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By: Jeff M.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
I was contaminated by mold by the building I live in and have been to this walk in about 50 times in the past year, due to the recurring pneumonia and chronic sinus infections caused by the mold contaminants in my body and THANK GOD for their professionalism and courtesy and kindness and efficiency ! They get me better each time and with the severe pulmonary diagnosis from the mold it has not been easy and I have so many friends relatives and employees all who feel the same way .Also I am a patient of the LIFESAVING AND MARK OF EXCELLENCE DR ANTHONY FARINA who owns this walk in er and he literally has saved my life 3 times and I know so many others who tell the same story and thank GOD that his testing is comprehensive and thorough but if not for that I would be pushing up daisies in St Ann's cemetery . I knew a nurse who told me that when Dr. Farina was on vacation in Italy , he instructed the nurses to fax him all the charts of all the patients in all of his facilities so that he could monitor the treatment of ALL his patients from overseas,WOW WHAT DEDICATION. I SAY THANK GOD FOR THIS WALK IN AND THE WALK IN IN NORTH PROVIDENCE AND DR ANTHONY FARINA
By: S T.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
My Primary Doctor is good. The rest of the Staff are Unprofessional, Rude, Unskilled, and care only about themselves and avoiding doing their jobs. They did not send in my prescription refills three times leaving me for days without my NEEDED medications. Criminal acts of inhumane behavior followed up with a series of pre-scripted excuses such as; We can't receive electronic faxes here so we never got the request. They would not let me go to another lab for blood work and insisted that they do it there. They make endless appointments for no good reason. In my opinion they are a MEDICAL PUPPY MILL. It's all about billing as much as they can without servicing or caring about the Patients health or well being.After the third time of not returning the re-fill request from my Pharmacy I made the decision to find another Doctor. STAY AWAY OR PAY with your cash and health. DR.Farina should be ashamed at what he has created! Or maybe its just the way that he wants it.
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By: Howard P.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
I have been seeing the Dr for a couple of yrs now here ..I spoke wih the Dr at a vist last summer Telling them I have been shut off with repairs on my manual wheelchar that has kepy me independent for 23yrs pushing...and I told the Dr..... Beacon has shut off wheelchair repairs now for sometime and they are affecting my independent life ,,,and I am having everyday issues because of this ..like transfering into the tub and ect...I told the DR this affecting my well being also ..I told the office I was having issues getting places and being on time ..well my blood pressure meds came due and they wont fill them again without seeing the Dr ...well how can I get ther with the only chair I have with no repairs now for yrs ..I am working on it to keep it going just to get to the store to get food this is a treble for a disable man at 57...this is how we treat the disable ..
By: kr80
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
I went there last night despite the reviews and had a great experience. The doctor was great, the facility was clean and best part is that I was in and out in less than an hour. It actually took more time at CVS to get my prescription. I'll definitely use this urgent care center again.
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By: Keri V.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
The Phone Numbers And Hours Listed For The Center Of New England Are Incorrect, They Are As Followed:*Urgent Care*: (401)-823-3300 Mon-Fri: 8-8pm; Sat & Sun: 8-4pm;*Primary Care*: (401)-823-1900Hours: Monday: 8-6pm;Tues-Fri: 8-4:30pm;Sat: 8-12:30pm
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By: Richard L.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
Great experience! Professional, courteous and efficient......................................................
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By: Rc C.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
I had to take my son here because he cut his finger. They were quick about getting him in and getting him stitches, everyone was very friendly and took excellent care of him.
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By: Karen C.
Center Of New England Urgent Care/ Primary Care
I have been there twice and gave received excellent care. The staff was professional and caring and I was seen quickly. I would definitely recommend this clinic.
By: Valerie D.
Cne Urgent Care
Whoever wrote that its open 24 hours should check info 1st..
By: shara.mello
Cne Urgent Care
(401) 823-1900(401) 823-3300
Tips & Advices
Under most health insurance plans, urgent care visits will require a copay that is usually less expensive than emergency room visits, but more expensive than standard doctor visits - around $120 on average. Urgent care staff do not have much information regarding individual coverage, so be prepared and check with your insurance provider to understand costs.
It is common for urgent care physicians to recommend follow-up treatment after an initial visit. Most commonly, patients will be asked to return to the clinic or their primary care doctor if symptoms get worse or do not improve in a certain amount of time. Patients might be referred to a specialist for treatment of more complex conditions. Or patients may simply be given a few basic tips for recovering at home. In any case, patients should follow the doctor’s advice regarding next treatment steps.
If needed, urgent care doctors can prescribe medication to treat conditions. This may include antibiotics for an infection or pain medication for a broken bone. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking these medicines.
Be sure to explain your symptoms to physicians in as much detail as possible. Note when or where the symptoms first appeared if possible. Inform urgent care staff of any medical conditions you may have, all allergies, and all medications you are currently taking. Also be sure to bring proper forms of identification, and any health insurance cards/information to help process your visit.
You should be able to find a 24-hour urgent care clinic by searching online resources such as yellowpages.com. Be sure the location is included in your health plan network before visiting.

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