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By: Paige M.
Campagna & Associates, REALTORS
NEVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! I would give zero stars if I could. Two friends and I rented a house in Lakewood with them for a year and we couldn't regret it more. They are extremely unprofessional and rude. They completely lack any communication skills. They do not care about their properties and certainly not their tenants! They only care about taking your money and strive to scam you out of every penny! We had countless problems with them during our short lease. Here are a few examples. "Maintenance" will show up unannounced and then will not explain their reason for being there. While living in the house our heat and air conditioning went out. In both instances they blamed us for not changing the air filters (which we did) and refused to come to our property until we did so. It took two weeks for each of these problems to be fixed and the fault was not the air filters. We almost had to get lawyers involved when it came to getting our security deposit back. First off they apparently don't even know how to write checks because the first check we received had all our names with & in between. As any adult who has written a check would know that is an unacceptable way to write a check and was not able to be deposited into an account. We had to mail the check back. The "corrected" check we received had more deductions than the previous check and it had now been two months since we had vacated the property. There were erroneous charges deducted from our deposit. Including items that we listed on our lease inventory and condition form that was filled out prior to our move in. An email was sent to Anthony. We waited for two weeks with no response. We then called him and he stated that he hadn't even read the email yet! I have rented multiple different properties from multiple different companies and have never been treated with such disrespect. I will NEVER rent a property through this company ever again and neither should you!
By: Grant S.
The Villas On Holland Inc
This landlord is the worst individual I have ever leased from in my life. He's crooked, completely unprofessional, sexist, extremely vulgar and highly dishonest. I should have known the day I signed my lease when he reached over and kissed me on the lips not to mention the crude remarks he made during the walk through that I won't even go into. Without permission or prior notice began with Walking into my apartment for the first 2 weeks every chance he got without knocking making comments such as oh I was hoping you'd be naked . Of course I find out he had arrested for this in the past for entering a man's apartment the first day you moved in and was caught watching him using the bathroom. Totally disgusting individual I wish there were laws to bar individuals such as this man from renting to the public. My Apartment was left in Immaculate condition, lease was fulfilled, notice was given but he was out of town due to his mother's death for two months following the day of my move out and even though he never return by $1000.00 deposit I never pursued it because it was honestly worth not having to ever be around this individual I have any dealings with him to let it go. However three and a half years later he has the audacity to file a collection against me for $1,500 which I'm having to file a lawsuit in small claims court to rectify. Although I live literally less than a half a block from that property he never supplied me with anything relating to my deposit or any charges he could dream up after my move out. His greed and lack of morals and any form of decency never ending. Good luck hopefully this is helpful in protecting others from having to go through what so many others have gone through leasing from this individual.
By: tfitz61
Get There First Realty
I want to thank Get There First Realty and staff for the outstanding job you have done managing my properties the past year. Prior to using GTF, I was using another property management company that by comparison cost me tens of thousands of dollars. They listed the properties at lower rents, had log vacancies between tenants and rents were frequently delinquent. It was common that tenants left properties in terrible shape and months behind on rent. It was so common I considered selling the properties because the losses were so great.I reached the end of my patience when my old property manager for the second time “forgot” to list a vacant house. I contacted you regarding taking over managing the properties I was slow to agree to change to GTF and you called me at least once a week. During one conversation you said “think what it would be like if you owed me money.” I switched to GTF and everything changed. You raised the rents and filled three empty houses within 30 days. the late payments became a thing of the past with only an occasional exception. You also recommended insurance and property tax companies that help reduce my operating expenses. Your staff is prompt at returning calls and are always helpful. I am truly glad I found your company. I pay GTF a little more than my old management company, but it is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent. My properties generate positive cash flow for the first time since I have owned them. Add me to the list of satisfied GTF clients.
By: nicolesimpson8836
Get There First Realty
My husband and I are an older Australian Couple who have Rental Housing Property Investments in various USA States. We have used Mark Kreditor of Get There First Realty since purchasing a condominium property in Dallas, Texas over 10 years ago.Mark Kreditor and all his staff have always provided us with prompt, efficient, competent service and have surpassed the performance of all our other Property Managers of our other investment properties in the Maryland and New York, and other USA states. We only wish he could manage all our other properties in other USA states. Mark has always stated things as they are with genuine proper investment advice that has always been correct. Living in Australia so far from our USA investments, in a different time zone, we have to rely heavily on our various property managers to be available for prompt reply service which Mark Kreditor has always excelled in providing. In fact, he has always been available to contact either by email or phone to discuss our Dallas Condominium property at any time. Tenant selection and screening has been excellent with the last tenant in occupancy at a satisfactory rental rate for over 8 years. With his company’s up to date computer systems they have in place, our monthly rental receipt reporting/repair billings, etc, is very efficient. We would recommend Mark Kreditor- Get There First Realty to any Dallas, Texas rental property owner requiring the best property management company you will find.
