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By: Dustin T.
Light Em' Up Electric
I had recently purchased an all electric Nissan Leaf and needed a charging station installed. This charging station needs to a dedicated 240v outlet to charge your car in <3 hours. I called around to several Angie's List companies and didn't receive near the response I thought I should have received. I sorted the list by highest reviews and worked my way down until I found Light'em Up Electric. They answered the phone within a few short rings and I spoke with someone. She was very pleasant, asked me what I needed completed and offered the best method to do so. We scheduled an appointment for the following day and she said someone would call when they were 30 minutes out. I was skeptical with a window of 2-5pm but that's the industry standard and you can't fault them for that. Here's the kicker though, They called at 11:30am and asked if I was available for them to come early..Can you believe that? They called to come early. I was excited to have them complete the task ahead of schedule. The office called and said that the technician would arrive within an hour. After thirty minutes or so, she called and said he was 30 minutes away and would be arriving shortly. He arrived promptly, his appearance was clean and his handshake was firm. He introduced himself as Scott and asked me what he could help me with. I ushered him to the garage where I was needing the work completed. He promptly shared with me all the details of the fuse panel, what did what and how it worked together to power your home. He shared with me his vision of how he would do the installation and asked me if we shared the same vision. I agreed with his suggestions and he promptly went to work. I sat with him as he worked and we talked about anything and everything. It was quite enjoyable to have someone in your home that was pleasant to talk to. He shared with me tips on how to do certain things to save energy as well as asking feedback on the work he was performing. I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing and I trusted his judgement. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased. These guys did a wonderful job and they are excellent to work with. Another big added bonus to me was that he was very nice and playful with our dog. He asked about her and shared that he was a dog owner as well. The price was fair and the work was above excellent. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for electrical services. This company is small in size and they care about their customers. If you've read this review, I hope it was helpful and it paints a picture of my experience with Light'em Up Electric. You're in good hands with this company.
By: Bob H.
Light Em' Up Electric
I was experiencing problems with circuit breakers because the circuits in our home were wired according to 1997 codes when our house was built. Scott and Jimmy came out and did a thorough inspection of the wiring in our home. They then came up with a plan to fix the problems by dividing up and reconnecting some of the circuits to the other breakers in the panel box. Some heavy-duty appliances that were frequently tripping the circuit breakers were placed on separate circuits. They also did a complete inspection of our home's electical system and made recommendations about upgrades to keep our home's electrical system efficient and safe. They did not use pressure or scare tactics. We are completely satisfied with their work and are keeping their number handy in the event of any future electrical problems.Bob H.
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By: Barbara H.
Light Em' Up Electric
I used Light Em Up Electric to have a dedicated circuit installed for Thermo Heating floor mats on 2/25/15. The technician DJ was very friendly and very helpful in helping me choosing the product and materials needed for the project. DJ explain in detail the prices and was very professional from beginning to end. Setting up the appointment on the phone was easy and they showed up on time. I felt very safe. DJ installed the dedicated circuit and move GFI's to the right location and took less than 90 mins to complete. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks DJ keep up the great work!
By: Chery S.
Light Em' Up Electric
I had a problem with some outlets that were not working. I called and they were able to get me in on the same day. The two trechicians that came out were friendly and personable. They looked over the problem and the presented it to me. The price was good so we preceded with the work. They were timely and got the outlets working. Just a magnificent experience from booking the call, the technicians arriving and the work that was done. I will only use Light Em Up Electricalfrom now on.
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By: Nadine F.
Light Em' Up Electric
I used Light Em Up Electric to have an under the counter light installed on 5/19/14. My technician name was DJ. DJ was very friendly from the beginning to the end. Dj was very helpful in making my choices in the light for my cabinet. Dj explained the prices in details and gave me a great price and estimate. DJ was very knowledgeable with his work and very professional. DJ was a great guy and I felt very safe having him in my home. Keep up the good work DJ.
By: Sameer A.
Light Em' Up Electric
We used Light Em' Up Electric to install a EV charger for a Nissan Leaf that we had recently bought. Setting up an appointment on the phone was very easy and the technician showed up at our house on time. The estimate was comprehensive and hassle free. The EV supply equipment along with a new 240 v - 50 amp circuit was setup within 90 minutes and they cleaned up before they left. I will certainly use these guys for any future electrical work that I may need.
By: Karen R.
Light Em' Up Electric
I had a 72" fan installed in a 20' ceiling and could not be more pleased with the work. DJ & Brad were polite, professional, answered all of my questions and took great care to make sure the job went smoothly. I will definitely contact this company again for any electrical work I need done in my home. I highly recommend these guys!
By: Jimmy W.
Light Em' Up Electric
I called them and they came out on time. I needed an outlet for a TV. Their pricing was very easy to understand and it was a very good price. They are very Professional. They left no mess and cleaned up very nicely. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!!!!
By: Robin K.
Light Em' Up Electric
I am thrilled to have found this company!I had an attic fan motor replaced and they were extremely professional and efficient.Their prices are reasonable, and I would recommend Light-em up Electrical to everyone I know!
By: frmcus
Light Em' Up Electric
I needed a ceiling fan installed and Scott, the technician, did it quickly and reasonably. I also secured estimates for some other work we want done in the future and we will use this Company again. Highly recommend.
Tips & Advices
Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment while sitting or standing in water.
  • Don't overload extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Put caps on your electrical outlets if you have small children.
  • Call an electrician if you notice your sockets or switches are warm to the touch, discolored or if they make noise.
  • Keep electrical cords away from stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.
  • Do not use an appliance that has a frayed cord.
  • Do not staple extension cords into place or cover them with carpets or furniture.
  • When using extension cords, make sure to unwrap them before plugging them in.
  • Don't overuse extension cords. Have an electrician install extra outlets if you need a power source closer to you.
  • Only use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your lamps and light fixtures.
  • Contact a licensed electrician if you frequently blow fuses, since this can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem.
  • Have an electrician look at your fuse box to ensure you have the right size fuses and circuit breakers. The wrong size fuse or breaker can be a fire hazard.
  • If you have fault circuit interrupters installed in your electrical panel, make sure you test them at least once a month by turning them on and off.
It can cost from $40-$100 an hour depending on the job. This does not include additional costs for parts or trip fees. Make sure to ask in advance what they charge for or if they will provide a free quote.
In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level. If an apprentice reaches journeyman status, he or she can complete most electrical work, but cannot design it until completing more testing along with 2,000 more on-the-job hours.
Yes. While all electricians need a license, not all of them do the same types of jobs.
  • Outside: These types of electricians work outdoors on electrical lines that connect to power plants.
  • Inside: Inside experts typically focus on commercial and industrial buildings that require a lot of power.
  • Residential: Residential electricians work with low-voltage systems and wiring to install fuse boxes and light fixtures.
Watch out for contractors that greatly underbid other electricians. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, always remember to get the estimate in writing before settling on a company.

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