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By: behrens
Baylor Heart & Vascular Hospital
A terrific place, with a fantastic staff of professionals. I went in to the Heart Place at Baylor, after suffering a heart attack in Egypt. Did not want to undergo treatment and possible heart surgery there and made all arrangements to come to Baylor. After a cardiac catherization that revealed multiple blockages I was schdeuled for surgery. After a CABG times six (six cardiac artery bypass grafts) I am recovering fantastically. Will start rehab in a week or so. The place is fantastic.
By: justintime99
Baylor Specialty Hospital
The hospital took excellent care of my wife during her stay at the rehab for her tbi , for the most part they were all very nice, polite and accommodating. My only complaint was this guy that kept staring at my daughters over at the rehab center. He didn't even turn away when I caught him looking he's about 5'9" , Hispanic and has tattoos and if I didn't think he would somehow retaliate I would send In a former complaint to his supervisor. f.Maturino
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By: janice.b.christy
Dallas Medical Center
My husband just had major back surgery at Dallas Medical. Our experience was 4 star all the way - from the Day Surgery staff, thru 2 days of ICU, and finally the post surgery ward. We found the staff attentive, caring, and knowledgeable. They even provided me a seperate room so I could get the rest I needed. It was wonderful to feel I could relax and trust the staff to care for my husband. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.
By: Tina L.
Parkland Health & Hospital System
bad experience here calling the police on the homeless havin attitude with people that be seen sick dichargein them to fast not admitting them for a day or to to heal cafeteria workers rude some nurses address this issue
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By: Sarah H.
Texas General Hospital
they were pretrty decent when came down to me waiting around in the lobby for my uncle. sshould you go there take some magaizens
By: Tina L.
Dallas Medical Center
needs bettering in how you treat customers
Tips & Advices
Many hospitals have their own websites that include information about services offered and how to contact personnel. But you can also search online, in the phone book, and through health and medical-focused review websites.
Medical service prices vary according to the hospital, the type of procedure, and many regulations. The price that a patient actually pays will depend on their insurance coverage policies. If they do not have health insurance, patients may establish payment plans with the health care provider directly.
Most Americans older than 65 are insured under the Medicare program for emergency hospital visits and basic medical care. Whether you are about to turn 65 or already have, you should familiarize yourself with the Medicare program and the benefits it provides. Medicare can work in conjunction with a workplace or other private health plan. Seniors should also take the time to establish legal documents concerning future medical care and end-of-life procedures. These include a living will, advance medical directive, and related documents.
Visitation rules vary by hospital, but in general, any biological or legal family member of a patient is allowed to visit them at an appropriate time and at the patient’s discretion. Friends are typically  allowed to visit at the patient’s and their caregiver’s discretion. A patient may also designate a support person to make decisions on their behalf regarding visitation.
Ambulances are driven and staffed by medical professionals who will transport patients to the closest hospital that can provide the specific services needed. Some hospitals specialize in certain types of emergency care - facilities that specialize in trauma, heart attacks, stroke victims, and children are a few common examples. The patient being transported has the right to request a particular hospital, but the ambulance personnel may refuse this request if they have reason to believe treatment is required as soon as possible. Paramedics may require you to sign a waiver before transporting you to a hospital that you request.

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