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By: Mauricio J.
Dallas Dent Team
Over the holidays my Dodge Ram sustained some pretty bad hail damage. But these guys did their best to minimize the hassle of this happening to me. And they did great! Took care of all the insurance, and arranged for my insurance to pay for the rental while they did a superb job fixing my truck. Looks GREAT now!
By: Macey M.
Dallas Dent Team
My Kia is perfectly beautiful again...100% satisfied with the way they made it look like it has never been through a hail storm!
By: Sara Y.
Dallas Dent Team
Perfect job they did on my car. It looks great again and I haven't had any problems with their work. I appreciate them.
By: Gabrielle A.
Dallas Dent Team
I always go to these guys first because they've always been able to make my car look like nothing ever happened to it.
By: Kkyle S.
Dallas Dent Team
I am glad they took care of everything, all the insurance paperwork, etc. And my truck is gorgeous again!
By: E ve C.
Dallas Dent Team
I'd use them again if I needed to. They get their work done quickly and my car looks brand-new again.
By: Jubileo D.
Dallas Dent Team
Love what they did! A great job with my car and it looks perfect. .
Tips & Advices
Paintless dent repair (PDR) can result in complete removal of dents, but generally only in minor/shallow dents. Larger dents may not be removed completely through PDR, which has limited capabilities. These dents might require a more traditional and labor intensive (costly) repair to full remove it. Every dent must be addressed individually to know if PDR is the best option for complete removal.
The primary drawback of paintless dent repair is small, yet detectable imperfections in the panel and the paint may still be present after the repair. The only way to return the panel to original factory condition may be through more intensive processes that include sanding, body filling, and paint. Some damages may prevent the panel from returning to the integrity of the original condition.
Hail damage is the ideal situation to use paintless dent removal. In fact, it is one of the most common uses for the technique.  Be aware that every situation is unique and certain processes may not always work, particularly in cases of severe or unusual damage.
Old dents can absolutely be repaired with PDR or other standard methods. This is dependent, of course, on the severity of the damage. Time can also be a factor. If rust and/or oxidation have caused additional damage, they can compromise the integrity of the dent, and the entire panel, which may need to be replaced to be cost-effective.
The types of dents that can be repaired without using paint are generally smaller, straight-impact dents that leave a clean dent with no surface damage. Hail is a perfect example of a dent that can be repaired without using PDR as it generally leaves a small dent, or dents, that can be pushed out from the backside of the surface with ease.

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