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By: diang.
Paul Motta, M.D.
My name is DianG. i wrote a rather distasteful review of Dr. Motta and one of his staff. I jumped into the river before removing my clothes. In other words i didn't think through my actions,and what they could do! He is a good doctor,and a caring one.I did not know that the insurance i have, made getting referals difficult, which I would have if I had persisted on an answer,by calling the clinic and asking why I hadn't been refered.I appoligized to Doctor Motta today.When i'm wrong, I admit i'm wrong.I also appoligize to the people that read my review, and did not see Dr. Motta because of it. I am not sorry however, for my statements about his nurse. As she is no longer there, I think enough been said. Doctor Motta can stand on his own merits as a doctor. I think we both have a better understanding of each other,though I think it could have been a better course to reach that understanding. My lesson in all of this? Talk to my doctor if I have a problem with him or one of his staff!! Also let them know you before you think they don't care. As patients,our obligations are to let them know how, and what we think about our care. After all, we are all new to each other. I would now recommend Dr. Motta to friends an family. Once again, my deepest appoligies Doctor Motta,i look forward to the future with you!
By: jul-e-mae
Paul Motta, M.D.
It is unfortunate that Diane wrote such a distastful review. I AM the nurse she speaks of and I went above and beyond for her as I did ALL of our patients! Just because she has a state run insurance and was asking for something that was not medically needed. I love my patients, I have been a nurse for 15 years and I am proud to have worked with Dr. Motta for the past year and a half. He is a very knowledgable doctor and he take time with his patients. I made a point of trying to know every patient when they come in the door. I left because I moved to another town, not because as Diane implied I was AWFUL. I would take any of my family to Dr. Motta and Gateway Medical Clinic. Do not listen to "DianeG" She doesnt know what she is talking about. It's funny how some people think they are "owed something" and when they dont get it, it's always someone else's fault.
By: Amber S.
Paul Motta, M.D.
I found him by accident and decided I would give him a try. I was looking for a caring, understanding, compassionate dr that didn' t just write you off. I can say the first time I went to him I was completely amazed! Not only was i in and out quickly but he took time out of his day to sit and listen to me for 15+ mins. Something no other dr I have seen has done. He is very proactive in trying to help you and truly acts like he cares. I can say I will keep him for as long as he is practicing and I will/have referred him to people I know and they as have also came back and told me how much they love him! I am so thankful in this crappy area we finally have someone that is willing to listen! Thank you Dr Motta!
By: tattdqtudluv2meet
Paul Motta, M.D.
I was seen by Dr. Motta as a new patient today and he is amazing! He is very understanding, caring, professional, and meets the needs of the patient that fits best. I would send anyone to him. Also, he writes down all of your complaints/symptoms which is really professional because he can refer back to them if need to. Most doctors that I have seen do not care about a patient to go to an extent of organization or provide great care.As a new patient, it didn't take long to get one. The receptionist is very pleasant and nice atmosphere. The office is very sanitary also. If you are looking for a great doctor this is the place to go! -Whitney
By: Herbert F.
Tiffany Kruger, D.O.
Dr. Kruger is a modern up-to-date very accessible doctor. She is comprehensive and thorough in her exams. She is quick to follow up. Her staff is courteous and prompt in response to any questions. She is what anyone would expect in a surgeon.
By: Steve B.
Hazen, Brent P, MD
Very nice doctor. Took the time to explain everything and never seemed rushed, although his phone rang about 5 times while he was talking with me, but he silenced it and answered all my questions. Really seamed to care.
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By: Miriam N.
Tiffany Kruger, D.O.
Dr Kruger and her staff are amazing . Took my 2 year old to see her and I was amazed by how great they are with little children . Thorough exam and she explained everything to me. I would recommend her to anyone.
By: Thelma R.
Paul Motta, M.D.
I love Dr.Motta and all the staff at Gateway Medical Clinic.Dr. Motta took time out of his lunch hour last week to get me an emergency opthimolagist appt. Thank You very much Dr.Motta.
By: Kelly S.
Roberts, Michael, MD
Staff are very pleasant. Physicians take time to listen and always ask if all concerns have been addressed. Awesome bedside manner. Thanks Main Street Medical.
By: tinfin92
Vicente Mendez, M.D.
My husband and I have been seeing him for 5 years..he's the best...takes time to explain your problems and is a very caring person..would recommend him ...
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A child should see his or her pediatrician frequently during the first few years. Once the child reaches age 3, parents should schedule a doctor's visit at least once per year. Before that, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents arrange visits according to the following schedule:
  • 2 to 5 days old
  • 1 month old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 24 months old (2 years)
  • 30 months old (2.5 years)
No, parents should call 911, an emergency physician, or a pediatric emergency physician if a child suffers an acute illness or injuries. Doctors in these fields are more qualified than pediatricians to handle emergency situations.
A well-visit is a routine visit with a pediatrician to track a child's development, discuss medical or emotional concerns, and receive immunizations and medical advice.
Yes, pediatricians provide immunizations for infants and children up through 21 years.
No, pediatricians do not have to be board certified.They're only required to have a state license. However, certification indicates a dedication to studying pediatrics beyond the requirements.

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