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By: smalllittlegrob
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
I signed up for about 30 sessions with Bud this past winter/spring and would definitely recommend him for anybody who needs that little shove to get their a ss in gear. Bud is very, very well informed about the latest news and information regarding fitness. He was great about catering my workouts around my bad lower back while keeping me engaged at all times. You know how you hear that after a while you stop seeing results because you've reached a plateau? well, that would never happen because Bud has about a million different little exercises and knows exactly when to push and when to lay off. I found that tears in your eyes and shaky arms are very effective.
By: kylexxl
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
All of the comments I received just after a few weeks of working with Bud convinced me that this is the best way to go. It's sick, but now I look forward to our sessions. Sometimes it's a bit hard to work out while laughing my a ss off (he's a funny guy), but it's worth it.When I first started seeing Bud, I was about 35lbs over my "target weight." Bud's persistent enthusiasm and motivation helped me make the lifestyle changes to get me closer to my target. I've now lost 19lbs and am still heading in the right direction. I don't see how I would be able to work out and push myself without his help.
By: wcaskey
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
Bud is a kick-a ss trainer. He's extremely focused and will push you to work harder than you ever thought possible- even if you already think you're plenty self-motivated. He will train you like the rockstar athlete you are- or think you are. When Bud tells you to do a third rep of push-ups or squats, you'll do it- even though your muscles are burning, your heart's pounding, and you really don't feel like it. Don't let his soft-spoken and polite demeanor fool you- he means business. He is the consummate professional trainer. Always. He's friendly, but he won't let you wuss out or slack off.
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By: Jarod J.
Paramount Performance
I've had several trainers, but no one can COMPETE with Brian Weese. In addition to being the most knowledgeable trainer you will ever meet (he has like 25 certifications and whatnot,) he is also just a great human being to be around.At one point, when I was really getting after it with my diet as well, I lost 15 pounds in one month. I have never been stronger. He also is exceptional in dealing with injuries.I would give my highest recommendation for Paramount Performance to anyone - from an elite athlete to someone that's just looking to get in shape or improve their physique.
By: harleyy
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
Bud is an excellent trainer. He is really good at motivating you to workout hard, and pushes you to the limits of your ability. I had great results from working out in his studio. The best part is the variety in the workouts - he always find something new to do, and most of the time you are not even using the machines. He found I responded best to bootcamp-style instruction and gave me the right amount of "push." (you will finish every set, no excuses)
By: fatgoose
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
Take it from a difficult client, Bud is like a fitness genie, genuinely committed to making your health goals come true. Sometimes, I wasn't really that committed and would try anything possible to weasel out of the third set. But Bud kept our eyes on the prize and i always felt like he truly believed in me. The exercises are great but it's Bud's attitude, demeanor and dare I say, wisdom, that makes his training sessions such a great find.
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By: Jayson C.
Spain International Fitness Training and Wellness Clinic
Great team that puts in excellent work to help you achieve your goals! If you're looking for a weight loss program, I would recommend!
By: christhoper
Uptown Fitns Personal Trainer
I've never been a gym person, but the expanding waist line needed serious attention.

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