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By: Sindy L.
American Dental Center
Very professional, and considerate Staff, and one of a kind dentist.about 2 months ago i went to a dentist in Mckinney. they told me they will do an implant abudment and crown for $2K. i went there. they messed up the implant: apparently they placed the abudment or whatever they call it wrong. and instead of a crown they placed a temporary crown for me. and they said the price given was for temporary crown AFTER THE WHOLE THING WAS OVER, and i am out 2K. after a week, i start having pain all over my mouth!! excruciating pain! the dentist who did the implant did not give me an appointment so i had to go other places. every place i went they told me that i have infection and it is going to cost me $3K to re-do the job. i called these guys, they took me in right away, on a Saturday afternoon, She told me i have infection all over the implant and put me on antibiotic right away. Did not even charge me for my visit or the prescription. what was amazing for me, she did not blame the other dentist for what happened, she was so nice to say these kind of problems are the risk factors, and did not put her colleague down, which every single other dentists i went to before her did! she told me very nicely, that she is going to have to Re-do the whole thing. she did the surgery in one visit. took the old thing out of my mouth and put a new thing back in and charged me $1.7K. I just want to thank her for what she did for me and tell other people who are fishing for a cheap price that, your tooth and health worth more than a couple of extra bucks, go to somebody who knows what they are doing, instead of pulling you into their office to be their practice patient, AND take your hard earned money!! do not be fulled bye the low prices out there.
By: Shay R.
Royal Dental
First off I don’t write a review for healthcare providers unless I see a superb quality of care and that is for several reasons. I am in healthcare business myself and I see the issues behind-the-scene. Second I know a lot of healthcare professionals and refer patients or friends and I don’t want to be partial towards someone and like to stay neutral. After visiting with Dr. Sadeghi there were several things that prompted me to write a review for him. I sent a patient to him on emergency basis and they were very accommodating. Linda, his secretary was courteous and contacted the patient and worked around her schedule. The patient was very pleased with the care she received. Then I decided to go myself for a checkup and cleaning. I made the appointment and sure enough, one day before I go I started experiencing a terrible toothache. Let me tell you, he was professional and gentle. He is not one of those who push you to do things you need. Despite my concerns and insist on doing something, he said to wait for a couple of days and see how my tooth does. He was right. The pain was gone in one day. I have seen a lot of dentists growing up and I liked most of them but this one is getting the trophy. He doesn’t sell you unnecessary services and I was very impressed with his professionalism. His office is very nicely decorated and while he was working on my teeth, I enjoyed the beautiful view of downtown from the wide window in front of me and beautiful clouds.
By: matt34
American Dental Center
Fairest Dental office Ever, Sexiest Dentist Ever! :)this dentist is one of the fairest dentists that i have gone to! She is so lovely and kind you wont believe it! she did 6 Lumineers for me for the 3rd of price that i was quoted in monarch dental! they showed me the certificates for all the parts and material they used for me, to make sure that i know they are not using after market Chinese made stuff for me! She did not try to rip me off and that's why I love her as my dentist. She and her staff were really professional and kind to me, and made me feel calm and happy. there were NO EXTRA CHARGES AND NO HIDDEN FEES!!!!! I paid exactly what they told me the service is going to cost me and not a penny. I love this office and i am sure you guys will too. I highly recommend American Dental and I am sure you will have a good experience with them. Negative: the only beef i had was waiting time, and as she explained for me, she does not cut the time short on her patients just because she has other patients waiting outside. and I am sure i would want her to do the same for me while she is operating on me!!!!
By: William M.
Village Dental Care
One of the best things about Dr. Brown's practice has always been his wonderful and competent staff, so when he retired last year, the transition to Dr. Chei was almost seamless. Knowing how excited they were about his arrival (even though they were going to miss Dr. Brown!) gave me confidence to not even think about changing dentists. I've found Dr. Chei to be one of the most caring health care providers I've been to in my life (and I qualify for AARP), and he is both personable and up-to-date on the latest technology and skills. Knowing I most likely will have my first implant in the near future, I am reassured that it will be Dr. Chei doing the procedure. It has also been fun watching all the modernization Dr. Chei and his decorator wife have done to the office. It is bright, cheery and welcoming...with more changes said to come. All that being said, best wishes to Dr. Brown for all the great care over the years--and rest assured that all your old patients are in the best of hands!
