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By: Tracey M.
Discovery Point Covington East
My son has been enrolled in the after school program here for the entire school year. We had a promising start. There were only about 10 kids enrolled in after school at the start of the year so 1 "teacher" seemed appropriate. My son liked the center, the teacher at the time, and had fun there. That number about doubled in a few months but there is still only one teacher. The after-school program is very unorganized and has zero structure. How can one teacher possibly provide the appropriate level of attention to 20+ students? We started doing our son's homework with him at home because on the rare occasions it was actually done at Discovery Point, there were mistakes and we had to do it again anyway. They also cannot keep a teacher in the after-school room. We're probably on the 5th or 6th teacher now. Only about 2 of these teachers seemed to actually care and tried to do a good job despite the challenging circumstances that they are made to work under. All the kids, regardless of age, are put into the same room. It is often nothing but chaos in that room when we get there in the afternoon to pick up our son. I have witnessed inappropriate behavior (name-calling, hitting, basic lack of respect for others) go unchecked by the "teacher". There is a special needs child in this room who clearly needs to be in different environment where she can get more focused attention. The center itself is very poorly run. You must keep up with your own billing. They do a terrible job of keeping up with payments and notifying you when payments aren't received. They are happy to tack on late fees and leave you in the dark about whether they actually received your payment. They are constantly changing systems, none seems to be an improvement over the previous ones. The rules are constantly changing and you are told when you walk in. I received absolutely no advanced notice of any policy change during the year that we have been there. They are on their second director in 9 months. She is just as clueless as the last one. The general teacher turnover is high. There is zero communication with parents. They have our email addresses. You would think they would use it to send a newsletter about things happening at the center or just let us know about upcoming changes or events. Don't bother emailing them either. They will not respond. I seriously question how they maintain that quality rating from the state. My issues with them are endless but it is almost the end of the school year. We stayed hoping that things would improve but it has only gotten worse. We will not be back next year.
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By: Kevin J.
Kidz Playstation
Dexter Outramin the last week I brought my oldest (who is now 5) when she was 18 months old. I was looking for something that had the personal touch of an in-home daycare, but provided the structure of a pre-school, Kidz PlayStation is just that. I like that it doesn't feel like someone's home and the daycare was an after thought. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson put a large amount of thought into the design and layout of the childcare area. The areas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers is very clearly designated. Outside there is a large fenced yard, with enough space for children to run and a variety of toys to keep their interest. During the summer months they have "Beach Days" outside and the kids can cool off in the water tables. They celebrate birthdays, all the holidays and best of all, they capture these candid moments and post on their Facebook page. I have also been very pleased with all that my oldest has learned. My child went to Pre-K well prepared. At her conference in the fall her teacher said that she was among the group of students that she considered advanced. I immediately had to give all credit to Mrs. Lee because she took the time to teach her the skills she knew she needed in order to be successful in the "big school". My youngest is three and when she started at 6 weeks. I never once worried about if she was being taken care of. I feel the peace of mind I get is PRICELESS. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Kidz PlayStation. I highly recommend them whether you need a fulltime daycare or just part-time care, either way you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your child is loved!! :)• • •
By: Danielle T.
Charmed Salon Spa Boutique
I tried this salon when I first moved to the area for college because it looked cute and upscale enough, and the staff seemed friendly and professional. I needed to trim my long hair and wanted my highlights touched up too. The haircut itself was ok. The coloring on the other hand was awful! I tried to warn my stylist that my blonde hair can pull brassy. Still, she seemed more interested in doing what she wanted to my hair instead of what I asked for. Instead of natural-looking, blended highlights, I got edgy chunks of yellow highlights that turned my hair overall a bright, hay color. Furthermore, the highlights were pretty sloppy looking. As soon as my stylist finished my hair, it already looked like it had 4 weeks of grow-out. I had to come back the next day to get some toner on the color (which they had the gall to make me pay for). The toner basically returned by hair to its original blonde shade, but I had to wait until I got back to my salon at home over the holidays to get the bleeding and grow-out fixed. Expensive and embarrassing mistake. Never again!All that being said however, I do enjoy their spa services! I believe Charmed has two licensed aestheticians (apart from the hair stylists). They do a great job with waxes. Plus, if I'm going to pay for a waxing service, I feel more comfortable going to an aesthetician than a women with a hot pot of wax in the back of a strip mall nail salon. Everything looks clean and sanitary at Charmed. Plus, for the about the same price, these aestheticians will spend 20 minutes shaping your eyebrows with professional products.
