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By: Tim R.
Fountains Apartments
I was there for a few years and my car was broken into three times.  Despite being a clean person every spring and summer I had to battle roaches and swarms of  fire ants.  I actually put on a pair of jean one time and was stung eight times by the fire ants. The walls are so thin that you can hear a the people on the other side talking.  The place is from the early 1960s and needs to be leveled even though it looks like in good condition from the street.  The bathroom and kitchen was small.  The bottom piece of wood of the large window in the living room was rotting from the condensation going down the window when it was cold and would become covered in black mold until I used bleach on it. The water is always being turned off to fix leaks.  During a bad storm water from the patio door would leak from the top and get my curtain and carpet wet. Lastly, when I left they told me that I did 5,000 in damages which was not my fault. It's not my job to replace decaying pipes that should have been replace with plastic ones.  In short this "dwelling" is a crappy place to live in that's too expensive.  Best of luck and happy hunting.
By: Big L.
Woodside Apartments
*Terrible place to stay*Up stairs room had leak twiceGot locked out my place had to stay out side in my truck couldn't get no one on the phone till next dayTow truck took my truck one day And didn't report it to the police I'm glad my 12 months are overThank God
By: Summer O.
El Dorado Apartments
We were let out of our lease early due to safety concerns. Our apartment had been robbed 3 times since 2014 with documented police reports. Windows were busted out - police report. Fire extinguisher was vandalized - police report. My 13 year old son was mistaken for an unauthorized guest by the new leasing agent. He was on the lease and always had been. This is one of the most dangerous intersections in Dallas at Forest lane and Audelia. We had been through 3 managers since 2014 due to homocide, etc.. There are gun shots every night. This apartment complex is right next to The Village Oaks condos that house felons on parole for rape, theft, possession, Drug Dealers - Meth and Pot, terroristic threats, etc.... When you called Dallas PD dispatch, they advise you to buy a gun. Our balcony was always clean. Dallas inspectors/New Managers kept changing what was allowed on the patios. We were never fined because we always complied when notified in writing. The owner refuses to post video survelliance around his property. The Leasing agent is very rude and unprofessional. This property, Village Oaks, and other apartments in the are need to be condemned by the DEA. A home owner a few summers back was stabbed to death while watering his front yard by a Middle school student on wet pot laced with embalming fluid....As a result, we are now homeless and living in a shelter. Do not live here.
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By: Joyce W.
Cielo Ranch
If you enjoy getting your car towed every week or your visitors. .and your rent going up every month, your apartment flooding and it taking a weeks for it to be fixed , shootings, kitchen and bathroom faucets hanging off wall...rude leasing office people, roaches, and car theft...then cielo ranch is the place for you
By: Stephanie M.
Castle Rock Apartments
Los apartamentos son buenos y varatos. El mio esta renovado y viene con piso de madera. El complejo es tranquilo y tiene muchos arboles con un arroyo. Pienso que tiene buen valor para lake highlands area.
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By: Brittany J.
Cantera Crossing Apartments LTD
SERIOUS BED BUG PROBLEM!!There are bed bugs everywhere. They know they have this problem and they still rent to people. I found bed bugs nesting in my couch and under my bed. I wake up with bites all over my body. They won't warn you but i will. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I have to get rid of every piece of furniture that i own. This place has ruined my life.
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By: Laura F.
Lincoln Knox
Thank you Larissa ! Your assistance made for a smooth transition into our new home and neighborhood! L and J
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By: Tillerie J.
Walnut Bend Apartments
If you like driving through the apartments for at least 1 hour looking for a parking spot, or if you like paying out extra money for having your vehicle towed, or if u like giving away money to the leasing office because the can just add on fees, then please move in! This property will charge u whatever they would like to, for their personal expenses. The crime rate here is ridiculous! Move on in if u wanted to be mistreated...
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By: Illuminoti T.
Bridle Path Apartments
Disrespectful neighbors and staff went down hill. I HAD MY PICK UP TRUCK STOLEN and others had their truck stolen from here in a three month time frame. Stayed at Bridal Path and Woodside, both on the same property. Had a bad leak from bath tub upstairs at Bridal Path and when I transferred to Woodside, on day on within hours of signing the lease, a slab of drywall collapsed drop the cieling. It collapsed because the toilet from upstairs leaked. Urine was being dumped from upstairs into my apartment, splashing over my toilete. Stayed at Woodside dealing with this for a year and a half. Stayed at Bridal path fora year dealing with that leak. Go here if you have no choice. If you think you can do better, DON'T move here. I didn't care about the age or leaks. It's was the fact that they dragged their feets taking care of me, especially for the apartment that leaked urine into mine. I could of held my rent, but then they would of tried to evict me, then I probably would of had a hard time finding a better place.
By: Chloe B.
Virginia Manor Apartments
They showed me a certain apartment and told me that I would be living there but when I signed the lease I was given another apartment. They forced me into an apartment with wood floors, the more expensive option when I requested carpet. My apartment was filthy. I repeatedly requested that they do a walk through with me so I won't get blamed for anything when I move and they never did a walk through. The manager said that she is too busy. If you're placed on Atlantic St. they fail to tell you that you must park on the city street, meaning anyone can park so there is hardly any available parking spots in the evening. There are many car break ins. And then they have the audacity to charge you to park under the car port. The office is always closed. Talking to them is like talking to a wall. They always hire boneheaded assistant managers. Maintenance almost never fixes anything. I had to go without a working kitchen sink or fridge the first few months of living here. The windows are painted shut. Huge safety hazard. I had to endure the entire summer with a broke a/c unit. They make constant mistakes. I don't know if they're actually this stupid or act this stupid on purpose. Your concerns goes in one ear and out the other. Very unprofessional staff on all levels. Zero communication between the employees.I tried to be forgiving but they made so many mistakes and never worked to improve those mistakes and I feel they do certain things on purpose just to make you cough up more money. Living here is stressful

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