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By: Mega B.
Plateau Enviro Pumping Plus
Mega-Bites Karaoke Lounge would like to give a shout out to Bob Tays of Plateau Enviro Pumping Plus. Last Saturday night we experienced a problem with our septic tank that could have closed us down for the night. After making several calls and being told that Monday would be the earliest someone would come out to help us we got ahold of Bob who came right out to help. Not only did he get everything back up and running but showed me where previous companies had only half done the job by only pumping the water out of the tank and not actually cleaning it. After having gotten us to where we could remain open Saturday night, Bob came back on Monday and throughly cleaned the tank. I know anyone who is reading this is thinking this cost a ton of money, but you would be wrong, even after the emergency call on Saturday and returning on Monday the price was more than fair. I have never done this before but want to highly recommend Bob Tays, Plateau Enviro Pumping Plus, 931-787-2229 to anyone who uses a septic tank. Could not have been treated better or more fairly. Thank you Bob.
By: John W.
Pugh Bruce Sewer & Drain Cleaning
I have dealt with this service twice, and each time they appeared within two or three hours of my calling (first time it was, sort of, an emergency, but second time I could have waited a while, so I was surprised at the promptness). They do the job quickly and leave a minimal mess behind. The first time, the job wasn't easy because I had an old septic tank with a very thick lid through which they had to jackhammer a hole. Also it was during wet weather so they parked the truck on my driveway and had to run hose all the way around the house to get to the septic tank. It took them twice as long as they expected, but charged me the going rate (pretty cheap, in my estimation, less than the cost of three years of chemicals you might dump down into your system).
By: tinalb
Pugh Bruce Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Very friendly and courteous, very willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done properly and promptly. Willing to come out during dinner time or in the middle of the night if necessary. I've used him several times in the 2 1/2 yrs I've been in Tansi...that is part of living in Tansi!
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By: Cody W.
Pugh A Septic Tank Service
Best service!!! Here on time, best price in the business and great service in the area. Great people that will work with your schedule. Friendly people went come to your house and went talk to them on the phone.
Tips & Advices
Though your tank can handle many gallons of water, too much water at one time can overwork the system and cause solid waste to enter the drain​ field.
To prevent pipe damage, call 811 before you begin any project that would require you to dig. A professional can detect which areas you need to stay away from. Remember, there could be more than just your septic system beneath your land - wires and cables may also run through your property.
A number of factors can cause baffles, lines, and pipes to break or crack, including:
  • Digging in the wrong place
  • Sulfuric acid or rust deterioration
  • Tree-root infiltration
Using a special camera, a contractor should be able to locate the crack or leak and replace the part.
Clogs or backups are usually caused by improper or too-infrequent pumping. Your tank is completely full, and solid waste is being forced through the outlet tee baffle and clogging it. Some signs that you have a clog include:
  • Wastewater backing up in your drains in your home
  • Foul odors in your home
  • Water draining slowly
Preventing septic system failure also involves keeping the drain​ field clear. Never drive or park over the drain​ field, and don't allow livestock to walk over it. Heavy equipment should also be kept away from this area.

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