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Medical City Dallas Hospital

Physicians & Surgeons, Dermatology

(972) 566-7000


7777 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75230

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Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Phone: (972) 566-4537

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Medical City Hospital is recognized for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and commitment to excellence in patient care.

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Master Card, Visa


Medical City Hospital


Privately Owned HospitalProfit Hospital

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English, Spanish

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  • Fire D.

    Completely unacceptable! I would give this hospital zero stars if I could .This place had me waiting for five hours and a half in and out of the waiting area. They left me in a room for two hours struggling with the flu virus, and when one of the doctor's assistants notified the doctor that I had been in there for a very long time, the doctor ANGRILY told him that I would have to wait even longer. This doctor is extremely UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNQUALIFIED to perform a real doctor's duties in a hospital. I am still fighting the flu on my own outside of the hospital. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY! Go to a REAL hospital during a medical emergency.

  • jennifer.g.bowen.1

    This hospital deserves a five star rating!!! The Doctors and Nurses they have on staff are fantastic!!! I was of the ages of 14 thru 17 when I was hospitilized there! I went through Texas Oncology, and was in and out of the hospital every week!!!! Dr Charles White was my Oncologist, Dr Lazar was my brain surgeon, and Dr Daniels was my Nuerologist. I had the best care that anyone could have asked for!!! I believe that this hospital is one of the many reasons I'm still alive today! They have a very caring staff, right down to the cafeteria, and volunteer staff. As a child going through chemo, radiation treaments,. not two mention two major, and many minor surgeries, this hospital did their best to make this my home away from home. As scary as Cancer is, ecspecially at such a young age, the whole entire staff-nurses, Doctors, the admitting, radiology dept, everyone made me feel like I was family and that I was in the best care possible!!! I am suprised that this hospital does not have a better rating!!! If I was in charge of the rating system this hospital would have ten stars, because it is one of the nicest hospitals that I ever stayed at, and with my history I have stayed at many, including both Baylors, Garland, and Dallas! This is a fantastic hospital who hire only the best of staff!! I would like to thank them for doing so too! It made my life as a teenager bareable. I felt like a regular kid, I was surronded by a caring support team who had only my best intrest at heart, and you cant buy or find that kind of care anywhere but at Medical City of Dallas!!! Thank you, Jennifer Goode Bowen

  • jennifer.g.bowen.1

  • RUN LIKE HELL! terrible and e...

    RUN LIKE HELL! terrible and erroneous service. was told needed short customs form. paid for priority mail which was recommended as fastest for international.. 3 days later tracking shows still in Coppel. Called Consumer Affairs (972) 393-6755) they said they are NOT a post office and that there is no tracking on the short form and to call International affairs at 800 222 1811. They tell me that because the box was sent in MY BOX and not a USPS envelope or flat rate box it should NOT have been given short form and it is not trackable.

    i told this man i needed it to get there fast to Spain for a birthday. he gives me a price and says if i want it faster it should go Priority and i pay for it and have NO Tracking???

    I called and spoke with George 1st to tell him the phone number on here is wrong.. he says he didnt put it in there. HELLO! i say all you have to do is go on Google and change it... he says he didnt put it there that the Postal service did... HELLO!!!! so i say all you have to do is go on line and correct it so others wont have the problem i did of having to call CAffairs to get their number! no concern whatsoever! so i go on about my complaint.

    He was upset that the USPS said they were not a postal and starts giving me all the reasons he is BETTER than the USPS! BS! if they were why am i complaining - he wants to tell me more about how good they are than listen to my complaint.

    then says there is nothing he can do but says USPS is wrong and short form can go on my box. then he says it should have gone Express and not Priority and i tell him i wasnt offered Express! I paid for a service I am not getting when it hasnt even left Dallas area in 3 days and no ability to track. he arguess that i can track but CAffairs and International say I cant. who do i believe at this point.

    George did not want to take issue about his employee so after 5 minutes or more of his defense banter i asked if i should come down there so we can discuss the whole affair with his employee. he says i can come down but he will not allow a discussion of this type to take place at his counter and that is when I hung up. i am taking my issue as high as i can take it. if your employee made a mistake FESS UP and dont kieep making excuses and saying there is nothing I can do.. i told him i was calling to let him KNOW so he could handle the issue with the employee so it wouldnt EVER happen to someone else. isnt that the reason for voicing a complaint.

    lastly there GOOD NUMBER for you to complain (no wonder he doesnt want his number on here!) is 972 241 7880 and GOOD LUCK.. this place is LOONEY TUNES

  • Not a good doctor

    so anyway, dr. mccoy and women's wellness center are about as sorry as they come. first, rosemary herself is is very schizophrenic. i went there twice. the first time i went, she was so rude. she came across as thinking that she was some sort of queen. she did not listen to a word that i said. having a sonogram is not the worst thing in the world . . . unless it is being done by rosemary and her ditzy sonographer. the second time i went (the only reason i went back was because she had done my sonogram and i did not want to have a followup at a different location) she was so space cadet-ish. i think she may have taken something, because her eyes even looked glassy. i have since had my films transferred to another location and will not be having anymore care at medical city dallas hospital and certainly not by rosemary mccoy. there are much better placed in dallas to go for healthcare.

  • Great Doc but hard to find

    This office is very very good in patient service and competency. I have gone to this radiologist for mammograms for many years and can testify to her excellence and the professionalism of her staff.

    I would like for them to post their office suite number and building, so that people can find it without walking for thirty minutes and being late for their appointments.

  • Disruptive to family

    I would not recommend Children's Hospital because it doesn't support or cater to the support of the family, as a whole. Instead, it focuses solely on the child in such a way, at the expense and to the frustration of the parent(s) - sometimes making both them (and the child) feel alienated from each other during the child's care or stay and making it seem as if the staff (or at least some of them) have more authority over the child's care and more say than the parent(s) who love and care about that child do.

    Overall, during our last experience there, we were left with the feeling of being helpless and undermined as the foundational care of our own child - and we will do anything in the future, even if it means driving to another city, to take our child to a different hospital.

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