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By: erudite
Captain D's
First time we tried Captain D's, I couldn't believe how much money and time I'd wasted at the more well-known LngJohnSlvrs all those years. Cpt.D's food is far superior and a bit cheaper than LJS. Their basic fried fish is divine; has a wonderfully crisp, non-greasy crust and the pieces are sizable. I adore their hush puppies whereas those from the 'Other Place' would usually just go into my dog's bowl. I was somewhat disappointed by their gumbo, but that's really not a fast food dish, so one can't expect too much. Also, they offer like a dozen different sides including (*never thought I'd say this) Green Beans that are fabulous. My personal favorite is the Coconut Shrimp! OMG, this shrimp is so unusual, so delicious and so addictive that it should be listed as a Controlled substance. Sorry LJohn, but the Captain seriously outranks you and you've been demoted!
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By: dfwdean
Amsterdam Falafelshop
So this is a build-your-own sandwich / bowl kind of place: nice selection at the salad bar for toppings but I know it's not a thing for some diners.Falafel: under-flavored if you are an ethic foods seeker. I have it in a bowl for the toppings I added helped with the flavor but they are bland with a hint of black pepper.Shawarma: lamb was nicely cooked but the again kind of tame in the flavor department. I had this as a small sandwich: pita is on the thick side about the thickness of thin toast bread.Fries: well, they are fries. Nice mayo and curried ketchup dipping sauces.Overall it's ok: if you're going to be in the area already and all the other dining spots around are packed come here. Just don't make a special trip.
By: jenniferbuxton
Dee Lincoln's Bubble Bar & Private Events
Dee Lincoln mentioned her cajun background, which may explain why the Crispy Oysters were the star of my dining experience along with the Bananas Foster Crumble. I’m impressed with the breading and comfort feeling after taking a bite of the oysters, and the sweetness of the bananas foster transported me to a New Orleans cafe. These items left me wanting more. I think the real lesson here is that if you eat here, the Cajun items are the way to go.Also, the Sushi Pizza intrigued me. The creamy sauce spiked with Sriracha and lots and lots of wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe flavored with Japanese horseradish) onto ahi tuna and tempura rice crust to pull it together. It’s a great starter or snack to enjoy while you dine here.
By: erudite
Williams Fried Chicken
Excellent fried chicken which is far superior to the big-name places. They also have tons of things which aren't on the online menu like sandwiches, catfish, fried livers & *corn fritters* which are 2die4 good! BIG portions of side orders like spicy rice (yummy!), fries & mashed potatoes. The only downside is they're often busy and it's not uncommon to wait, but their food is well worth any minimal delay. Actually, I was stunned to see they'd received two such low ratings here, so 4 stars from me is probably more realistic. Still, we've eaten at Williams 10-15 times and barring the occasional wait, I cannot recall EVER being disappointed with the food.
By: Martin Z.
Liu's Kitchen
First of all Liu's is a Chinese Restaurant, they do not specialize in 'BBQ ribs and Chicken where chicken 'grizzle' would be present.My significant other and I decided to try them today and WHAT A Treat! We liked the food so much we decided to find a "Review Website" and rate them.Maybe just be mindful that english is not their first language. The lady was friendly and diligent so she made it easy to order. The food was well made, Very tasty and better than some of the more expensive Chinese Restaurants we frequent. And, for us, it was take out. It was our first and NOT our last time ordering with Liu's Restaurant!
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By: dfwdean
Chipotle Mexican Grill
It's still far food and tastes like it: but if fast food is your thing and you like to feel good about the fantasy of a big production outlet sourcing food ethically I can see why people flock here thinking it's an upgrade.I find their burritos tiresome: bowls are better, salads do the best at not masking what you're eating. The Barbacoa was decent, in a mass produced neutral-flavored average sort of way. Size of the salad was what your dietician would approve as a good portion.Overall, meh, not for me. And how on earth did they get a city permit with this pathetic parking lot? You can't walk here from anywhere.
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By: dfwdean
Zoes Kitchen
My first time at any of these Zoe Kitchens: very nice, bright, food is made to order after you order and pay at the counter, and in not too long a time it all shows up.I ordered the hummus trio as my starter: showed up with my entree. GGRRR!!! Nice trifecta of hummus flavors, kind of bland for my taste, but pleasant.The Beef Kabobs were decent: two hefty skewers, grilled veggies and course "mashed" potatoes. The beef had a lamb chewiness to them (fine if it was lamb, but not for beef), grilled veggies were nice, and the potatoes were tasty.Overall nice place.
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By: dfwdean
Potato Flats
So I enjoy a good baked potato as much as the next guy and about the only time I have it is usually roped with BBQ chopped beef and sauce. So I figured I'd enjoy this place.Make your own or order from preset options, I got the #4 Creamed Beef on a regular potato (you can get a sweet potato for no extra cost). Assembly is similar to subway/chipotle style, everything Premade is piled on top of the now flattened-in-a-plate baked potato. It was hot and filling. Flavors? Mild is a nice word for it.It was an experience. I probably will not be back though.
By: nycvibe
Sahara Restaurant
This has become me & my husband favorite place to eat. The restaurant is very simple and didn't impress us much when we walked in. The reason we both love going there is cause of the food. It's very healthy & delicious middle eastern/ Persian food. Plus it's Halal which is wonderful as its hard to find few good choices of Halal restaurants. When we do in we have our usual order chicken kabob for me & my husband loves their lamp item with outstanding green rice!
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By: dfwdean
So this is almost the same menu as their sibling restaurant Baboush in Uptown: well, except for quite a few more $$. Even the same musical playlist playing I the background. How sad. Is Moroccan food really so uninspiring?Chicken shawarma was bland. Beef shawarma was underspiced to be authentic, tasted more like a burrito really. Chicken Tagine was nicely done but chicken was overcooked and a little dry. Fattoush salad was salad-y.

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