By: Luar Z.
Juan's Transports
Muy buen servicio. Los asientos están bien, a comparación de otras líneas de autobús, donde no te caben ni las rodillas por meter asientos de mas...no tendrán tv's modernas para ver películas, pero eso no me importa. Lo único que si les hace falta es organización de los lugares, que respeten tu boleto y que te asignen un lugar por boleto. Uno tiene que llegar antes y apartar su lugar, y aun así si te descuidad y te bajas a acomodar tu maleta, hay veces que a la gente le vale y te quita tu lugar. Esto es lo único malo que tienen, de ahí en mas, todo esta bien. Les daría 5 estrellas pero hace falta organización de asientos.
By: happyme123456
Robert Herring SR, TVservice1.net
This shop came to fix my big Hitachi TV, my picture was blurry and had lines in it. The guy took the front and back off and before I knew it the picture looked better than when I bought it!So I had him look at my new Westinghouse flat screen and he had that smart tv doing things I didn't know it would do.Then he said if I refer people to him he'll send me ten dollarsI like this shop they were so nice and reasonableJohn W
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By: Tamara S.
Rick's Cab Service
Good service with good prices that's why I will never use another cab service in the Dallas area. Rick always picks me up on time and his car is clean and no bad odors like most cabs I've used in Dallas. Rick is also helps me with my bags when I go to the DFW airport every week and return. I never take taxis at the airport because they always try to overcharge you and with Rick I always know I will pay the same price.
By: Debra A.
Robert Herring SR, TVservice1.net
Someone came to look at 2 TV's for me and he was very nice and honest. He said my 2 year old Sharp TV had a bad panel and he contacted Sharp on my behalf and I was able to get a new 70" TV for only $300 from Sharp thanks to Robert's help.The 2nd TV he fixed at a very reasonable cost
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By: Whit G.
Salvation Army
We had two large furniture pieces picked up and they did a excellent job of removing them and getting them loaded. At eight that morning they gave us a 11:30 - 1:30 pickup time. They finished and pulled away at 1:25. THANKS
By: James A.
Dechaume Transport
we had a church outing and they came on the last second we had hired another charter company but backed out they went out of their way to make our trip enjoyable
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By: makemehotp
Apple Store
Awesome store, located smack dab in the middle of the mall. Friendly staff and everything else you've come to love from any Apple Store.
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By: Robert H.
Robert Herring SR, TVservice1.net
Robert came to fix my DLP TV with white spots and now it looks better than ever you need TV repair or anything call this place first
By: Ricky M.
Rick's Cab Service
I use Rick all the time they are always on time friendly and safe. They also have great prices and drivers that speak English.
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By: Amiee D.
Dechaume Transport
they went out of there way to help me and even came to Amarillo to pick me and my group up they we so nice

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