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By: Jen N.
Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon
I've wrote a wonderful review for this location before... HOWEVER, today was a huge disappointment with the manager, Luis, she was so impolite...As the new receptionist was helping me out (she was having trouble) the manager, Luis, interrupted us by saying "I'm the mangager." not "How is everything going? Is there something I can help you with" Just stating the fact she was a manager to me. She didn't even ask me any questions she simply was trying to get me out the door, not knowing I hadn't set up my next appointment or answering my question about my groupon. She talked down to the receptionist and told her she was basically doing everything wrong right in front of me, a customer. I felt bad for the new girl. Then she stated "Oh so you're scheduling for an appointment six weeks out." again a statement not a question. I responded by saying "Oh, 8 weeks" and Luis replied "It's 6 weeks." with this look as if I did not know anything. I explained to her that the technician told me 8. Her response was "It's 6 weeks, I'm the manager." By this time I was quite aware that she was the manager and it ticked me off that she kept repeating it as if it explained anything. Simply say oh she probably said it by mistake or something. I mean come on the tech even wrote 8 weeks on my file, I saw it. All in all, when I finally had a chance to talk to her about my previous groupon that I did not complete. She blew me off by telling me she had a thousand things to do and simply did not have the time to talk to me. That she will call me back when she gets a chance to look at the file. I was shocked. What kind of customer service is this especially coming from a manager. I had a few positive experience with Luis before. She was nice and polite before. Despite any hectic situation or problems you have, as a manager you should be able to handle any situation with a customer with professional manners. I will not be returning to this location due to this experience. Like people always say, the negative experience always out weighs the positive experience...Again the techs here are awesome! Whitney and Christina are great but the manager truly needs a wake up call on how she treats her employees and any customer....
By: christophernolan
Planet Beach
I became a member of this spa back in January and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences, I have met all of the consultants and the manager Billy because I go there very often and they are always extremely nice. I am always offered a robe and water and asked if I am enjoying the services and seeing results. Right now I am only using their Weight Loss/Skincare Services but I plan on upgrading soon so I can use their tanning services, I will review those once I have tried them but until then let me tell you about my 2 favorite treatments! ;)These treatments improve the tone and texture of skin, get rid of cellulite, speed up your metabolism, and help increase the number of calories that you burn. They are both capsule machines that you lay in and they both have LED Red Light Therapy options to help firm and tone skin and treat cellulite. Both machines give you a vibration massage which stimulates circulation, you will burn calories during the treatments but also after because they speed up your metabolism. The Slim Capsule burns the most calories and it actually gives me the same feeling that I get after doing a 30 min hardcore cardio workout.Hydro-Derma Fusion still burns tons of calories but is more focused on skincare benefits. The treatment combines heat with vitamin-infused steam to not only burn calories but also infuse skin with pharmaceutical grade botanicals, minerals and vitamins. Just a few of the ingredients: (Caffeine, Co-Enzyme Q10, Green Tea Extract, Algae Extract, Collagen & Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Dead Sea Mineral Salts) All of these ingredients are used in most slimming/anti-cellulite treatments sold at Sephora/Department Stores. So you are burning calories, hydrating your skin AND getting a pharmaceutical grade firming/slimming/anti-cellulite treatment while you lay down and get a massage for 20-30 minutes. If you are serious about your fitness and skincare routine Planet Beach is the perfect add-on to accelerate and enhance your results, TRUST ME - you will see results.
By: kenedy
Hollywood Nails & Spa Forest Ln
The best nails salon on forest lane & Preston rd I have been going here for years.  I actually drive by several nails salons on my way to this one, but it is worth it.  Every time I have gone I get wonderful service.I will say my reviews are for the spa pedicure only.  I rarley get a manicure (I have my own nails and do them myself).  The massage is always great - I have taken friends who typically go to other salons and they have all commented on how long the massages are.  I usually call ahead since the salon is popular and can get busy. Sometimes you have to wait so I try and avoid going in on the weekends.My pedicures have always been wonderful and I always leave with great looking toes.  I do splurge and get the callous remover and even though I think they have a wide selection of colors, I always bring my own polish (in case I need to do a touch up in between pedicures).I stopped going to other nail salons because it wasn't relaxing.  I was constantly being bugged to get a flower, get a longer massage, get a salt scrub, etc.  When I go to this salon, I don't get bombarded with a billion requests.  The peple are polite and friendly, although I admit that when I get the massage I close my eyes and relax and I prefer not to chat the entire time.  Reasonably priced and well worth it!
By: Donna I.
