National Medical Care in Dallas, TX with Reviews -
By: Nell F.
Andrew B Burke DO
I am a Nurse that manages a Medicaid patient that has several issues due to chronic conditions post Brain Injury. Due to his primary insurance being Medicaid,we have had several Doctor changes over the years.We are so grateful to now have Dr.Burke and all of his Staff.When you have been around where the Medicaid Health System takes you,you can tell from the experience who is good and who isn't. If you can't see how great the entire office and services are you haven't had enough experiences yet.Before Doctor Burke's office ,there were times when it took us 2-3 weeks to get an office do a refill.Not having his meds put him in physical danger.We never wait for refills with Dr's Burke 's office.Not in the best area of town,but the office is always of the basics for good health.not always seen in some of the Md offices we have had to be in.Dr Burke is and should be proud of his Staff.From Professional,clean appearance to Professional performance the Staff has always been knowledgeable,kind and caring.No question is ever "stupid",and they always listen.We have had good follow-thru with all of his Medical problems from freq chronic problems to Surgery requiring consults from Specialists.When a patient "enjoys" going to his Dr's office.nothing more needs to be said.Except a Special Thank-you for keeping someone Healthy.What we all need to remember is that it's not only the patient that is experiencing more and more problems with our Health Care system,think of the Doctor's frustrations with all the cut backs and how it effects them.We are Blessed to still have Dr. Burke and his office caring for us.We realize that we are getting the best quality care possible.More should take a minute to notice!
By: Idelle L.
Andrew B Burke DO
I've been a patient of Dr. Burke's for nearly 6 years. Not only has he taken great care of me, but my entire family, too. I'm not alone....his office is filled with families that he has taken care of for many years.( I talk to people while I'm there.) He is a wonderful Doctor and he has a great staff. He diagnosed two conditions of mine other Doctors missed. My life would really have been shortened had it not been for Dr. Burke. The last time I got sick, I called the office and they got me in that day....and where else does that happen? He has taken excellent care of my mother and my mother-in-law, both in their 80's and on Medicare. In fact, he sent them out for tests to wonderful facilities and Specialists. Dr. Burke told me that he only sends his patients to other Doctors that he would send his own family to, but then, that's what Dr. Burke does; he oversees and follows your care, sends you out to a specialist or another facility for exams or tests that you need. I think that's a great thing....keeps many people from taking too many medications and not truly finding out what's wrong. Frankly, I recommend Dr. Burke to everyone who is looking for a wonderful, caring Doctor. He's been in practice for 28 years, his office is filled with awards for quality patient care; he even got a letter from the Governor thanking him for 25 years of taking care Texans. Thanks to all of his staff too, they are friendly, caring, funny and really good at what they do...even cleaning the building every night....I've been there at closing. So that's my review....about my Doctor...Dr. Andrew B. Burke, and you'll thank yourself for making him your Doctor too.
By: kpbbryantar
Doctors Express Urgent Care Center
I was in Dallas on business and wasn't feeling well and I knew I needed to see a doctor before I got home. I found Doctors Express on the internet and decided to see if they could help. Not being familiar with the Dallas area, I called their office and asked for directions from my hotel. While on the phone, they took my information to make sure my insurance would cover it so when I arrived, there was little paperwork for me to complete and they saw me right away. The medical assistant and doctor were very friendly and understanding. They sent my prescription to a nearby pharmacy and made sure I knew how to get there. I was so grateful for their help and concern, especially since I away from home. I wish I had a Doctors Express in my city!
By: marissacox
Able Durable Medical Equipment
My nanna needed a lift chair. One of my friends from work told me about Able Durable Medical Equipment. So I decided to take her and see what they had avaliable. We were suprised by the variety of products they had on their show room. We picked out the lift chair she wanted, with the help of their staff. They delivered the lift chair as well as set it up for us. They also showed nanna and I how to work the remote and made sure it was far enough away from the wall to recline. We appreciated the kindness and thoughtfulness they showed toward us. I will continue to shop at Able Durable Medical Equipment.
By: solidwhite1
International Craniofacial Institute
Dr B and all of his assistants (Kelly/Daisy/Gloria/Natalie... and more that i cant remember names to) have treated me like family... it is very touching the way they have not only taken care of me before and after major surgery(upper and lower mandibles basically removed and replaced) I have hardly had any pain and have healed well. It is a testament to not only their competence but but care as well. I have been brought to tears by their understanding and concern over my situation. i cant say enough about them. my life is going to change for the better thanks to their efforts...matt w
By: Riley K.
AFC/Doctors Express Urgent Care
Have not had a great experience here. I have been twice, most recently for a severe cold. Dr. Luong was very hurried and unprofessional with me, cursing at least three times during my visit with him. Upon looking at my ears, he said they needed to be cleaned and proceeded to jab a plastic instrument in my ear. When I told him it hurt, he just kept telling me not to move even though I wasn't moving. Two days later, I am still sick and now going to see a different doctor as my symptoms are worse and my ear is now hurting. I will not be returning to Doctors Express.
By: Erna D.
Andrew B Burke DO
I first came to see Dr Burke in 1984, he delivered my baby in 1985 and the other baby in 1994.He has been not only my doctor for so many years, but also my friend. I can ask him about any concerns I have or the best way to treat an illness. He has taken the time to explain about the medicine I need to take or the best way to take care of my health.I've tried 2 times to see another doctor because he's very busy all the time, but there's no better doctor than him. Thank you Dr Burke!!Now with an appointment is better and don't have to wait a lot.
By: Anne N.
Andrew B Burke DO
I like the P.A's more than Dr.Burke himself but he is a good Dr and I get the help I need like referrals to specialist when needed pretty quickly better than my last Dr. Walk-ins are welcome if you do a walk in wait till 2pm to get there not as long of a wait, I have done the get there when they open thing thinking it would not be so bad well we waited there all day till almost 5pm so now I don't get there till 2-2:30 and usually seen by 4pm. (they take walk-ins up in till 3pm)
By: Charité E.
Family Medical North Dallas
When we went for the first time in June 2014, I would've said that it was terrible and would've given them 1 star with a long wait time of 2 hours; but now the wait time is usually fairly reasonable now it just depends on the time and day that you go there. They have been very good with follow-up calls as well unlike before. Most of the front desk staff are nice and the Viviane Martens, NP is fantastic because she is very thorough, patient and very nice. I give her 5 stars!
By: sheree29
Bent Tree Family Physicians
I've seen a lot of complaints about Bent Tree Family Physicians of the Frisco location. I have been there myself and was not happy with the Dr's (Dr Amy Latte) rudeness and the nurse attitude, but I do recommended Jason Chastain PA-C at the Dallas location. He's very helpful and easy to talk to. I've seen him for 15 years before he joined this practice. I can't speak for anyone else besides the two I've mentioned. Dallas location is way better and Jason is the best.
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
A physician's assistant is a person qualified to perform routine medical services. This individual is professionally licensed and certified, but they may not have the extensive med school education of a doctor.That said, PAs do complete almost three years of postgraduate study and more than 2,000 hours of rotations.

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