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By: lee.birnbaum
Cha Cha Pizza
1st, I must say that my review is influenced by the environment and not jut the food itself, which was likely influenced by the store front possibly not being complete construction wise?The food:Ordered a Ex Lrg thin NY cheese pizza.I'm very picky, and there's only a select handful of places around I consider to come close to real NY pizza, and to my surprise, the pie from Cha Cha was actually pretty good - makes my short list of places I consider acceptable.The only problem with the pizza was the oven. Like many short-cutting Texas places, they use a conveyor style oven instead of a true NY "deck" style oven. The key difference in the "standard" NYC deck oven is gets slightly hotter, but more importantly, the decks have stone surfaces. That's the key reason the crust comes out so good in NY, because the pizza is places on a 600-700 degree stone surface - so you get "conduction" from the bottom on the crust, and "radiation" from the normal oven heat on the top.If only Cha Cha would splurge for the real NY oven, it would be really good pizza. Too bad.THough the cheese and sauce were great, and unlike in the real NYC, the cheff was pretty friendly, and generous with the cheese too!We also ordered a meetball hero sandwich. It was ok, but nothing special. THe pizza was definitely more memorable than the hero.Pizza gets 4 starsThe environment:Possibly construction related issues, but on our visit, it was hot inside (virtually no AC), there was no ice for sodas, and there wasn't even an operational bathroom. When I asked if there was at least a sink to wash my hands, they said due to plumbing problems, we had to go next door to the gas station. Kinda yuk, though the place was clean inside, so didn't discourage us from eating...Environment gets 2 stars.
By: joshwilliamsoaklawn
Zini's Pizzeria
What a treasure in Oaklawn Zini's Pizzeria is for us. I moved to Oaklawn in October, 2012 and had Zini's Pizza for the first time shortly after.I am in my 60's and I have not found excelent tasting pizza like Zini's since I was a kid and a family from Italy opened a Pizza Shop in a cornor store in our neighborhood in Philadelphia.The taste and texture of Zini's pizza is just like the dough that was so wonderful from that first experience of pizza from a true Itilian family.And, the sauce tastes exactly like the sauce my Mom used to make from scratch and would simmer on the stove from about 8AM till around 6PM when we would have dinner.Zini's sauce is so rich and thick and the spices are perfectly balanced. Zini's pizza is like a party in your mouth.I have not tried any other of Zini's dishes, as I can not bring myself to order something other then Zini's pizza, because I would feel as though I was missing something if I did not have the pizza.I am sure all of the dishes that use Zini's red sauce are out of this world because of their wonderful tasting sauce.I have been telling everyong about Zini's. When I find something so good, I can not help but share the good news with my friends and people I meet in Dallas.
By: andreww229
Ravenna Urban Italian Restuarant
The bartenders are funny, and if you visit a few times, they will remember your name, your face, and your drink. The food is beyond most bar food I've ever had. I really like almost everything, but the chicken quesadillas are awesome, the burgers are juicy, and junk bucket fries are fun. There are choices for the calorie conscious...for instance, I often get the Turkey, lettuce, and avocado sandwich on a brown roll, with extra tomatoes instead of mayo and vegetables instead of fries. The pool tables are nicely maintained, and the waitresses are friendly and flirty, unless you're just rude. In that case, yes, you will probably not get the best service. They have drink specials every day, a great Wednesday all day, all night happy hour, shuffleboard, a punching bag I'm feeling like a homer. I will say that I think you get back whatever you bring into a place. If you come in ready to have a good time, you'll have a good time. If you don't, go to McDonald's, get drive-through, and go home.
By: Ben N.
Ravenna Urban Italian Restuarant
The other day I stopped by this restaurant and have to say to I was pleasantly surprised, after ordering suppa di mare I can honestly say that it was the best I had in a long time....nedless to say that I am a big seafood lover and know how to recognize a good dish, also the waiter was checking on me and my dad often, he was courteous and even gave us great info about what we could do after dinner around that area..since we dont live in that area. I recommend this place if you are looking for a good quality meal at a descent price in downtown dallas. By the way, the place is not too big...but cozy and with nice atmosphere and music. I will come back to this place next time I am around.
By: josephh566
Ravenna Urban Italian Restuarant
Every technician i've met has been friendly and professional. They always make sure the intensity isn't too much and the laser treatments haven't really been too painful at all. The receptionist is always so nice and very flexible with scheduling appointments (which can be tricky since I'm at school most days from 9-5). I've been told they aren't running the same special that I bought since they were losing money that way but there is a similar one for slightly more, which is still a great deal--I'm considering buying it again since not having to worry about shaving is so nice. Definitely buy it if you happen to run across it!
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By: dfwdean
Stonedeck Pizza Pub
So who doesn't like a pizza buffet. For lunch. On a Friday.Hoping this wasn't going to be a Cici experience, I found free parking nearby and headed in. First thing to catch my eye (other than their Moonshine menu that I can't do because I have to go to work afterwards) was Creme Soda to drink. Got one.The Pizza Bar isn't huge but it's nice: a big bowl of "greens" to make your own salad, kale salad, pasta salad, roasted Brussel Sprouts, MacNCheese, sandwiches, green bean casserole (?), pizza pinwheels, and a constant stream of fresh pizzas rolling out of the kitchen almost constantly.Not bad for a lunch buffet.
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By: dfwdean
Olivella's Lakewood
Wafer thin wood oven baked pizza: tasty and if you are Italian this should remind you of the best of Rome-style pie.For me it was just OK: the Margherita was a little too bland for a very basic pie. It helped the edges were nicely crisped in the wood oven though.Waitstaff were terrible: two ladies with little service experience working in the place and an inattentive manager behind the counter who turn on the air conditioning when the temp outside was 45degrees. Had to have a talk with them about that one. Hopefully this is just a fluke and they will get fired soon before the owner starts losing customers.
By: juann580
Ravenna Urban Italian Restuarant
Good food. OK pizza. Cute bartender. This place has amazing food, we came over with a big group of coworkers, I ordered steak (NY strip) and some of my coworkers ordered pizza and other dishes...we were delighted by the quality and taste of our meals, the pizza was crispy, fresh, and the sauce on it was so flavorful, also my steak was delicious. If you are looking to book a big party, this is a perfect place to do so....they have great food and the fact that they are not a chain restaurant makes the experience more personalized, good service from our waiter and the manager too.
By: thepicky1
NY Pizza Palace
This Pizza joint is CLEAN, they use fresh ingredients, and are TIMELY. Overall, I was impressed with the pizza taste. It actually had flavor, the cheese stayed on the crust, and it just tastes GOOD...especially for the price! I've tried a LOT of pizza restaurants all over the dallas (addison, carrolton, Preston Hollow, etc) and NY Pizza palace is the best compromise of the following criteria:1. Good Tasting Pizza2. Clean environment and Clean food3. Prompt Service4. Polite Customer Service5. GREAT Price!
By: Billy H.
Amico's Exotic Pizza
I have been ordering from Amico's for several years now and the service and pizza have been exceptional every time without exception. I only order delivery and have never been to the actual location but I can highly vouch for the delivery which is fast by courteous drivers and the pizza is always hot. My favorite is the Veggie Pizza, add Chicken which is great on the thin crust. Regardless, when it comes to great pizza delivered hot and quick, Amico's is the best in my book.

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