Woodward Chiropractic & Massage
Woodward Chiropractic is the place to go if you want to get your problem diagnosed and corrected. Dr. Woodward explained what was causing my back problems, then presented a plan to include office visits, exercises and other home treatment. I was lacking in faith and trust after the last chiropractor I went to promised me results that were not delivered. I spent a lot of time and money but still had no information about what was causing my back spasms and what it would take to correct or improve the situation. If you are like me and don't have a lot of patience for BS, you will appreciate the no-nonsense approach of getting to the root of the problem and working up a plan for improvement. Massage is offered as well, staff is friendly and appointments are easy to schedule. After reading a LOT of online reviews, I decided to see Dr. Woodward, and I drive about 45 minutes each way to do so. If you are frustrated with your current care or have given up altogether, do yourself a favor and give Dr. Woodward a try.
By: 36insurance
Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon
I have been a client of Renew Spa for five years. The people who provide the services are awesome, the equipment is the best in the business and the products used are top of the line.Whitney has always been my esthetician for my facials and laser hair removal needs. She is always professional, caring and knowledgeable about all her services. I look forward to seeing her again and enjoying my facial. She is terrific!Treena and Amber take great care to give me the best manicure and pedicure ever. They have a wonderful attitude and they are fun to talk with while they are working their butts off. I highly recommend both of them. Try the Shellac manicure. It doesn’t chip for two weeks on me and I can wear any color I want.Monica does my hair and she has a real gift for choosing the right color for my hair and she goes above and beyond to satisfy me. You can tell she loves what she does and going the extra mile for her client.
By: krystyn.james.9
Lash RX
Firstly, I need to say I've never worn eyelash extension and I was incredibly nervous about the whole process. So when I started calling lash studios I had more than a couple questions lol! Xena was the only person I spoke with that took the time to explain the process and the difference in eye lashes. She also managed to squeeze my sister and I in for same day appts! While my sister was having hers installed, Xena brought me into the massage room, gave me a COMPLIMENTARY facial and hand scrub which left my skin glowing! Natalie, the eye lash tech, is absolutely amazing, she's sweet as pie and will put you to sleep! She doesn't count lashes! She will keep adding until they are as full and dramatic as you desire:) And they offer wine lol!They're located downtown and parking can be a madhouse so try to give yourself a few extra mins. But other than that, I'm completely smitten with this studio and the ppl that work there!
By: justinflow
Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon did save my body from turning into big chunk of cellulite. I tried everything from working out to running, even went far as not eating for many days. Nothing helped. My girlfriend suggest that I try VelaShape to reduce the amount of cellulite. She did it before at some spa and after a couple of months, she looked better than ever. The only problem was, It costs a lot of money but I didn't have as much money as her. So I turned to deal of the days sites like Living Social. It's quite famous here in States. I bough a voucher for a couple of VelaShape sessions at Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas. Today was my first treatment with Cindy and I have to tell you that I liked it very much. I don't see the results right now but it is still too early to tell. Tomorrow is my second appointment. So far, I like how she handles the machine. I did not feel pain, only mild discomfort. Stay tuned for more...
user avatar
By: John D.
The Massage Elite
If you are so busy with a hectic life that it's flying bye before your eyes. The Massage Elite is a place where time will stand still. This was a special belated bday treat for my lady and I am still being praised by my girlfriend who has a stressful job and needed some Rest and relaxation. I highly suggest this as a gift to a loved one. We were greeted with champagne and I received a relaxation massage. My therapist Chloe is a MUST BOOK!! She is amazing with trigger points and myofascial. If you are an ex athlete or work out in any capacity now you have to experience the range of motion and strength gained from this therapy. My calves have always cramped and been painful to develop through traditional weights and sprinting work and the release I experienced was extraordinary.
By: audreyblammy
Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon
My experience with Renew Beauty Med Spa was a good one. I heard from friends and a lot of people online were really blaming them for poor service and ripping customers off. But I wanted to try it for myself to see what all the buzz was about. I purchased a cheap deal that offered one session of teeth whitening with Brenda. I live close to Dallas because the spa was there so the drive was pretty fast there. The whole procedure from star to finish took about an hour plus or minus a few minutes. It was rather painless. I am sensitive to pain but surprisingly was fully relaxed throughout the whole thing. My teeth felt very white after it. Brenda also gave me a free samples to take home which included a teeth whitening pen.
By: ciavelicia
Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon
I have been going to Renew Beauty Med Spa for many months now, all thanks to LivingSocial and a great deals it has. It all began after my husband purchased a one session Photofacial. It was a gift for my birthday. I had an amazing time there. Even though my appointment was late because the nurse was finishing off with another client, the staff there took care of me. They asked me if I needed anything and gave me a cup of coffee. After the procedure, My face felt much better than before. Smooth and silky. I asked my husband how much was the deal, he told me it was very cheap compared to other spas. I  am their loyal customer. Ask for Jessica at the front desk if you are interested.

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