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By: Trisha W.
Power Properties
The people at Power Properties care about what they do. From the time I reached out to them on Craigslist, through my entire move from Arizona, to now they have been nothing but thoughtful, kind and ON IT.My leasing agent Katie is amazing at what she does and very clearly an awesome person as well. Very mellow and easy to deal with but gets things done. When I contacted her about apartments she offered to pick me up the next day and showed me everything I wanted to see and more. I had only been in Dallas a couple of days, so not having to deal with traffic and getting lost made the experience much less stressful. She was also kind enough to show me around the vicinity of the apartments I was looking at (ie grocery stores, restaurants, yoga studios etc). I certainly didn't expect her to do any of this, she didn't have to, and it impressed me.Before I had even decided whether or not I was going to live in one of their apartments, the people at Power Properties offered to store all of the stuff that I had brought out to Dallas so that my car wouldn't get broken into. Aaron, the Service Manager, literally unloaded my car for me and after I signed my lease he brought all of the stored items to my apartment. They even offered to let me stay in one of their furnished lofts while I was searching for a place. All of this is unheard of to me and I couldn't be more grateful.When I moved in, Katie asked me what I needed to feel comfortable in the place. In a few days I had floor to ceiling curtains for privacy, a new window AC unit, two doors removed/fixed and an updated showerhead. She proceeded to follow up on whether all of these items were working out a few days later. I appreciate the follow-through that Power shows in their business and Katie is a shining example.The timing of my move to Dallas was not ideal-- right around mid-late February during the ice storms. Please note I'm from southern Arizona Throughout this time Katie was checking up on me to see if I needed anything, if everything was ok with the apartment and even offered to take me to the airport when everyone was frozen in. Again, completely unexpected and above and beyond anything I've ever seen from an apartment.I had the pleasure of interacting with Daniel Davis, the General Manager at Power Properties on several occasions and he is phenomenal as well. He seems to be constantly thinking about how he can make the properties safer and more attractive inside and out for the tenants. He didn't hesitate to ask what I thought about some of the company's policies, my take on what people want and how my experience with Power had been. Daniel pays attention to and cares about the little things that I think a lot of property managers miss.On top of the people at Power being wonderful to deal with - I love vintage properties and theirs are badass. I looked at several other properties from various owners and none of them had the visual finesse that the Power properties had. Power obviously puts a lot of effort into making these wonderful old buildings convenient and stylish to live in while respecting and preserving their vintage charm. Some problems can be expected with vintage buildings but any issues I have experienced have been handled very quickly and I think that's all one can really ask for.Overall I think Power Properties is a company built with good people who care about what they are putting out there into the world. For this reason I think they will continue to be successful and I would truly recommend them to anyone I care about.
By: Grant S.
The Villas On Holland Inc
This landlord is the worst individual I have ever leased from in my life. He's crooked, completely unprofessional, sexist, extremely vulgar and highly dishonest. I should have known the day I signed my lease when he reached over and kissed me on the lips not to mention the crude remarks he made during the walk through that I won't even go into. Without permission or prior notice began with Walking into my apartment for the first 2 weeks every chance he got without knocking making comments such as oh I was hoping you'd be naked . Of course I find out he had arrested for this in the past for entering a man's apartment the first day you moved in and was caught watching him using the bathroom. Totally disgusting individual I wish there were laws to bar individuals such as this man from renting to the public. My Apartment was left in Immaculate condition, lease was fulfilled, notice was given but he was out of town due to his mother's death for two months following the day of my move out and even though he never return by $1000.00 deposit I never pursued it because it was honestly worth not having to ever be around this individual I have any dealings with him to let it go. However three and a half years later he has the audacity to file a collection against me for $1,500 which I'm having to file a lawsuit in small claims court to rectify. Although I live literally less than a half a block from that property he never supplied me with anything relating to my deposit or any charges he could dream up after my move out. His greed and lack of morals and any form of decency never ending. Good luck hopefully this is helpful in protecting others from having to go through what so many others have gone through leasing from this individual.
By: Peter H.
Power Properties
My girlfriend got a job in Dallas so we're going to be splitting cities, LA/Dallas. We had to get a place fast and these guys have a lot of great buildings to choose from. The only trouble was, most of the apts were rented. Luckily they had an opening and they got us an awesome place. The rental agent was super helpful, they even drove us around, because we're still getting used to the neighborhood, they even recommended a bunch of cool places in the area.Pros: Very eclectic mix of lofts, apartments, houses, etc. Great neighborhood. loved the hisotoric mansions, trees and greenery. Price. I rented an apartment that looked like it could have rented for a lot more. Crowd: Seemed like a really fun community. Definitely youngetr crowd. Didn't see any kids.Cons: Busy leasing office, had to wait 30 min to see a unit. Because all the buildings are in so many different neighborhoods, it took about 1.5 hours to see only 3 apartments. The styles of the places are pretty different, ranging from modern to more traditional, but all of it looked pretty cool.No gym, but the agent told me there's a huge new YMCA that's about to open a few blocks away. I checked it out and it looks pretty good. It was just annoying that they did not have more units available. But I guess that means people like it here. It's only been a week, but we are loving it.
