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By: Veda J.
Courtyard by Marriott New Orleans Covington/Mandeville
I just stayed 2 nights at this hotel. My husband and I were both quite disappointed in it. We both agreed that we wouldn't be going back. To start with, at check in, we were charged an additional $100 on our card because it was a debit card. I discovered it when I was looking at our transactions for the day. I went to ask about it at the desk since I had not been told before about it, nor is it on the website when booking online. There is a small desk sign at registration that you are to notice on your own. Once in the room, we opened the mini fridge to find that in order to use it you are to turn it on by pressing a button, continually throughout your stay. So when you go to bed and awaken, it is off and you must go get ice or buy a drink from them in order to have a cold beverage with your breakfast. We missed breakfast the first morning because their alarm, which my husband set, failed to go off and wake us in time for breakfast. The kitchen is only open for a few hours in the morning and again in the afternoon. So we had to buy breakfast from elsewhere due to alarm failure. Then we go to the pool area and find the whirlpool not working. They said they would send maintenance to check it and we waited half an hour then went back to our room after no one came. Back in the room we discovered that the TV, Dish network, was out due to interrupted signal caused by the rain. We decided to try a movie using our tablet and phone only to discover that the free in room Wifi was unusable also because it kept dropping and lagging. We decided to nap until later and try things again when we awoke. Later things were no better so we spent the afternoon in the pool. The next morning we were awakened by the alarm on my phone. We ordered breakfast to go with us back to our room. They said it would be ready in 12 minutes for us to pick up. After 15 minutes, we went to get our order and the lady picked up our ticket off the counter and began making it. We get our food and return to our room . Once in room we find that Amelia's yogurt has water standing on top of it, she stirred it well and ate it. I bit into my ham egg & cheese croissant to find it had no ham. I went back to the kitchen to tell them about the missing ham. The lady started checking the other prepared croissants to find several missing ham. She then asks me "What will you want tomorrow?" I looked at her with an incredulous gaze. She had no clue or intention of fixing the mistake then. I told her I was leaving that day, and she still didn't try to correct the error. Overall the best things about the hotel was the beds. If looking for only a great bed to sleep in, this hotel will provide a soft bed. If you want more than a bed, I suggest you go elsewhere. Also they failed to provide the extra towels I requested when making the reservation and again when we arrived and wanted to go to the pool. We were really disappointed and will be staying elsewhere in the future.
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By: Leslie M.
K. Gee's Cafe
My son and I had lunch today at the cafe in Covington. As I've enjoyed the menu at K'Gee's restaurant location in Mandeville, we weren't disappointed with K'Gee's Cafe modest yet flavorful menu. My shrimp poboy came out perfectly dressed. The shrimp was seasoned and fried just right and the French bread was fresh. My son went with a was big. He was very happy with the size and juiciness. The staff were friendly and down to earth. The cafe is welcoming. I look forward to trying their breakfast.
By: keith2012
Residence Inn
Rooms are not kept very clean. I have had gravel on carpet in front of couch, sticky kitchen floors, stains and burns in furniture, bed is well worn and there is valleys in bed where people have laid. I have stayed there because of work for a a couple of months but after numerous incidents like this have decided to move and find somewhere cleaner. Stephen is very pleasant at the front desk but most of the other staff seem to hate their jobs or at least portray that when you have to talk to them.
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By: Ross B.
American Hunter Gun & Archery Shop
Best place to go for your archery needs! I have no issue passing up Academy to go here. I needed help, being a new bow hunter, and Ronnie/Roney was so knowledgeable. He easily could've told me I needed $100 of stuff, but was honest. No question, this is the place to go for your archery products, tips, practice, etc.
By: shanevaughn38
On Christmas Day I was glad they offered a traditional Christmas entree...However what they called Turkey, was simply sliced turkey sandwich meat basically...the dressing was edible...the service was a bit lacking for my expectations
By: Azaryahu Y.
Papa Lous
Y'all Papa Lou's seafood and Po boys have the Best Real Chuck Roast Pulled Roast Beef With real beef juice gravy !!! They're the Only poboy place I ever been to that do they roast beef po boys from real chuck roast !!!
By: vita.loisel
American Hunter Gun & Archery Shop
i'm a beginner archer and I got lots of guidance and help on my first visit. Thanks to Ronnie and Tom for all the time spent with me. Even the other customers were helpful! Great place and I will be back.
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By: Sabrina P.
Blossom Garden
Everything is home made. Friendly staff and service is quick. Tucked away, this is one of my favorites in town. Very large portions. Expect to share or take home left overs!!
By: Donna M.
Acme Oyster House
The catfish was some of the best I've eaten. The shrimp were great. A little spicy but good. The French fries were not. Hubby had the peace maker Po-boy and loved it.
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By: melissa.o.forbes
Blossom Garden
Wendy is back! She used to own Dragon Palace in Bogalusa. Now she has a place in Covington! Great food! Friendly atmosphere! Love it!

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