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By: Tabitha H.
Cash Plus Pawn
Stay away!!!! Do not go to this place. Just a friendly warning to those who want to buy something. I encourage you not to consider this pawn shop. I called and I talked to a guy that works there about purchasing a ring. The guy tells me to head on over that he has plenty to choose from. First mistake, when I get there he says they don't have the type of ring that I'm searching for and he acts like his co-workers moved everything around and he couldn't find anything. Second mistake is when I found a ring I kind of liked he talked me into buying it by bringing the price all the way down. We all know they price their items so high that when you purchase it and they bring the price down it looks like your getting a deal and your not. So I buy the ring for $216 dollars. I take it home and show my husband and he hates it. So I take it back the next day with my receipt and they told me they don't give refunds or exchanges on jewelry. There wasn't a sign posted anywhere saying that. They had signs posted saying that they didn't give refunds for audio and dvds and electronics, but not jewelry. So I guess the guy felt bad for getting over on me and told me that he would buy the ring back for half the price. He only gave me $100 back. He said he would talk to his boss and have him call to maybe work something out but I still haven't received that call. If you can, go to another pawn shop. It's plenty in the area. These people will lie to you and deceive you. I have never been to a pawn shop like this. They just care about making money and not the customers satisfaction. They are very dishonest
By: xxsarah1984xx
Valu plus Pawn
Went in and the customer services sucked. They didn't even bother to greet me, which i think was very rude. I was intrested in seeing a ring, but apparently every was to busy to even bother to aknowledge that i was there. Finally after waiting around for someone to offer me any sort of assistance or say that they'de be right with me, i finally just left. Personally i feel that was very rude. i've walked into many other pawnshops and theres has been people at the door just waiting to greet you and/or help you.
By: blackhorn
B & B Pawn Shop
These guys are great people. These are friendly, neighborhood family men who are quick to help out, and always with a kind word.
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By: William H.
Central Jewelry & Loan
The employees are very friendly once you walk the door and the selection of jewelry is outstanding and the prices are negotiable
By: Joan L.
Bishop Pawn & Jewelry
Good place to get your Jewelry fixed, thank you

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