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By: Dj R.
McLane, Melissa L
I have torn glut med and glut min tendons. Options: PRP, surgery or live with it. So I decided to try the PRP. What could it hurt?? So in 2016 I scheduled a PRP injection and it was the MOST painful thing I've ever experienced and I've had 2 children, so that is saying a lot. Dr M. Mclane DID NOT numb the area and part of the way through the procedure, I had to basically be "held down" for her to complete the procedure. She kept telling me, " I know this hurts if you need to curse at me go ahead"...hahaha like that would take the pain away!! Then they decided they didn't have enough blood to do a second injection. So they tried to take more blood from my arm and they said because my body had "stressed" so badly from the first injection my Platelets were clotting and basically the second blood draw couldn't be used. I was crying and my entire body was shaking during the procedure and I could barely stand afterwards. They had to take me to my car in a Wheel chair. WHY can't this be done with a numbing agent? She told me the PRP and the anesthetics don't "work" together..I would NEVER go through that again. And needles don't usually bother me. I've had many many trigger point injections. NO Problem. I've had epidurals in my low back to help with pain. NO PROBLEM..! But the PRP injection was HORRIBLE!! Since then I’ve researched it online and other Orthopedic doctors do use numbing agents with PRP injections..So why doesn’t Dr. M. Mclane? How NONE compassionate. I’d NEVER go through that at again, unless the doc uses a numbing agent.
By: Beth A.
Eva Toth MD
Up to date with her medical knowledge. Takes her time. I rather wait and get thorough exam than be pushed out the door . I had forms to fill out. Dr V did nothing. Dr Toth really examined my thyroid. Asked questions,really listened. She knows important tests needed to dx correctly and doesn't waste my money on useless tests. Non-judgmental. Dr V was awful. I am willing to pay out of pocket to see Dr Toth and know that she truly cares and doesn't view me as a source of income. Won't go elsewhere.
By: Mary F.
Advanced Vein Center
I'd recommend them to ANYONE looking for the best in high-end spa services - can't beat the quality, price, Awesome service. Period.
By: marklefleis
Advanced Vein Center
The Dr. is GREAT and Staff work very hard to earn loyalty and get results.
Tips & Advices
Balloon sinuplasty, or BSP, is a treatment for people with chronic or recurrent sinusitis. It's a safe, noninvasive and highly effective procedure that is becoming more common among ENTs. To perform BSP, the doctor inserts a small, flexible catheter into the sinus passageway. Next, the catheter is expanded, as like a balloon, to open up the cavity and allow built-up mucus to drain. This also widens the sinus cavity and restructures it to discourage further blockage after the procedure is completed. Then, a saline solution is sprayed into the cavity to wash out any remaining pus or mucus. Finally, the balloon is removed. Most patients find they experience fewer sinus-related symptoms and little to no device-related complications following the procedure.
For basic cases, a decongestant or saline nasal wash can treat sinusitis. A doctor can prescribe these or recommend an over-the-counter remedy. If the sinusitis persists for more than three days, further treatment should be sought. In other cases, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics or steroids. These often are taken over the course of 10 days to two weeks. Warm, moist air, such as that created by a vaporizer or a bowl of hot water, may also treat chronic sinusitis.
Pressure in the ears, also called ear barotrauma, is caused by blockage in the Eustachian tube, which spans from the rear of the nasal cavity to the middle of the ear space. Ear barotrauma is most commonly caused by altitude changes, as in plane rides, scuba diving, or hiking or driving through the mountains.
There are many causes of hoarseness. Common causes include:
  • Acute laryngitis
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use or strain on the vocal chords
Tonsils are two soft, small tissue masses located at the back of the throat. They are a part of the lymphatic system, which helps fight infections, though tonsils don't seem to play a large role in this process. Recurrent tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), which can be caused by strep throat or other infections, could mean having them removed.

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