By: gdlemaire
So here it is March 2013...Brought puppygirl back for her 2nd grooming; I am so GLAD I DID! This time Katia and I had a chance to talk a little and I asked for the spoiled 10lb. poodle/terrier (Humane Society rescue) to be cut specifically the way we like. Katia did a GREAT job! She looked absolutely PERFECT. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Plus, she was calm, resting and just matter of fact when I picked her up - she had been napping in the back...not locked up in a small wire cage and it only took a couple hours for her bath and haircut instead of the usual "in by 9 out by 5" all day schedule - I hate leaving her stuffed in a cage all day.My dog not only looked great, she smelled wonderful - not overly perfumed, just a nice scent - nothing offensive. She was (and remains now - almost 10 days later) soft... really soft, totally fluffy and her hair is so cool. I am going to have to ask Katia what she uses on the dog, it's really good!!!Never has she looked so terrific 10 days later... And I just love the way Katia and her helper Skylar takes care of my dog...she was so calm, so normal...not "crazed" after her grooming. I don't know what they do/did - but whatever it is - it sure works. Jossi Lu is my go-to place for my beloved puppygirl... Next time I'll take a picture and post it so you can see her cute haircut and adorable little self; she's small, but she has a big personality... I can't say this enough... I "fell over Jossi Lu" and thought I'd try them out... I liked what their website said and thought I'd take my dog there... Boy were we lucky! Allow me to assure you I am not paid or compensated whatsoever, what I've written is the straight scoop, I call it as I see it... I'm fussy when it comes to my dog! Take your pet and you will experience quality grooming and care for your pet first hand. I recommend Jossi Lu without reservation.
By: brickstonegrfx
Brick & Stone Graphics
Specializing in Custom Engraved Stone Products & home of the Engraved Brick Fundraiser Program, a successful & profitable way to raise funds for Schools, Churches & Organizations Nationwide!Create a Legacy by Honoring & Recognizing Parents, Teachers and Students while you show your school pride and make a mark that will last forever.At Brick & Stone Graphics, we take pride in our many years of serving the Dallas Fort Worth area and cities nationwide with high quality products, competitive prices, advanced technology, and unparalleled customer service. We consider each order very special and over the years we have found that behind every order placed there is a story. Whether it is a custom engraved stone for a special pet that has passed away; an engraved honorary or memorial bench as a gift for a loved one or veteran; or an engraved donor brick for your organization's fundraiser campaign... Brick & Stone Graphics assures you will be pleased with the craftsmanship & timeliness of your order. The great reward in our company is to know that through our engraved products people find closure and healing in their loss, recognize and honor special family members or friends, and help build legacies and memorials that will live on forever.Offering engraving on brick, stone, tile, granite, boulders, signs, wood and more!
By: nalvin697
Dee's Doggie Den
"My dog loves Dee's. We take her here when we go out of town and when it is time for her spa day. I love that they are very careful about shot records being up to date, including something called bortedella which I have no idea what that means but it's not good if your dog gets it. My friend at work takes her dog weekly and she loves it. We watch them on the website cam at work and they are always having a good time. Grooming is okay and very reasonable. I have had to take her back to get her face trimmed a little shorter but they were fine with that. If you want just a fancy gromming place with painted toes, bows and perfume, this might not be your place. But to have your dog have a fun day, come home grommed, clean and happy, this is your place. I have also done some training with them while my dog was being boarded for a week long vacation and I loved the lady that does the training. She is great and I need to do more of that. I'm a fan of Dee's..."
By: travis94
Aquarium Boutique
This place is great. For the size of the store, Yuki, the stores owner, has a lot going on as far as the selection of freshwater plants, freshwater fish, great looking saltwater corals and saltwater fish, and aquarium supplies.I've only been to the store once, because it was a minor detour on my way home, and I was MAYBE looking to spend 10$ for a replacement bulb for my lighting fixture since I had bought the wrong type of lights when buying my lighting fixture online. I ended up spending 40$ because of all the stuff I ended up wanting from this store. The service was amazing,from my first impression, it seems like everyone there is very educated in the hobby. I got a chance to get serviced by the owner, and he seemed interested in my tank and gave me suggestions for the future that I hadn't thought about and gave me a lot of hope for my planted freshwater tank.
By: ellen.cryer.7
Prestigious Pets Dallas Dog Walking, Running and Pet Sitting Services
David is incredible. Miller, our then 8-month old terrier, is a definite handful. David reported no trouble with the terror, I mean terrier. Miller was clearly very happy with his care. David did two 30 minute walks in the morning and in the evening with playtime and breakfast/dinner. He also came over mid-day for 30 minutes of outdoor playtime. $18 a visit was well worth it for all the attention and love he provided for Miller while in the security of my home. David also watered two indoor plants and collected the mail and newspapers. I was so surprised to see he even vacuumed my floor where Miller tracked in some dirt. I really didn't expect that, but appreciated the extra step. My main priority was that Miller was in good hands and he definitely was. I do not travel often, but when I do David is my first choice. Thank you.
