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By: planosoccerplayer
dallas atv charlie & son
It's funny, I found out about this "review" website AFTER buying a 4 wheeler from Charlie, and was a little nervous if anything went wrong. Well, after several months of my kid riding, the 4 wheeler sat through the winter, and when the spring came, I needed to recharge the battery, but I forgot to take the little battery charger with me when I bought it. So I searched for Charlie & Son and that's when I found this review place, and got nervous. So, I went to the shop and asked for a charger, and Charlie said, "sure, here you go, it's $15." Now here's the moment you can tell a good business person or not...I was prepared to pay the reasonable fee (after all, it's been about 6-8 months after the sale) and I can't expect him to remember or even trust every person..would you? Anyway, sure enough, when I mentioned that I didn't get this when I bought it, Charlie looked at me, kind of like how a parent looks at their kid to see if their telling the truth, and Charlie smiled, and said, "Ok, go ahead" and went about his day, free of charge. We'll, you'd think I'd run home and promote him to the world online, but I didn't. You know, most people don't write anything review wise unless it's bad, so you gotta take complaints lightly, unless you have a gazillion of them daily or even weekly. Every time I've been at Charlie's shop, there's tons of people shopping, buying, loading, his employee's building new one's, with a couple of people saying something after several countless thousands of buyers, just keep it in perspective. Honest guy Charlie is. Now, as for the 4 wheelers...yes their Chinese Yamaha or Suzuki knock off's, but the price is literally 20% of the cost or less than buying one of the name brand...and guess what? If their for your kids, your kids will outgrow them before you pay off the name brand atv, but with these, your kid can ride them and whenever they outgrow them, you can sell them for pretty close to what you bought them for, so it's very cheap outdoor fun. I've since bought 3 more 4 wheelers from Charlie, and that's exactly what I've done. The latest is a new dirt bike, just got about 1-2 months ago, and it's great. I even bought (before) a little 110cc 4 wheeler for myself (210 lb adult) just to follow my kid around on her's, and it hauls me just fine. Oh yeah, and when something breaks, it's my fault because I'm 210lb's riding it hard as if I'm back as a kid, so I fix what I daughters...not a problem at all except a little wing nut piece came off after 6 months of riding, $.57 at Home Depot and back riding..So, after my latest time dealing with Charlie, something hit me to make the time to write this review, because sometimes you gotta put the effort to tell the truth about the guy who has a good business and treats people fairly, with the hope those kinds of businesses stay in business for a long time.

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