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By: rivkah.krasnoff
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
All the staff from the Sofer to his wife and the young gentleman who works there are very very friendly and helpful. They know their books and Judaica very well. I have obtained very good reading recommendations from the Owner/Sofer/Rabbi. Almost every tenet of Judaism is covered as it relates to books and siddurim. If it is not available, the owner knows the best publishers to order the book from. I love the Texas style Havdalah candle. Bloomenstiel Judaica plaza is a tremendous asset to the Dallas Jewish Community and Jewish communities in Texas. I have not been on their website recently but is it another great resource even for folks outside Texas. A great shopping experience. If you are there when it is not busy, you will also get great conversation.
By: annienonymous
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
I don't get the negative reviews that are posted here. Bloomenstiel's is awesome! They are a fixture of the Dallas Jewish community and have had an amazing effect on the city as a whole. I moved to Dallas from NY and can testify that they give any major NY Judaica store a run for their money. Rabbi B. is a beloved and much respected figure in the community. Their prices are great, their customer service is warm and responsive, and it is just a BEAUTIFUL looking store. Be very suspicious of the negative reviews posted here - there is another Judaica store in Dallas (I won't give them publicity here by mentioning the name) who is not above posting fictitious and nasty reviews against other stores. Anyhoo - Bloomenstiel's is awesome!
By: dale.bern
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
Agreed with the commentator below - I don't get the negative reviews either. They seem to be posted by the very few and the very pissed off. Bloomenstiel's is definitely one of the better Judaica stores I have been to and is hands-down the best in Texas. The Rabbi who owns it is a real treasure to both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities of faith in Dallas.My only complaint is that the store is VERY busy and that things (like books) and other merchandise often get disarrayed. It can often be a little chaotic. Of course, that plus the Yiddish in the air and the sound of klezmer just make the experience all the more unique.
By: dallasyente
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
Just went in for the first time - I am amazed. I have lived in the North Dallas Jewish community for over 30 years and NEVER thought Dallas would have a store like this! It's huge, beautiful, well stocked and the prices are better than any other store in Dallas. Finally a REAL Judaica store in our city! G-d Bless you guys and may you have much success!
By: will.mckean
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
These guy's have bent over backwards to help me on more occasions than I can recall. They definitely go above and beyond. You can tell that they are motivated in their business by a love of G-d, a love for truth, and love for the Jewish people. Keep up the good work sirs!
By: fullquiver
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
The staff has always been helpful and friendly. I have been able to find everything they need at Bloomenstiel.
By: Jonathan F.
Bloomenstiel Judaica Plaza
So sad......out of business!

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