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By: Candice B.
Discovery Point Covington East
Discovery Point prides itself on the highest quality childcare and parent partnership. We are extremely concerned about the comments you have posted and would have welcomed the opportunity to address these concerns specifically during your child’s enrollment in our facility. At the time of enrollment, and throughout the child’s attendance, we encourage families to address their concerns immediately with a member of management so that they may be resolved quickly. Because there are many moving parts in a center, we rely deeply on the families to let us know when they are not happy about any aspect of their child’s care. Please know that we are deeply saddened by your experience and would never want any of our families to feel this way. Please contact us so that we may partner with you on possible solutions. Either way, we wish your family the best!
By: Sylvia U.
Discovery Point Covington East
my first impression of the school when I went into the facility to enquire about the school was a clean, spacious, and airy atmosphere, void of clutter or too many people trying to fit into a small pace or vice versa as this was the case with other day care centers I had gone to before it. Every age had a class big enough for actual learning and fun activities to be conducted. My daughter Blessing loves the school which makes it even harder to think of leaving for whatever reason I'm yet to find. she loves her friends and teachers especially Mrs Lisa and Ms Malory. I'll definitely recommend this School to a friend.
By: Margie S.
Discovery Point Covington East
When I first read the reviews for this center I was worried but I am glad I checked it out. My son has been here since he was 6 weeks old and it is the best decision I have ever made. The teachers are AMAZING, you can tell they honestly love my child. The managers are wonderful, they always greet us and talk to my son everyday. Everyone in the center is helpful and thoughtful. We were out sick for a week and when we returned 3 teachers stopped him before he got to his class telling him they missed him. If you are looking for childcare in Covington this is the place to go.
By: Kathy C.
K C's 24 Hr Child Care Center
Hi! I’m Kathy Cain, owner and director of KC’s 24hr Childcare Center. I would like to let the public know that KC’s is in the process of becoming Quality Rated! This will be a long and hard journey, but an adventurous one. We have been in business for 32 years. We must move and grow; Quality Rated is the next step to keeping up with the times. We are very excited about our new venture. We would love to have you come by and check us out. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Kathy Cain – owner/director 12-17-16
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By: Candice B.
Discovery Point Covington East
Please know that we were saddened to hear about your experience. At Discovery Point, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to the cleanliness of our center so that we can keep our children healthy. In addition to state regulations, we have our own Quality Assurance Program that visits each center to make sure that all diapering, feeding, and cleaning routines are being followed. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We wish your family all the best!
By: christie.lantrip
A B C Childcare and Learning Center
My nephew has been attending this center for 2 years now so when it was time for my granddaughter to start preschool my sister recommended that I enroll her at ABC. I have been nothing but impressed. The staff and teachers are friendly and professional. The center is always clean. It also speaks volumes to me that all of the staff members know each of the children by name. I would highly recommend this school. If you want your child to be treated like family, ABC is the place for them.
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By: Kayla K.
K C's 24 Hr Child Care Center
As someone who really knows this learning center, I have worked here for years and now both of my kids come to this center while I work somewhere else. I recommend this place to anyone who wants their kids properly taken care of. I love my babies teachers and the staff is generous and so welcoming. My oldest son really enjoys himself and my daughter goes straight to her teacher every morning and it makes me feel so good knowing my kids love their teachers.

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