By: Shayla D.
Power Properties
My husband lived at 6011 Gaston several years ago and has always talked about how much he loved living there and how it was the most unique space in Dallas to live. Since I am a student at Baylor down the street, I recommended a couple of friends to go visit the property a couple of years ago and they told me they were disappointed that it was under construction and far from being finished. I felt bad because of the recommendation. I finally heard that they completed all the properties so my husband and I went to visit the same building he used to live in and we were blown away.The courtyard and the apartments are some of the most beautiful and unique we have ever seen. The first thing we noticed was the new entrance and all the stainless steel trim they used. In the courtyard there is 20 foot tall arch cabana covered with vines, king size daybeds to lay on, all new outdoor furniture and a bronze angel fountain.Congrats to Power Properties for upgrading their properties to a whole new level!!
By: lisanwaco
Bluff Ridge
I lived in a corner where it was typically the "quiet" side of the place and my apartment got broken into. Luckily my tv's were left on the floor because tje maintenance man happebed to be cleaning the empty apartment across tje way when he noticed a suspicious vehicle and they dropped my items and ran out. My neighbors weren't so lucky, everything was taken. This was in broad daylight around noon. I moved tobthe other side by the playground and ended getting into an argument with this ratchet woman because her sons had hit my son and he defended himself by hitting back and giving one a black eye. Mind you, my son is only 7 and her boys were 9 and 10. She came to my apartment threatening to fight me amd making terroristic threats against me and my kids. Needless to say i broke the lease as soon as I could because it's not a safe , environment. They have a nice staff most of the times.
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By: Cody A.
Camden Farmers Market
All in all, Camden has been my favorite place to live. I've lived in Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, and Chicago. I lived here for three years before attending Law School in Oklahoma City, and upon graduating CFM was the obvious choice when I moved back to Dallas. Sure there are little problems here and there, but every place has problems. Keep in mind this is a large community with 1000+ units, managing that type of volume can be difficult but CFM does extremely well given the circumstances.I've spoken with friends who chose other places after law school and they cannot believe the amenities and value here. I do not plan on moving anytime soon. I will be staying here until I purchase my first home (but in reality, this place will always be my home!) Also, I think I speak for all of us when I say good riddance to TWC!Have a great day everyone.
By: Geoffrey J.
Portofino At Mercer Crossing
I have lived here for almost 1 year and i have moved three times to get the apartment i wanted when it became available. The staff has been very accommodating and polite throughout considering my demands. The parking has never been a problem. The maintenance has been very responsive. The apartments are spacious for the price which I feel are very competitive. And the floor plans are fantastic. I've lived all over the country and signed many different leases and it doesn't get any better the experience I've had with Melissa Powell and her staff at Portofino's. And, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they started with renovations that have really made it more impressive. If your considering a move, this place is a must see!
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By: nenemtz
Stoney Creek Apartments
Maybe its not the best place to live, but its a starting point for anyone starting new. I've lived here for several months and love it. I know my neighbors and feel comfortable living here. I read lots of negative things about Montecito Creek. My friend lives here longer than I have, and she likes it as much as I do. The apartment I got has vinyl flooring and I love it. The location is good for me since its off the freeway. I did have a few roaches here and there but they are gone, pest control treated my apartment and after 2nd treatment I've had no problems. It is an older complex, I understand, but everything is good now. I have reffered a friend here and get rent discount for reffering friends and family.
By: ashley.rberg
The Bryson At City Place
Overall, this is a very nice apartment complex; 5 floors, great layouts, but you do pay for location and style. For about 750 sq feet, my rent was over $1000/month...because the apartment is in uptown Dallas. As far as atmosphere, you get a lot of overgrown frat boys and sorority girls. I was there for 2 years and my rent went up about $300 from the first to the second year. I believe it was to increase at least $200 more if I had stayed for a third year. If you are set on living in Uptown and being a 30K Millionaire, go for it. It is a nice place to live, secure-you fob in an out of the building and the garage, and the apartments themselves are nice.
By: Brandon N.
Founders Square Apartments
I just came across these reviews and am really shocked. I've lived here for 7 months and couldn't be happier. The area is awesome, super close to downtown and right next to a beautiful park where I walk my dog twice a day. Founders is completely gated, but I've always felt safe. My apartment had just been refinished when I moved in so it has new appliances and a whole new bathroom and flooring. When I had an issue with my bedroom door lock last month, maintenance came the next day to fix it. Overall, I'd definitely recommend Founders Square.

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