By: jamesbomer
Aquarium Boutique
This is a GREAT store for all of your aquarium needs! Awesome selection of healthy fresh and salt water species. I visited the store while being in town for a class, and was just looking for something to do. The owner was extremely knowledgeable, and provided GREAT customer service to everyone that came through the door. He took his time with the customers and shared his knowledge and experiences with them to ensure they were able to accomplish what they wanted. The store was neat and in good order, and fully stocked with some of the best products in the hobby. Needless to say I had a great visit, and I plan to make a return trip to the Dallas area, from Austin, just to purchase supplies and stock from this store.
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By: mobilegroomerhouston
AirVets Pet Relocation
I am the owner of Angel Pets and I provide pet transportation services for Airvets when they need a pet transport job done in Houston - usually to take a pet to or from the airport- and I must say it is such a pleasure working with them. They are professional and courteous and they have all the paperwork taken care of so I don't have to worry about a thing. That way I can focus on hat I do best, taking great care of the pets entrusted to me. I really like the fact that I can text to keep in touch with them during a job too. They are very responsive. I will recommend them to anyone needing help transporting their pets long distances and I am thrilled to be doing business with them.
By: jeffreyy977
Dee's Doggie Den
So, I've been taking my two little babies to Dee's for months now. I receive the best service there. And my babies get the best service from the groomers. I really enjoy everything about this place. I feel like it's my all in one stop. I have had the chance when I needed to fly back home for an emergency and was unable to take my babies with me. I left them for a weekend and I could tell as soon as I got back that they had had their own mini vacation. It put my mind to ease to know they had been so well taken care of. And the prices are extremely reasonable for the service received. All around great place, great service, great groomers, and a definite recommend!! Thank you!!
By: davidl2013
White Rock Animal Hospital
May be the best vets and hospital in Texas. We have known Dr. Hawthorne for 20 years. We have put the lives of our beloved furry family members into his hands without a second's hesitation. He is a brilliant doctor, a straight shooter, and he is always on the animal's side. He will do anything possible to help an animal ... and we have seen some near-miracles. His partner, Dr. Williams, has been an ace on the occasions when we've dealt with her, and seems like the partner that would be chosen by the best vet in Texas. Ditto, the staff. We could not recommend White Rock Animal Hospital more highly.
By: brianytr
Dee's Doggie Den
We left our dog (small Maltipoo) there for 30 days while we traveled to Costa Rica. I was happy to know that she would be playing with other dogs everyday instead of being cooped up in her kennel. We used to board her at PetSmart but they charge ridiculous amt of money to let her play all day. So we used to do it every other day. Dee's boarding in general are much cheaper. They even bath her for free for every week that she's there. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to board their dog. Thank you Dee's for your great service. Their customer service was awesome.
Tips & Advices
Some pet groomers have viewing areas where owners can sit and watch their pets being treated. Most prevent owners from being in the same room as the pet, however, as the owner's presence might cause the pet to become too excited.
Pets that cannot interact with strangers do not make good professional grooming candidates. Sometimes medication can help, but some groomers don't take animals that have been sedated. If a pet becomes too unruly, a groomer may end the session entirely.
It's best to fully vaccinate pets before bringing them to their first grooming appointment. Dogs should receive the DA2PPC vaccine, which stands for canine distemper, canine andenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It's also a good idea to vaccinate dogs against Bordedatella (aka “kennel cough”). In fact, New York City requires dogs receive both DAPP and Bordetella shots. Cats, meanwhile, should get the FVRCP vaccine: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, and panleukopenia. In addition, all pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. Owners should wait at least 24 hours after getting their pet vaccinated before bringing it to the groomers.
Technically, there is no such thing as a pet that is too old for a professional groomer. In fact, older pets with joint or mobility issues often can't groom themselves and need someone else to clean them. However, pets that are blind, deaf, or have serious medical issues might not do well at a groomer, especially if the person is inexperienced. Owners should feel free to ask potential groomers about their understanding of elderly pet issues. Often, older pets will exhibit puppy-like behavior and squirm or yelp during grooming. Alternatively, they might not be able to stand for long periods of time. As such, grooming an older pet usually takes more time than grooming a young one.
Puppies and kittens should be at least 10 weeks old before their first professional grooming session. They should be used to being gently handled by strangers and comfortable being separated from their owners for a few hours at a time.

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