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By: Terra C.
Inspiring Greatness Inc
I have been doing business with Inspiring Greatness for years and it is sad to see someone tarnishing the name of this great organization. I met Tawaila Simmons at church several years ago and I served with her, even helped her get Inspiring Greatness started. She is trying to accomplish great things as a grant writer, program developer, and business owner. None of that matters when you read the garbage stated by Feed the Minds non-profit who is only made that Mrs. Simmons would not write grants for her for free. She met Mrs. Simmons last year at Sweet Tomatoes and they talked. Mrs. Simmons wanted to hire Ms. Greer to work for the non-profits but they never connected. Mrs. Simmons was actually out of the office and new staff was there. Inspiring Greatness does not even do loans and I am unsure who told this person this but that does not matter. As pertaining to the man that was not just any man that was the COO Chief Operations Officer and he DID NOT tell her anything other than she needed to leave the office no one was interested in hearing her constantly trying to apologize due to the earlier "misunderstanding". I was not there, but I do know the character of Mrs. Simmons and spoke with her about this. She said, "I don\\'t answer critics because when I do I give them credit. I allow my work to speak for me, and if what she says stops anyone from dong business with me; it is their loss." I just wanted to clear the air and be woman enough to give my name and speak the truth about my friend and her business. Inspiring Greatness is not out of business they are alive and well doing great business for great people. Terra Collins
By: Naka S.
Bova Designs
Was referred to Bova Diamonds by a friend of mine and let me tell you, these people were awesome to deal with! I told them what was in my budget and they had many different options for me to choose from! I've shopped at other jewelers before and I've never had such a wonderful experience like this! Mitch was wonderful to deal with and really made me feel great about my decisions! I will never buy from any other Diamond store! I plan to purchase more jewelry later down the road and there's only one place I'll take my business, Bova Diamonds! Every man always feels a little bit of pressure when having to make a purchase for an engagement ring. I told Mitch exactly what I wanted, how much I was looking to spend all together, and he made it happen! I didn't want to settle and just buy something just to buy something. I got exactly what I wanted and that was awesome! Thank you guys so much for making this experience of getting engaged the perfect picture!
By: Edgar M.
Bova Designs
Bova Diamonds did a fantastic job creating a ring for me. The customer service I received from Jason Stephens was phenomenal from the moment I called their office. From start to finish, he listened to exactly what I wanted and made it happen...and in a very timely manner. The ring was complete within the time frame he quoted me, and it is stunning! Not only did Bova clean and polish my existing rings, but they also fixed a loose stone in my wedding band at no extra charge while I waited for my new ring to be finished. Jason was kind, courteous, and kept me in the loop during the entire process. He was a dream to work with. I highly recommend them for any purchase, and especially custom design work!
By: gcoppinger
The Wok Chinese Restaurant
I was afraid to try this place after reading the other reviews, but 2 of my coworkers said they tried Wok and liked it, so we ordered 4 lunches. It took them an hour and a half to deliver our food, so our lunch break was almost over when it arrived. The food tasted like every-day average cheap Chinese food. Not super great, but not bad. I would have been happier with Panda Express, but lucky for "Wok," Panda Express doesn't deliver. (Of course, in the amount of time it took them to deliver, we could have driven to Fort Worth and back.) The day Panda Express starts delivering is the day most of these cheap mom and pop Chinese places go out of business.
By: Carlv M.
Bova Designs
I found Bova when I was looking for a ring for my now wife of 5 years. At the time I had very little resources, but the owner was still very patient with me. I had a lot of questions and wanted to see every option to make sure I got the absolute best ring for what I had.At the end of the day the ring I wanted was WELL out of my price range...I offered him everything I could afford, and a little more. He really did a good deed for me that day (and not his business) and accepted what I had with a smile.To this day when ever I need a jeweler, or if I hear it come up in conversation I always share what he did for me. Thanks again Bova!
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By: Kristina D.
Mei Mei China Restaurant
I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT! They have an enormous buffet with lots of yummy choices that is really quite a deal, especially at lunch.They also have a menu, but I have never used it. I have seen raw oysters in the shell in the evening in the buffet, and they always have cold shrimp in the shell. My absolute favorite is the wonton soup. Recently, being ill with a very bad cold or flu, I went there just to get the soup and was just desolate when it turned out I was too late.They allow one to do take-out with the buffet and also the soup (and, I assume, anything else).
By: Katchy B.
Bova Designs
The people at Bova were fabulous! I had searched at many wholesale outfits and retail stores and online. Kathleen was amazing. She was patient and would work with me as I would come back again and again with revisions for the engagement ring and diamond. Kathleen is one of the best people I know in the Diamond business. I felt like I got the best value for money and my fiance was so thrilled to get the ring. She loves it!!! She looks at the everyday and other people give her compliments all the time. I would go back to them again. Thanks Bova for everything!
By: Venus P.
Bova Designs
I just bought a beautiful diamond from Bova! I looked around a fair bit at other retailers and wholesalers and they had the best diamonds for the best price. I was really impressed with the diversity and quantity of diamonds that they showed me. Most stores only bring out one or two diamonds at a time, but with Bova it was like ten or twenty. The staff was also very intentional about finding me a diamond that I really wanted but never made me feel pressured into making a decision. I hope to continue doing good business with them in the future
By: Christa B.
Bova Designs
Came here on suggestion by a friend when shopping for engagement rings. They were incredibly helpful in finding me the perfect stone and setting. They were patient with me as well! They stayed within my price range and the ring I chose was well under what I was willing to spend. The ring looks beautiful and my now fiancé LOVES it!!!I decided to propose 2 weeks earlier than I had planned and they had the ring ready for me. The diamond is GIA certified like they said it would be.Thanks for everything Bova team!
By: Saru W.
Bova Designs
My experience with my engagement ring purchase was seamless and fantastic at Bova Diamonds. Jason was perfect in working within my budget to get me the best deal for my fiancé. He came up with a beautiful stone and designed a beautiful setting to match. I have purchased retail before and been taken advantage of. At Bova, Jason not only made me feel like I got a good deal, I actually got one... I recommend Bova Diamonds to others, and I look forward to dealing with them again in the future.

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