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By: Michael W.
Advanced Hearing Center
Advanced Hearing Center in Dallas has taken excellent care of me and my hearing problems over the course of many years. I would refer anyone that needs help hearing to AHC. Every person in the building will treat you as if they came to work to help you today. To me, there is no better feeling knowing this staff knows how to address any hearing problem. The first day I got a hearing unit, I walked outside the office door and realized birds were singing. I couldn't see them, but a fun part of my life was back! Thank you AHC! Now many years later, I know the real words to songs on the radio, wow, I was way off! LOL I can have two-sided conversations, order food in a drive-thru and answer my own doorbell. They have different styles of units and many different colors to accommodate your taste or expression. My insurance has covered the majority of my needs, but still it's a small price to pay for me to have my life back.
By: Bryn M.
Advanced Hearing Center
I went to Advanced Hearing Center after avoiding the inevitable. Not even 40 yet and I was faced with hearing loss and finally got the courage to do something about it. From the front office, to Dr. Hinrichs, to the final decision and financials, it was a very private and smooth process. Very professional, knowledgeable, and comforting hearing center. Would recommend to anyone with slight to really bad hearing loss. No gimmicks or pressure period. Very satisfied customer.
By: Mary T.
Advanced Hearing Center
I had my hearing exam at Advance Hearing Center in Grapevine, TX with the Audiologist, June Ledesma. She was very professional and put me at ease for each test. She explained exactly what I was going to experience and the purpose of each test. After we determined that I would indeed need hearing aids, she went over all my choices and the pros and cons of each. I would recommend Advanced Hearing Center for anyone needing to get their hearing tested.
By: Jessica S.
Advanced Hearing Center
Advanced Hearing Center was instrumental in getting my hearing aids approved. At the time of my hearing test, my insurance fully covered top-of-the-line hearing aids. By the time my claim was submitted, they had changed their policy. AHC fought for 6 months to get hearing aid approved and though they were not the original ones we wanted, they were great quality and included all of the Bluetooth gear I wanted.
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By: Bryan A.
Advanced Hearing Center
I really appreciated the time Dr. McRae took to explain her recommendations to treat both my tinnitus and hearing loss. She was very thorough and gave me ample time to discuss treatment options with my wife during our visit. The office staff also did a great job working with my insurance carrier to verify coverage benefits to ensure that I received the correct benefits. Thanks!Bryan A. - The Colony, TX
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By: villarelo
Advanced Hearing Center
My husband had hearing loss for some time, but didn't want to take the time for a hearing test. We found Advanced Hearing through our research and loved the audiologist and office. She was thorough, patient and attentive to Roy and we left with an affordable pair of hearing aids for him with 0% financing. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing some type of hearing aid.
By: Nelsi Q.
Hearing Aid Express
Es un lugar muy profesional y mucha paciencia le tienen a sus pacientes mi familia tiene años más de 15 años asistiendo a ese lugar tal vez mucho más todavía lo recomiendo las señora Maturino y Sra kay son unas personas excepcionales todos allí son muy pacientes Díos los bendiga por ayudar a personas que nesesitan ajustes en sus audífonos ,ay precios assesibles
By: Bill D.
Advanced Hearing Center
Very professional yet welcoming and comfortable. The tests did not take long. There was an automated part where you just sit for about 5 minutes with the instrument in your ear (did not hurt). Then a manual part. They then explain the results and answer any questions. They have worked well with my insurance in the past, making the process very easy.
By: Gavin M.
Advanced Hearing Center
I initially had doubts about whether a hearing aid would really help me, but that fear has been proven wrong. Everyone at Advanced Hearing Center was incredibly polite, and patiently worked with me to find what it was I needed.I have no doubt that now people won't have to yell to get me to hear them, which everyone else will probably appreciate.
By: Misty C.
Advanced Hearing Center
Dr. Ledesma is wonderful! She is patient and friendly. The office staff is kind and helpful. Even though I have minor hearing loss my hearing aids have helped me with conversations where I easily confuse words. My kids always know when I don't have my hearing aids on. By the way no one can tell I'm warring them by sight.

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