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By: jsmith200014
Pro Nail Spa
My rating is about 1/2 a star higher than my recent experience at this establishment. To be fair, the redeeming qualities of this place are worth noting and for that, I rounded my rating up versus down.I've never felt compelled to write a Yelp review but as I walked out of this place I knew I had to. I headed in there the other night for a pedi. I  was greeted and asked to pick a color as a technician started running water for the foot bath.(Color selection: Meh. Basic but not tragic. I found what I needed but this isn't one of those places that has an endless OPI selection. No Essie. I'd say 1/2 OPI, 1/2 generic salon brand.)THE GOOD:-convenient, clean location-offered a beverage upon sitting down-.good finished product - My toes look pretty.So why 2.5 stars??The pushy and abrasive boss/manager who is running the place. The TVs are all muted so all you can hear is this woman's voice throughout the salon. When I first heard her persistently trying to up-sell a customer on the paraffin wax upgrades, I thought it was a bit obnoxious but gave her a pass.. A girl's gotta eat, right? When she loudly approached my technician griping something in their native tongue, I surmised that maybe he was doing something wrong and she was simply correcting his technique. But then things started getting WEIRD.. Paraffin wax lady got up to pay. Handed boss/manager a credit card. Bad move.Boss/manager launches into a whole spiel about how they prefer cash -that it costs them $  every time they swipe a card- and if  she recalled, she DID inform the lady when she called to schedule her appt that ThEY PREFER CASH and to please prepare for that.  The lady apologizes, says she didn't have time to go to ATM  but can tip in cash.I'm thinking WTF?!! I'm appalled at how this woman is being treated ESPECIALLY after offering to tip out in cash. Plus, I planned on paying THE SAME WAY. Given the dozens of nail services I've had over the years,  90% have been paid for the same way - service on card, tip in cash.  NEVER had a problem doing this. When sh*t starts to get stressful while my feet are being rubbed, I have a problem with that. When boss/manager finished the checkout, she proceeded to replace the technician who had been working on my feet. She tried to sell me on a mani.What about eyebrows? I'm really good at waxing, I do legs, upper lip, and body waxing if you're interested, we can head to the back after I finish painting your toes. For the love of God, I'm in the home stretch of my pedi and just want to finish catching up on emails the way I had been for the last 15 minutes. ENOUGH with the hard sell. By the time I made it to the drying station, I set my purse down beside a sign that said "Our technicians prefer to be paid in CASH. Thank you" It was time for me to pay. Oh boy, this should be fun.As I handed her my card, I received the same icy spiel about the evil credit card companies. I took my card back and handed her the cash tip.**This review has become longer than I intended so I will spare you the uncomfortable details of the personal questions boss/manager asked me in an awkward attempt to make small talk. I believe in being polite but sometimes I just want to check my emails in peace and appreciate when the technician can pick up on basic social cues and let the conversation rest.Bottom line: Credit card processing fees are simply the price of doing business. (I say this as a small business owner who has experience paying these fees.) Pedicures should be relaxing, not riddled with stress. I don't expect to be treated like the Queen of England but there is a modicum of customer service that I do expect. With a nail salon on every corner, I will NOT be returning to this place nor would I recommend it to anyone else.  
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By: Anastasia M.
Deluxe Nail & Spa
I've never really had a problem with this salon until yesterday. I had a male tech named Andy. I asked him if he could do my nails a certain way and I showed him a picture of how I wanted them. He did not say one word and looked unpleased with my request. He rushed the whole time and did not do my nails how I requested. Another thing that really bothered me was the fact he cut the side of my thumb with the nail-filer because of how hard he was filing my nail that it cut my skin. He hurt me a couple of times with the drill until I pulled back my hand because of the pain then he was careful. He was rushing so much that he put cuticle oil on my hands and nails then ran a hot rag over them and my nails got jacked up because they weren't dry and ready. So he had to do the last clear coat over on both my hands. And then charged me $45 last time I'll be going there. My thumb is stil in pain of how raw it is.
