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By: don c.
Vic's Branding Iron
Real Cowboys . . . and Girls. The Branding Iron Restaurant is off the I-5, exit 664 NB and SB. You can also get off on exit 662 NB if you want to go a short distance through nice town of Cottonwood. The restaurant shares the same building as “Shasta Livestock” which is auctioning and veterinary services. The lot is a combination of pavement and dirt for cars and semis. The interior is definitely Western Rancher in theme and is un-apologetically, a real he-man (or woman) STEAKHOUSE (Vegans need not apply). The walls are adorned with the brands of several ranches, burned into wooden plaques. While waiting for my order I go into the hall of the auction area. These walls are just as historic as pictures of genuine, hat-wearing ranchers are displayed from several decades. One assumption I had was quickly put to rest. Since I see they have a cattle holding area, I assumed that was their beef supply. No, they have a dedicated vendor who supply some the largest cuts I’ve ever devoured. The other half of the equation is solved by the excellent preparation of the chefs which makes every ounce of meat count. I ate on Prime Rib night which is one the several house specials they offer throughout the week. However, there’s no fish Fridays that I can tell, it’s all beef, all day. For early birds, they offer the “Steak and Eggs” and other breakfast menu items. If you have any room left for desert, they have a combination of supplied and homemade baked goods and ice cream.
By: Ashley B.
Vic's Branding Iron
wonderful service and amazing food

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