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By: Edgar C.
Institute for Creation Research
A hilarious parody web site! They take the irrational arguments of serious Christian fundamentalists and push them to their logical (and silly) conclusions, with a completely straight face. And all the while talking about how sciencey they are, just like the real fundamentalists! They've managed to capture the glazed-eye, solemn-voiced craziness perfectly. If you want a good laugh, their "answer" to modern geology or their "debunking" of the evolution of birds will give you one! As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a bunch of maroons!".Update: They've removed the entertaining article about how birds didn't evolve, and the one explaining how modern geology is completely wrong (the bible says the earth is flat, so you know it can be trusted!). The other articles are equally entertaining, though. Each one starts off sounding all sciency, then takes a sharp right turn into Looney Lane, and ends with bible quotes or appeals to the "second law of thermodynamics" (very sciency!) to "prove" that all facts which contradict the bible are wrong, and (really, it's really true, you can trust them) all of modern science is wrong. It's a very accurate satire of actual creationists!I think this site is a project of The Onion! Highly recommended.
By: tend2life
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