By: ag39401
Get There First Realty
I truly would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and GTF for the outstanding management performance that you have provided to me and my property. From the beginning of our consultation and the processes to lease my property you were a solid winner. You were able to find wonderful tenants and my payments have been processed quickly and always on time. If I ever had any questions you and your staff have addressed them quickly and always made yourselves available. This has been an outstanding partnership from the start. Your management company came highly recommended and I now understand why.I would say to any property owner or investor wanting to find a solid and excellent management company that GTF “Get There First” is the only company that offers full service and complete satisfaction. 100% satisfied client and truly the only management company or property owners wanting to lease without the hassles.
By: lisanwaco
Bluff Ridge
I lived in a corner where it was typically the "quiet" side of the place and my apartment got broken into. Luckily my tv's were left on the floor because tje maintenance man happebed to be cleaning the empty apartment across tje way when he noticed a suspicious vehicle and they dropped my items and ran out. My neighbors weren't so lucky, everything was taken. This was in broad daylight around noon. I moved tobthe other side by the playground and ended getting into an argument with this ratchet woman because her sons had hit my son and he defended himself by hitting back and giving one a black eye. Mind you, my son is only 7 and her boys were 9 and 10. She came to my apartment threatening to fight me amd making terroristic threats against me and my kids. Needless to say i broke the lease as soon as I could because it's not a safe , environment. They have a nice staff most of the times.
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By: Cody A.
Camden Farmers Market
All in all, Camden has been my favorite place to live. I've lived in Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, and Chicago. I lived here for three years before attending Law School in Oklahoma City, and upon graduating CFM was the obvious choice when I moved back to Dallas. Sure there are little problems here and there, but every place has problems. Keep in mind this is a large community with 1000+ units, managing that type of volume can be difficult but CFM does extremely well given the circumstances.I've spoken with friends who chose other places after law school and they cannot believe the amenities and value here. I do not plan on moving anytime soon. I will be staying here until I purchase my first home (but in reality, this place will always be my home!) Also, I think I speak for all of us when I say good riddance to TWC!Have a great day everyone.
By: Kayanne S.
Showhomes of America
My husband and I have been real estate investors for many years and learned of Showhomes about 5 years ago through another investor that used them. I was skeptical of putting someone into a newly remodeled home but after 2 ac units and a dishwasher were stolen by vandals I finally called Emily Rose. She met me at the home and explained the process and shortly after they moved one of their home stagers in. We felt safe to finally replace the 3rd ac unit since the house now was no longer vacant. We were very pleased with the interior staging and the way the couple kept it up. We received a contract in the second month. We have used Showhomes on several of our vacant houses and although not all of them have sold as fast as the first one we have had great success using this service. Thank you Showhomes!
By: Geoffrey J.
Portofino at Mercer Crossing
I have lived here for almost 1 year and i have moved three times to get the apartment i wanted when it became available. The staff has been very accommodating and polite throughout considering my demands. The parking has never been a problem. The maintenance has been very responsive. The apartments are spacious for the price which I feel are very competitive. And the floor plans are fantastic. I've lived all over the country and signed many different leases and it doesn't get any better the experience I've had with Melissa Powell and her staff at Portofino's. And, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they started with renovations that have really made it more impressive. If your considering a move, this place is a must see!
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By: nenemtz
Stoney Creek Apartments
Maybe its not the best place to live, but its a starting point for anyone starting new. I've lived here for several months and love it. I know my neighbors and feel comfortable living here. I read lots of negative things about Montecito Creek. My friend lives here longer than I have, and she likes it as much as I do. The apartment I got has vinyl flooring and I love it. The location is good for me since its off the freeway. I did have a few roaches here and there but they are gone, pest control treated my apartment and after 2nd treatment I've had no problems. It is an older complex, I understand, but everything is good now. I have reffered a friend here and get rent discount for reffering friends and family.

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