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By: staci.modisette
Mashy's Salon
Mashy is a phenomenal human being from the inside out. Being an esthetician is her way of helping others. This is not just a job for her - it's her passion in life and she does it extremely well. Both men and women can feel very comfortable in coming to her. She is extremely professional, yet supremely caring and compassionate about each and every client she serves.I have been a client of hers for about fourteen months, and have never been happier. I was extremely self conscious about coming to see her at first, because I have Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to get the waxing to keep my appearance at it's best. She put me at ease right away. The waxing did not hurt in the very least, even the Brazilian. Mashy is very open minded in that she doesn't care what walk of life you come from. She treats everyone with the respect and dignity in which she would be wanted to be treated in return.Mashy gladly takes appointments for men. women, and children alike. Her goal is to make their appointment as enjoyable and as relaxing as possible. The ladies in the salon are super sweet and warmly welcoming of all their clients.The rooms for the waxing are very private and you can feel very secure that no one will accidentally walk in and suddenly see you. Everything is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned, meaning all instruments and the salon itself.I am always getting complements on my appearance, and I credit it to Mashy. She helps me to feel better about myself. It shows how deeply she cares about her clients when you come in and see her.Mashy's reflexology is a clear winner. It's a 45 minute massage that is to die for. She can tell just by massaging your feet what your stress points are. When she was doing mine one time, she knew I had problems with my balance without even asking me beforehand.If you have a physical disability and don't have the mobility to do certain things like shave your legs, underarms, or face, Mashy can take care of that through waxing or threading. It's all totally pain free. In that aspect she's been an absolute lifesaver for me. One can feel comfortable in enlisting the help of her professional skincare services.Mashy offers facials that are incredible. I had one and fell asleep on the table. Mashy just let me take a nap because I was so relaxed - lol!I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting a kind, caring, and compassionate esthetician who will professionally perform the waxing or facial service you want.I jokingly told her one time that if she were to ever move back to Iran, that she would have a line of clients lined up at DFW airport going there to seek out her services. She's that good at what she does. She's very open minded and accepting of all people no matter what their religion, race, sexual preference, disability, etc etc.I am not a spokesperson for Mashy. I am just a regular customer that is telling what I think. She deserves more recognition that I'm giving her here. The bottom line is this. If you want to go with the best then you'll definitely want to see Mashy. She's a rare breed in the beauty world. There aren't many like her around if any at all.
By: Erica P.
The Lash Lounge
The best place in Dallas to get lash extentions!!I'm a long time client of The Lash Lounge. I love my lashes that are done there. I love the girls at this location I have never had any issue with sensitivity to the glue or had any other eye issue. The staff there are always welcoming. I have had to get my lashes done at another salon due to being out of town. I too have had a crappie lash job done at a non Lash Lounge location. The staff at this Lash Lounge location were great in helping me correct the mistakes that was made by the other place. On the occasion that I have lost more than normal extentions I was able to trouble shoot the reason with my stylist. The most common problem for me is problem sweat from working out. My stylist was able to help me with a product to help me seal the glue. As well as an extended appt. to get extra lashes. I have read through the bad reviews. I have to disagree with every one of them. I wouldn't go any other place to get my lashes done!
By: Sherry R.
Vertigo 12
I had booked a consult online before making an appointment for a cut and color. On the day of my appointment however, the hairdresser forgot everything we had talked about at the consult. I asked for low lights and she gave me highlights. She cut my hair shorter than I had specified, and when I got home I found that one side was noticeably shorter than the other. I was completely over whelmed by the sheer amount of products she put on the counter for me to buy as I was checking out and was shocked by the fact that the price was double what was shown on their website. I feel that she wasn't interested in having me as a regular customer, she just wanted to make as big of a sale as she could that day. I was not comfortable calling the salon back to have her fix my hair. I didn't feel confident that it was something she was capable of fixing.