By: jack20211
American Dental Center
She Extracted 6 teeth from my mouth and placed 4 IMPLANTS in less than 2.5 hrs. I was back up and working the day after!!! I did not have any complication or major pain. She placed my new teeth about 4 months after, and I should say, they are better than my own! I could not be happier of my decision to go with implants as oppose to a denture hanging out in my mouth, and I suggest to everyone to do the same! Dr. Mina is so professional and so gentle that I would recommend her to everyone as well as my own family members! Her Office is a mid size dental office and the environment is so warm and friendly that makes a patient feel like they are at home! She does not make a big deal out of a procedure. The way she acts makes me feel calm and confident. EVERYONE, CHOOSE HER AS YOUR DENTAL SURGEON!!!!, PAY A LITTLE MORE BUT BE TREATED WITH A PROFESSIONAL RATHER THAN THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!Thank You Dr. MINA
By: georgemedow
American Dental Center
This Dentist is the best I've ever had.she is very gentle and fare. I've had extractions done here with I should say minimal to no pain. I did teeth whitening, its been 4 months now and my teeth still look awesome. another good thing about this place is, they give u free stuff that i used to pay boat load of money at my other dentists. Their prices is way lower than other places PLUS they give u free stuff. She does not try to out sell you. the list of procedures that I have been quoted in Jefferson for $5600, she said half of it I dont need, and there are no evidence in my x-rays that shows i need most of these services. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE research before choosing your dentist!Very good Dentist, Very good staff, Nice and Cozy place, the only negative is the amount of wait, sometimes i have to wait a bit, other than that, This is the dentist to go to!
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By: Kyle F.
American Dental Center
I was in alot of pain and needed a tooth pulled so i contacted their office via the website (at 345am). At 9am I received a phone call and I was able to go in by 12pm that same day. The reviews I have read are all very accurate and true. The staff are all very friendly and accomodating. I didn't think my experience could have gotten any better, until I met Dr. Mina. She is so kind and understanding. She makes you so comfortable and it's easy to see immediately that she genuinely cares. In the past, i typically wanted nitrous gas even for cleanings, but that wasn't necessary and i had a tooth exracted, amazing! I am actually glad that I had a tooth causing me so much pain, otherwise I would have never found Dr. Mina.
By: Rzina H.
American Dental Center
My best Dentist experience, Very nice Professional and caring. The staff are nice and professional, make you feel like you are at home. the environment is calm, The doctor is a kind lady who is in my idea a master in her craft. she pulled my wisdom tooth out in less than 3 minutes after she numbed me up. I am an middle age woman with high blood pressure. I was rejected from Jefferson and Valley View dental because of my High blood pressure, but Dr. Haghiri took me in, contacted my physician and reviewed my medical records, and did the operation the same day. I really appreciate her kindness and caring attitude. Highly recommend American Dental Center. You will not regret going there.
By: Shaft M.
American Dental Center
Highly Professional and Friendly Dentist and Staff.4 months ago i went in for 3 extractions. she extracted my 3 teeth in a flip of a finger, and I am a big guy, i was amazed how those little hands could take my teeth off like that. and right away she recommended that i place 2 implants. so I agreed, same day she did the bone graft surgery on me and the next visit she placed the implants. now its 4 months after, and i got the crowns on my implants. I cannot tell the difference between my own teeth and the implants. She is definitely the right dentist to go to. the only thing that bothered me a bit, were the waiting times.
By: maggirobinson
American Dental Center
I love this dentist. Dr. Haghiri is the kindest, gentlest, fairest Dentist in the whole world. i went to her with a broken tooth in front of my mouth. I did not have any cash. Her staff took me in, she examined my tooth for free took bunch of x-rays for free, and told me exactly what I needed to do. they offered me 1 year of interest free payment plan, and took care of my tooth on the same day. my tooth looks better than its original. SHE EVEN FIXED MY CHIPPED TEETH AROUND IT FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE. I cannot believe there are Doctors like her around!!!!Highly recommend American Dental, you will not regret going there!
Tips & Advices
Emergency care facilities can treat infants and children. Roughly 16 percent of emergency patients are infants and children, so the medical professionals at these facilities typically have strong experience in pediatric emergency care.
The average wait time will depend on the type of emergency care facility.. Wait times typically average less than 20 minutes at an urgent care facility. At a hospital-based emergency care facility that treats life-threatening conditions, wait times can take as long as an hour or more.
Board certification is not required for emergency care facilities. However, the top facilities are often board certified. At hospitals, many emergency care centers require that their physicians be board certified as a qualification for employment. Two boards that handle this type of certification are the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
Emergency care facilities include those that offer urgent care, and some urgent care facilities offer certain primary care services. At these facilities, patients are usually evaluated upon arrival, and a determination is made as to whether the problem requires emergency care, urgent care, or primary care.
Some medical tests and scans are performed at emergency care facilities. These facilities may perform select X-rays and blood tests if this is deemed necessary to assist your treatment. However, the range of medical tests and scans offered is much more limited than those offered as part of standard hospital care.

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