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By: Renee S.
Deluxe Nail & Spa
I have never written a bad review ever but just wanted to let you know went for a mani pedi and eyebrow wax. I thought the mani per was mediocre at best. But the eyebrow wax was awful. I had to go back in for her to clean up under the brows after seeing it in the light. There is no extra light in the room for her to see. I came home and still had to clean up underneath and pencil in on top where she took a chunk out of the middle. Now I have to wait for it to grow back. I will say the place is clean and decorated nice. But the work that they did was over priced and shoddy. Just saying, and I repeat don't get your eyebrows waxed there
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By: K K.
Venue Nails & Spa
I couldn't believe I found an affordable spa package here. This is more of a European waxing and nail salon, more of a boutique salon like you'd see on the West Coast, it's not huge but it's very chic. I came here for a massage and mani-pedi, facial, and had my eyebrows waxed. It was nice to get everything done at once and the great prices here are crazy good! I've never found a more luxurious spa atmosphere at prices like these. The girls that did the work on me were very good, gentle touch, very soothing and relaxing. I could not believe how good this place was - it's my new go-to spa.
By: Charlottep P.
Nails By Jc
I first went to this salon for a gel manicure before my half marathon (my tradition before every race). Although I was impressed with the salon and customer service, I was thrilled with my manicure. The tech did her best, it did come out as I had expected. I was so impressed with the customer service (and how long the gel stayed on without a single chip), that I decided to come back for a gel mani/pedi. I have never had such a perfect manicure before! Do yourself a favor and GO to this salon for your next nail service. You can't beat this level of quality, cleanliness, or professionalism!
By: Stephany L.
I have been to SKY Nails and Spa many times and each time I've had a great experience. All the techs who have maintained my Dipping Powder nails have been professional and VERY good at what they do--I have never left dissatisfied. They run a clean business and have great employees. It's easy enough to get an appointment--I usually call a bit before I head in to see if they have space, or I can typically book a time I want for the next day. This location is also close to Addison where I live so I plan on going to SKY well into the future as well!
By: cbarron
Younger Nails
I've been going to Cindy since I was 13 years old, I'm now 30 and she's a great Nail Artists and back then she didn't own her own company she just worked in a nail shop. I hate tranracer had a bad experience one thing about Cindy she is a little tougher now since she own her shop but the quality of work is great I love the shop I've tried others but this is it. Since Cindy's clientele is so long now I let Donna do my nails and feet she put the A in Awesome I'm not leaving for anything. I will be there today. See you soon
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By: Lisa A.
Hillcrest Nail Spa
The service was excellent. Beside that, I love the way they make the salon so clean and beautiful. The salon is so large, busy but quiet that makes me feel relax while sitting on the massage chair. I got a spa pedicure today and satisfied wish their service. The technician did my feet carefully and professionally. By looking at the way she cut my toe nails and my cuticles, I can tell this lady has many years experience in nails. She was also very friendly and talked with me a lot. I recommend this salon.
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By: Sharletta B.
Coco Nail Salon
Coco nails is nice inside , not everyone can do almond shape nails. The receptionist gave me someone who couldn't do almond shape nails or eyebrows. I paid too much for a service that I was unhappy. I told the receptionist that refer me this nail tech. During my pedicure they were putting the trash into the plastic cover. I went back Sunday and StanLey who was nice enough to shape my nails for .me. I would go back for Stanley if I want acrylic nails
By: Gail B.
Salon D
I recently had to change hair stylists which can be very confusing. When I first saw the website for Salon D I was a bit overwhelmed choosing from one of the many stylists they have. I called and the front desk was VERY helpful. Asked me questions and then recommended Shirley...OMG this woman is amazing! She's been practicing her craft for awhile and her expertise shows. LOVE HER, loved my hair. I've found my new hair home.

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