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By: Funnel cake P.
Funnel Cake Paradise
Hi thank you for letting us know about your visit to funnel cake paradise. I am responding to the below review because GREAT REVIEWS are very important to us. Sir, on the day of 9/7/14 when you visited us you were talking to the Store Manager not the owner and unfortunately on the day of your visit we could not satisfy you. It was at the end of the day and we had run out of bananas and you were upset about that.When a customer orders the strawberry banana funnel cake we are giving our customers the banana for free at no extra charge that's why a substitution is not made. Our customers pays the same price for two toppings(strawberry plus the banana) as they would for one topping i.e. a strawberry funnel cake, peach funnel cake, snickers funnel cake etc.Sir after you asked one of our employee a couple times to substitute the banana and he said we could not I came and explained to you that we do not substitute the strawberry banana since we give the banana away for free and our customers are only paying for the strawberries.I was quite shocked to read this review since there were no loud outburst and normally when customers realize we are out of bananas they just simply order a strawberry funnel cake without the bananas or a different funnel cake all together.Again it's unfortunate that we could not satisfy you that day!!!!! Take Care.......
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By: dfwdean
Royal Sixty
This was on my bookmarked list so I decided to try it today since I wasn't too far. The place looked closed from the outside and today for lunch I was only one of 5 other diners here (and they are only open for lunch too).The place has a 'hushed' almost unfriendly vibe to it: the old waiter kind of slinks around although when he decides to walk up to you he is friendly in an aloof sort of way.The menu was a copy of a copy, run on a copier using cheap paper stock, and the print was skewed. Very sloppy. The menu items/offerings are GF (grain free) or P (paleo) or neither, just look for the letter code in front of every item. Also check out the black board for today's specials.I ordered the Ahi Tuna Salad and a side of Israeli Couscous: dang did it take forever to get. Did they go fishing for the tuna? Overall if was all good, not great, not worth a special trip, if you are within walking distance come over but otherwise go elsewhere to dine.My low grade is for overall feel, vibe, waiter and time it took for my food to show up.
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By: Christina H.
Allgood Cafe
My friend and I wanted to go somewhere new and to a place that was different. All Good Cafe has a very different atmosphere that is eclectic and welcoming. It was avert busy Sunday brunch time but we were seated within 15 minutes. One thing I noticed while waiting to be seated was that many tables were open but there were not enough employees to seat people or clean up tables after a customer left. I order chips/salsa and the migas for my meal. The migas were delivered first, not the chips/salsa which I would expect. The waitress told me she forgot to put in the chips/salsa and apologized. A minute or so later someone else brought me the chips/salsa and he told me I would not have to pay for them and apologized for the mistake. My actual meal was DELICIOUS...the migas were cooked right and the potatoes were amazing. I think they were short staffed on this day, otherwise they would have had better service. I would definitely go back again.
By: erudite
Captain D's Seafood Kitchen
First time we tried Captain D's, I couldn't believe how much money and time I'd wasted at the more well-known LngJohnSlvrs all those years. Cpt.D's food is far superior and a bit cheaper than LJS. Their basic fried fish is divine; has a wonderfully crisp, non-greasy crust and the pieces are sizable. I adore their hush puppies whereas those from the 'Other Place' would usually just go into my dog's bowl. I was somewhat disappointed by their gumbo, but that's really not a fast food dish, so one can't expect too much. Also, they offer like a dozen different sides including (*never thought I'd say this) Green Beans that are fabulous. My personal favorite is the Coconut Shrimp! OMG, this shrimp is so unusual, so delicious and so addictive that it should be listed as a Controlled substance. Sorry LJohn, but the Captain seriously outranks you and you've been demoted!
By: tandyrod
Eden Pastry & Restaurant
Beautiful and Cozy... This is not a place that will rush to make incredible food... You can tell that everything is scratch made... Yes, everything... If you are looking for quality service, incredible food and an intimate time with friends and family, then I highly recommend this place. My wife is still talking about how great my entree was... Southern Style Shrimp En Croute (shrimp in Herb butter wrapped in scratch made pastry). If I was in Death Row, this would be one if the items on my platter. Yes, I'm a Foodie!I saw the previous review and I wanted to say that on the menus it stats... That if you leave the tip section open on the credit card receipt, it will add 20%... Why write a bad review, because you didn't see it posted and/or didn't want to tip someone... Own it... Write in $0, if that's what you want or tell them what they did wrong...
By: David T.
Murray Street Coffee
Coffee: Great. To be sure, you can drink it without sugar or cream and the flavor is nice, never bitter, never burnt, and always fresh. Food: Excellent. Locally sourced, always tasty with a great variety and super high quality ingredients. It's pretty high end stuff really but without being pricey. Music: Superior. You can learn a lot of new (or new to you) artists just by listening to the tunes and running over to check the playlist monitor. Atmosphere: Unique. Plenty of variety to perch, set up to work or chat with friends. And they actually have walls filled with art that rises above the community college art student level. It's just high quality all around. And that includes the people you may meet if you are so inclined. It's very communal in that way, especially downstairs.
By: jenniferbuxton
Dee Lincoln's Bubble Bar & Private Events
Dee Lincoln mentioned her cajun background, which may explain why the Crispy Oysters were the star of my dining experience along with the Bananas Foster Crumble. I’m impressed with the breading and comfort feeling after taking a bite of the oysters, and the sweetness of the bananas foster transported me to a New Orleans cafe. These items left me wanting more. I think the real lesson here is that if you eat here, the Cajun items are the way to go.Also, the Sushi Pizza intrigued me. The creamy sauce spiked with Sriracha and lots and lots of wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe flavored with Japanese horseradish) onto ahi tuna and tempura rice crust to pull it together. It’s a great starter or snack to enjoy while you dine here.
By: Gwen T.
Nothing Bundt Cakes White Rock
Former resident of NYC with a penchant for fabulous baked goods was delightfully surprised upon walking into this establishment in Casa Linda. With bated breath I waited for the doors to finally open, Kathy Tran, manager and her direction with her staff was welcoming, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The ambiance, delectable desserts and samples were first rate. Every product I tried was moist and flavorful. So much so, I find this my new hotspot for a discerning palate. Kudos to the amazing works of art created and the fresh ingredients used that calls one back again and again. It is apparent the owner of this establishment knows how to create a winning team. Sincerely,Mrs. Gwen Walker
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By: Tootie S.
Amazing Occasions Custom Cakes Dallas
First time getting a custom cake & WOW!!! Exceeded my expectations. Went in to get a cake for my wife's 25th birthday party & I really didn't have a clue about what I wanted. I gave Ms. Sassy few and limited details regarding the color & design. I was nervous but she reassured me that it would be great as she gave me a great prize. She provided extraordinary customer service from start to finish. When I went in to pick up the cake, I was shocked. The cake was beautifully designed. It was everything that I wanted and more. At the party, the cake was a big hit. Everyone talked about how beautiful it was and how tasty it was as well. Will definitely return and spread the word.
By: erudite
Williams Fried Chicken
Excellent fried chicken which is far superior to the big-name places. They also have tons of things which aren't on the online menu like sandwiches, catfish, fried livers & *corn fritters* which are 2die4 good! BIG portions of side orders like spicy rice (yummy!), fries & mashed potatoes. The only downside is they're often busy and it's not uncommon to wait, but their food is well worth any minimal delay. Actually, I was stunned to see they'd received two such low ratings here, so 4 stars from me is probably more realistic. Still, we've eaten at Williams 10-15 times and barring the occasional wait, I cannot recall EVER being disappointed with the food.

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