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By: Brit V.
Swiss Ob-Gyn
This place blows my mind first off hey are clearly not organized and I question their cleanliness. In the small area where they draw your blood it's cluttered and the nurse keeps her purse in the sink. There's open cup urine samples on the countertop on the bathroom and they can never seem to remember if they have taken my blood or given me a test. One of the two nurses named Whitney is condescending and doesn't know how to be professional to add to that on my last visit here (by choice) Dr. Robert Gunby waived his finger in my face explaining to me that I need to "behave" after I attempted to explain my anger of not being able to get a hold of them to make my appointments after 6 voicemails and 4+ weeks when I am at the last week and a half of my pregnancy. However I was not able to make my case or get a point across because he kept interrupting me after asking me a question. I see nothing appealing about this place. The care you receive sucks and my mind is blown that an experienced doctor would act this a pregnant woman. Do not become a patient here you deserve better care than that of which I just received.
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By: Corinne G.
Women's Healthcare Center
After drawing my blood for my 18wk prenatal, Sherry forced me to sign consent for a 25wk test which I didn't want and hadn't needed for my first 2 babies. She threatened to dispose of my blood samples and not run any of the tests if I didn't consent. She told me I should only gain 25lb; advice relevant to someone already overweight or obese, not someone <120lb pre-pregnancy. Overbearing, poor listener. Old blood sample left in the exam room, and no toilet paper for the urine test.
By: Monica S.
Female Specialty Care Inc
PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE! SAVE YOUR BABY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I LOST MY BABY BECAUSE OF THIS PLACE! I got led of false hopes they lied and they we're very rude I cant put the whole story on here it wont let me so if you would like to know it you can look up my Facebook and I will glady message you my story in order to save your baby
By: Latavia J.
Female Specialty Care Inc
Love Dr. Dharma and dr. dimple
By: chuck.shelton.775
Women's Healthcare Center
This Doctor Tenison at 2914 S Buckner Blvd Suite B is not a doctor anyone wants to confide in or trust for treatment. My wife was tested at the hospital and went to this Dr Tenison for follow up treatment and was treated very rude, we payed cash and was not on Medicaid and was treated worse because of it. I feel they are overcharging Medicaid for services and when a cash paying customer comes in they cant overcharge and say they did something that they did not do. My wife is allergic to Penicillin and Sulfamide drugs. She was handed a bottle of Sulfamethox before they took her money and told her to go home. This drug would swell up her throat and block her airways possibly meaning her death because of this drug. She filled out the paperwork like any doctors office and specifically stated she was allergic to these drugs and they gave it to her anyway and expected her to take them. We took the bottle to 3 pharmacists and also called the poison control center and all of them told her NOT to take this medication as the result would be a severe allergic reaction. They put her life in danger. They gave her no discharge papers stating the treatment or charges. They gave her no information sheets on this drug they sent her home with.The Hospital diagnosed her with Ovarian Cyst and this Dr Tenison told her that she di NOT have a cyst on her ovary after only giving her a urine test. The Hospital performed a sonogram and took pictures of this cyst. This Dr Tenison refused to send out for her results from the hospital that proves she does in fact have a cyst on her ovary. She went to Dr Tenison in severe pain and nausea and this doctor said its only a bladder infection and nothing else. This doctor Tenison is incompetent and should not be practicing medicine much less treating patients. The nurse gave my wife an antibiotic shot and actually told her after drawing the medicine into a syringe that she had to go and pay for the shot BEFORE she recieved it.( I have NEVER heard of this kind of treatment to a patient before).Beware of this doctor- beware of her nurses. They will lie to you, treat you unfairly with no compassion at all. Question any and every medication they give or prescribe to you. We hope that there is nothing serious happen to someone from visiting this doctor Sherry Tenison. We will Never go there again and we will warn as many people as we can about this office. We are currently seeking help with reporting to the proper officials of the life threatening situation they put my wife in after we plainly stated on their sign in sheet that she was highly allergic to this drug.
By: shunjacksonsolutions
Madewell Obgyn
Dr. Lawson is very friendly and has a great bedside manner. The office is very beautifully decorated and sets the tone for a calm and relaxing environment. The staff is very professioinal and the service is fast. So, you're not waiting hours for a 15-minute procedure or visit with the doctor.
Tips & Advices
OB/GYNs learn to treat infertility as part of their standard education. OBGYNs who further their training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility are known as fertility specialists.
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment where medication is used to replace hormones a woman's body does not create naturally. Women are prescribed either estrogen alone or a mix of estrogen and progesterone. The former is given to women who've had hysterectomies, while the latter is for postmenopausal women. HRT used to be a common treatment, but doctors have prescribed it less often in recent years, as concerns of negative side effects increased.
Endometriosis is a chronic condition where uterine tissue (endometrium) grows in areas outside the uterus. This can cause extreme pain, especially around menstruation and during sex. Other symptoms include infertility, chronic fatigue, and painful urination or bowel movements during menstruation. In addition, many women with endometriosis also have allergies, frequent yeast infections, or sensitivity to certain chemicals.
Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom that includes nausea and occasional vomiting. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time of day. The exact reason for this condition isn't clear, although most believe it results from hormone changes affecting muscle contraction and relaxation in the stomach and intestines. Another theory suggests morning sickness is caused by an abundance of intestinal bacteria in pregnant woman.
OBGYNs can prescribe or perform the following types of birth control:
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Birth control shots
  • Implants
  • Diaphragms
  • Vaginal rings
  • Cervical caps
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Tubal ligation
  • Hysterectomies
Women do not need to see an OBGYN to obtain over-the-counter forms of birth control such as male condoms, female condoms, or sponges.

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