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By: erudite
Captain D's
First time we tried Captain D's, I couldn't believe how much money and time I'd wasted at the more well-known LngJohnSlvrs all those years. Cpt.D's food is far superior and a bit cheaper than LJS. Their basic fried fish is divine; has a wonderfully crisp, non-greasy crust and the pieces are sizable. I adore their hush puppies whereas those from the 'Other Place' would usually just go into my dog's bowl. I was somewhat disappointed by their gumbo, but that's really not a fast food dish, so one can't expect too much. Also, they offer like a dozen different sides including (*never thought I'd say this) Green Beans that are fabulous. My personal favorite is the Coconut Shrimp! OMG, this shrimp is so unusual, so delicious and so addictive that it should be listed as a Controlled substance. Sorry LJohn, but the Captain seriously outranks you and you've been demoted!
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By: dfwdean
Liberty Burgers Davis
I ordered the house Liberty Burger (with bacon of course), a side of sweet potato fries, and an adult shake (yes, that's a thing here).The burger, cooked medium as I asked, was very juicy and delicious: they nailed the sweet fries too, not over fried and not overly crispy. The adult shake, The Lebowski, was a delicious Kaluha infused milk shake that was very tasty. Wish the straw was wider as I think I pulled a muscle trying to use their teeny tiny straw to drink it.Place is noisy: loud music with no attempt at controlling unnecessary loudness in general: staff are friendly and it was otherwise enjoyable to dine in.
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By: dfwdean
Chipotle Mexican Grill
It's still far food and tastes like it: but if fast food is your thing and you like to feel good about the fantasy of a big production outlet sourcing food ethically I can see why people flock here thinking it's an upgrade.I find their burritos tiresome: bowls are better, salads do the best at not masking what you're eating. The Barbacoa was decent, in a mass produced neutral-flavored average sort of way. Size of the salad was what your dietician would approve as a good portion.Overall, meh, not for me. And how on earth did they get a city permit with this pathetic parking lot? You can't walk here from anywhere.
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By: Damion B.
Jack in the Box
Hello my name is Damion brown I am current 18 years of age and will become 19 on June 16 I am trying to apply for jack in the box so that I may start working soon so that I may have something in my pocket I have a daughter and I'm trying to work at jack in the box my number is 1318-418-1137 and my current location is 6102 Capestone Drive in Dallas,Texas thank you and have a nice day sincerely Damion Brown
By: carlyne
Not sure way, but all Subway shops are the the same. I'm not sure why but this location just seems fresher. Jim the daytime manager always has something nice to say to the folks in the line. He can exchange pleasantries while never dropping a beat in making the sandwitches. It seems Jim never has a bad day. I think Jim is the secret ingredient to the success of this place. Keep up the GREAT work kid.
By: brandi32upchurch
Jimmy John's
The crew here is top notch! I came in this morning and the store was super busy, but yet the crew is always joyful and ready to work hard to get your order to you as fast as possible. I wood like to give my complements to whole crew for there great work, and to the bigger guy, he's always polite to the he's kinda cute =)
By: Ronda K.
Keller's Drive-In
My Tires have been wearing out on this Pavement for over 20 Years, I love this place and have so many good memories, and still today here I sit cold Beer and a #5 Tater Tots with cheese. Come up here on Saturday Night and check out all the cool cars people drive up here...I pray in my life time Kellers never closes down..
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By: Ruben R.
Golden Chick
Service from manager rude. Stop early few minutes before they open an knock several times on window to see what time they open and manager turn around and ignore me. Went inside at 10:30 when they open and manager rude, did not say thank you or welcome at the beginning. And when I was ordering lady in phone.
By: Patrick R.
Indoor PlayPlace :) very cool and Modern. I think all McDonald's restaurants should have an indoor PlayPlace because a lot of people love McDonald's PlayPlaces. And I have created More McDonald's buildings and I made them all have an indoor PlayPlace and a big one too.
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By: Nadia S.
The bad thing about this place is that the tables are outside there's nothing really protecting you from the elements. It's either cold, or too hot, or you get rained on. It really sucks when on my lunch break to sit in my car to eat. Other than that the food is good.

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