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By: scubagrl
Cowboys Red River
I have been going to Red River in Dallas for a little over a year now. Great place to dance and meet up with friends. The dancers are of all skill levels and they do provide dance lessons on Thursday and Friday nights. My friends and I have generally had a great time on Thursday and Saturday nights.However, for the last two weekends we have encountered a couple of really annoying things. While they do have a great house band, the volume was set so high that it leaves you unable to even have a conversation without yelling. Ears were ringing for the next day! Really...do you think we can't hear it? It was so loud that you had to hold your glass on the table or it shimmied off on to the floor. NO KIDDING! As well, there has been a progression of people bringing drinks on the dance floor and they spill causing potential danger for those that are trying to dance. Let's not forget those who are just standing on the dance floor talking. Seriously, that is what the bar and table area are for. The dance floor is for DANCING!!! It's typically the younger crowd (those under 25) and they do allow minors. However, let's get some help from the bouncers here. When three of my friends/co-dancers told the bouncers, they shrugged it off and said, 'just let us do our jobs' but then did nothing. As there are not many country bars in the Dallas area, you would think they would try harder to make it a more pleasant experience for those who really want to dance.
By: lee.birnbaum
Draft Picks
Went for all-u-can-eat crawfish.In a nut shell:a) Dishonest management that support false advertising and absolutely will not stand behind their assurances.b) Sloooooow service (took about an hour to get our 1st batch of crawfish).c) Hate to admit it after the horrible service and management, but the crawfish itself was actually pretty good - large, spicy and garlicky.Regarding a), the situation was that I called and was absolutely 100% assured they were running a $12.99 special this Fri, sat and sun but the hostess that answered the phone. I even asked her to double check and she supposedly "went to ask" and came back and said yes, definitely.Yet upon arrival, the management refused to honor it.I even played them the recorded phone conversation from my call (I have a call recorder app on my phone), and they just said sorry, they acknowledge what we were told but NO.While the normal $17.99 price is actually a fair price for the all-u-can-eat, it's a matter of principle and a business standing behind what they promise, and clearly, this place does not have such ethics at all.I only give it a 2 instead of 1 because, again, the crawfish itself, after the aggravation and super slowness, was admittedly good, and I would be lying to say otherwise.Still, be very cautioned about the unscrupulous management. Watch you bill for erroneous add-ons and expect a built in 18% gratuity (perhaps part of the reason for slow service).
By: redezra
White Horse Saloon
White Horse Saloon is Dallas' newest and finest Country Music Nightclub and Dance Hall. Located in North Dallas at the corner of Park Lane and N. Central Expressway in the Caruth Shopping Center. It's near Sherlocks between Sports Authority (rear entrance) and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Some you may remember this as the former Borrowed Money location.There's plenty of well lit parking. Open seven (7) nights a week, doors open at 7 PM. White Horse Saloon has FREE Dance Lessons Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM. The club features a full bar, brand new dance floor, the latest light and sound, and a must-see laser light show.If you haven't been there you should take the time to see what you're missing.. North Dallas finally has a club to call their own.. help spread the word, White Horse Saloon is open for business and they're doing it right! White Horse Saloon offers a Freeroll Texas Hold Em Tournament on Tuesday night at 7 & 10 PM, Ladies Night on Wednesdays, College Night on Thursday with a $500 Bikini Contest around Midnight. White Horse Saloon is the talk of the town..There's more info on their web site at http://whitehorsesaloon.com
By: brentjosephs
The Clubhouse
The clubhouse is Great Club to go to. Management and the ladies are friendly and Great place to have a good time. M-F Free admission and free drinks until 4PM. Saturday around 4AM insomia for the younger crowd and it can get kinda crazy:) They are also in the process of redoing the club at night and making big improves. Right now it is a Awesome club and a Great place to go. It is a full N bring your own bottle club.
By: A B.
Reno's Chop Shop Saloon
WE ARE STILL OPEN!!!! Rockin & Rollin as usual!!!! Come to Reno's Chop Shop Saloon to make some unforgettable memories!!! Not sure why this says we are closed but we are operating 7 days a week����
By: calvinboozer0
The Grapevine Bar
This is a fine bar. I am super excited when we got in , the people are all smiling and I can feel that If I go here often I will have the best time every time.
By: mariamarmolejo396
Libertine Bar
I really do love this place. I have to be here in the afternoon everyday just to pick me up for the rest of the night and go home ready to rest.
By: dsmithdallas
Sol Irlandes
Great food, hot, fast, and creative. Plenty of choices, good salsa, and friendly staff make this a top flight destination in downtown Dallas
By: carlyne
Angry Dog
Good Burger Joint, not as good as Fudruckers but comes in a close 2nd. Nice Location
By: carlyne
Christie's Sports Bar & Deli
Good but kind of expensive. Food is only okay but it has a Fun, Young crowd.

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