counter who thinks she is a trendy 20 year old hipster. She should look for another job! The other staff are very nice, clothing is abundant and decently priced for used goods. (which is the only reason for 2 stars)If you are selling there be prepared to take your clothes in a bag or box....nothing can be ironed or on a HANGER there. It seems they want to rifle through a pile of wadded up clothing...says they can't process the items if they are on hangers. Expect to wait at least 1/2 hour even when you are the only person selling and receive next to nothing for your items.
By: traci.holland.5
Buffalo Exchange
If you are going to sell clothing here, you get a lot more for store credit than you do for a cash sale. They have LOTS of hipster clothing, a staff that at least tries to be nice, and a great place to shop if you don't mind spending like new for a lot of stuff that looks like it may have come from a goodwill bag. There are SO MANY items though that digging around will most certainly find you something awesome, unique, and affordable. I would recommend this place over all the others I've been to for selling clothes. They are quick and efficient and you can browse while they look at your stuff. All in all a good experience.
By: erudite
Rescue Thrift Store
Looks deceptively small, but this store is really BIG inside and packed with an amazing variety of goods. Some categories are priced a bit higher than other thrifts (like clothing & books.) But they always offer half-price sales or 2-for-1 deals that helps balance that out. Call first to ask what's on sale, because it changes every day. Way low furniture prices AND they'll let you bargain. I've gotten great deals on furniture via making a counter offer! Proceeds go to Animal Rescue, so every purchase helps homeless & abused dogs/cats which is a good reason to shop here.
By: Lisa C.
Value World
I love going here It's just need better organization and if pictures are a set leave them as a set It needs to have toys That area is always trashed never clean in the people are very nice Need more sales like red tag day or blue tag Friday It will the people come out in spend they money On Saturday have $5 fill up begThat's when you give them a small store bag in they fill it up for $5 but have rules you can only do clothes But over all I love coming here I shop her all the time
By: Linda H.
Urban Thrift
I enjoyed looking around the store and finding Intresting items but was disappointed to see prices riseing. I've been in a few times and prices are hedging up. I ask if they could negotiate a price on a lamp that had a piece missing. Absolutely Not! EVERYTHING they get is free to them. I'm a single mom on disability with cancer. $40 for a lamp with a missing peice? Really?
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By: Michael R.
Urban Thrift
FANTASTIC place!! Well organized and CHEAP!! Prices can't be beat! Excellent selection and cute front counter workers! I love this place! they have an awesome variety of stuff at really good prices! I always find several things whenever I'm here and I always see them putting out new stuff! i can't come here often enough!
By: jordan.hoover
Urban Thrift
They are the nicest people ever and treat everyone kindly! They have a LOT of really good stuff and it's all so inexpensive! I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do! They have a greater variety of stuff than most store, it's more then just clothes! All kinds of interesting and unusual stuff in this place!
By: ypshopper1
Do yourself a favor: check the online price of anything from this store before you buy. My experience is that most things are marked up 2-3 times the Amazon price. My favorite was a branded black tie--$12.99 at Amazon, originally $90 but marked down to $45 according to this store.
By: Mary D.
Rescue Thrift Store
Went here today to donate some items because Goodwill was being difficult. Met Sandra and had a nice chat about their organization. Felt much better about donating with this place. They are a small team and also work with rescuing animals. check them out!
By: happyshopper2012
Back 2 Back Resale Shop
WOW! The prices are great and you never know what goodies you can find. I've been a regular since March because they have something for everyone PLUS SIZES woooohooooThe ladies who work there are the best....really friendly and funny atmosphere

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