By: keke10
Phu Duc Hair Salon
This place is AWESOME! It doesn't have a lot of curb appeal, but don't worry, Mai and Christine are wonderful! I've been going for a few years to get my lashes and brows done, and I've NEVER had a problem. The prices are better than anybody in DFW and the quality is just as good, or better than the high dollar salons! My lashes look so natural, that even my eye doctor had no clue I was wearing fake lashes. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on either my lashes or brows or both. I live about 45 minutes away, and could easily find another place to do them, but I know that I can always count on Mai to make my brows/lashes perfect every time. If you have ever had your brows messed up by someone, then, you understand how wonderful it is to finally find a person who NEVER messes them up!
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By: Brittney S.
Diva Lashes
The Diva Lashes lash studio is a very pleasant and peaceful environment to get any beauty extensions that you need. I really like how the lashes are HUMAN HAIR and how NATURAL they look and feel. For each lash to be placed individually to match your natural lash line it isn't time consuming but I would plan to be there about the time it takes at the hair salon for a shampoo and blow dry, meaning it isn't a rushed job they do. My cosmotologist was very relaxing and she made it easy for someone upbeat as myself to relax while getting my lashes done. Ialso like the prices. This is a new location so the environment again is very pleasant. I am definitely going back for a touch up.
By: jrstew49
Lady B's Salon
I recently went to Lady B salon and it was the best experience I have had in all my years in Dallas!!!! Bridget is so professional and kind. My appointment was at 9 am and she was there and ready to get started with my hair. I got tree braids and they are absolutely beautiful and they did not hurt!!!! She took her time and gave me exactly what I requested. She told me how to care for my braids and how long to wait before returning for additional services. I would recommend her for everything because she is truly concerned about the health of your hair. She has a client for life. Check her weaves out because she is an expert!!! Thank you Bridget for a wonderful experience.
By: drv22tx
Areici's Hair Salon
Yo fue a hacerme rayitos le enseñe una foto a la señora y dijo q si podía y nada q ver. Ella tenía dos tintes un rojizo y un guero pero el producto final se miraba nomas un color cobre. Este es un trabajo q yo sin experiencia podía ver echo. Estoy decepcionado...como page $120 con más razón les comunique y me dijo q se me iba aclarar en unos q no me preocupara (claro es mi pelo no el tuyo) después dijo regresará dentro de una semana y que sin cobrame más me va hacer una prueba porq hasegun ella el decolorante me va dañar el pelo (yo sé q si pero yo no me hago eso a menudo) voy a regresar con algo de miedo aver q pasa...postare la revisión actualizada.
By: B M.
Lady B's Salon
I am not the type of person who switches beautician, but I decided to go to her after I had problems with my current beautician for several years. I do not normally write reviews, but I felt that I should this time. Bridget has done my hair twice (sew-in) thus far. Each time, Bridget has produced excellent results in what I ask for and has gone an amazing job. I am glad that I have found a person like her to do my hair. Not only does she do a great job on weave sew-ins, she is very knowledge about natural hair and the products to use. She takes pride in her work, so you will not be disappointed by the work she does with her hair.
By: blanca73
Bonita Mia Salon
Excellent & experienced staff. Fabulous work. Best ever thorough & professional haircut by Flor. Best creative styles by Claudia. Gerardo does good work too (I have watched him) so I am sending my husband & friends. AKA GERARDO CASTRO SALON.Here my hair is styled twice as nice for half the price, from blow outs to braids & haircuts this is the place to check out if you are on a budget. Honestly I have gone to high end salons and came out more satisfied here. Tell your friends!Hispanics this is a no brainer because you will feel right at home as well with bilingual staff and upbeat music.LOVE YOU GUYS! GOD BLESS YOUR BUSINESS!
By: Constance S.
Paradise Beauty & Barber Salon
Paradise Beauty Salon is a very nice place to "Get Your Do On" by wonderful women who have a knack for creating hair styles that bring out the best in the patrons who visit.You will also discover a fantabulous company who also houses within Paradise, Ms. Ebone and Ms. Kenya who are the energetic owners of I want to look sexy, I head there for my lashes and my brows to put the pep back into my step and the stride in my glide.Hopefully within the next month I'll have the privilege of creating a website for the owner Ms. Ruby and pages for her stylist who will show off their skills. - Constance Smith

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